Elderly Man Abducted was Found in 50ft Pit in Spanish Town, Jamaica | May 2 2021 1

Elderly Man Abducted was Found in 50ft Pit in Spanish Town, Jamaica | May 2 2021


The police are trying to find the people involved in the abduction of an elderly man who was put in a pit estimated to be more than 50 feet deep the police learned of the incident and went to Jones Avenue in Spanish Town, Saint Catherine to find the elderly man.

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  1. What a wicked act and when police catch up with these men some of us woman block road and say them not guilty

    1. Caz people turn a blind eye when they see wrongs,,, and say a no nothing ,,, look how that mp beat the woman with a stool and rather than call him out for his wickedness his colleagues are claiming that they don’t know is who? Well if u don’t know ask the Mp if it was him on de video,,,, oh he said he isn’t gonna speak on the matter,,,,ok alright take a couple days off and see ya when u get back!!

  2. Wow the God of Daniel delivers again Amen. Thank you Lord!!
    I pray he receives the medical help and proper nutrients to rebuild his body.
    Can you imagine going three days, in pitch darkness, no water 💦 no food 🍛🍱 for three whole days wow😱😱. ONLY GOD.

  3. Thank you Lord for saving this man. Now Lord please expose those responsible. Thank in Jesus’s Name 👐🏽

    1. @Sapphire Central Shut up fam humans have free will god didn’t do anything here, and by god i can bet you mean Jesus, why can’t black people realize that Christianity was fed to us by Europeans, Africans believed in a god but not Jesus not the one the Europeans forced us to believe in

    2. @GODFALL funny how everyone’s chest is hella puffed up on the internet…..
      It’s really sad though…but I do hope one day God works wonders in your life despite your lack of understanding and acceptance😴

  4. why people so wicked? they could have taken the man’s car and left him alone but to put him in a pit?

  5. My lord ! this world is about to closed, satan is out like a roaring lion,because his time is shorter now, the heart of men tells that its not much further now, i felt this to my heart .

  6. They must be Satan’s workers, hope they’re found quick time! I hope Pops will be OK? Give Thanks to the rescuers, Jah Jah what kinda World are we living in.
    Everyone Trad Safe Yah🖤💛💚🙏🏿

  7. The level of wickedness in Jamaica has hit a new high! My gosh! People can be so wicked???

  8. I’m happy he was found alive. Wow, how helpless and frightened this elderly man was. To be treated like that by his juniors. It’s just cold…smh

  9. 😢😢this too Much. I am crying like oh no this is too much. God, we thank you that he was saved

  10. These criminals need to be in country where serious capital punishment handed down. Jamaican justice system joking with them

  11. that pit need to search every week as from now on, because i believe is one of there dumping spot that.

  12. Praise God he has been found alive. Thanks be to God! Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah!!!

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