1. Hi. Chris here– Elizabeth Warren’s campaign reboot has her near the top of the polls. Will it be enough to clinch the 2020 Democratic nomination?

    1. @davids11131113 And you think Elizabeth Warren can lol, Go watch the election coverage from 1984 with Reagan vs Mondale That’s the kind of beating she would receive, I agree Biden can’t win, Unfortunately Trump will be reelected no chance they have piss poor candidates a woman can’t win. The best chance is Sanders who will lose too. Not a Trump supporter just being realistic.

    2. She is a joke. Pocahontas will live with her forever. Biden won’t make it. He has flip flopped to many times and is too old. He doesn’t have the stamina to fight trump. Youre all wasting your time, trump is going to beat whoever runs.

      Btw your show sucks. CNN is fake. And that’s all I got to say about that.

    3. @Phoenix Swooping If you mean Warren I agree she’s also butt ugly saggy faced looks like a squinting old bat.

    4. I’m a stupid gay liberal who hates America and loves being told lies that’s why I watch cnn.

    1. DTRAX33 – Illegal. Like in this sentence. Many of the things Donald Trump has done in his past have been illegal.

    1. @Tom Gunn

      *The Indian ancestors were immigrants to the Americas just like everyone else’s were, the land wasn’t theirs, and they aren’t special.*

    1. Jonathan Pasch Her beer drinking was cringe worthy. I thought Native American people preferred fire water?

  2. LOL!
    Never gonna happen.

    If Democrats don’t come back to reality they will experience a repeat of 2016.

    1. GODSPEED 33 At present, they have a political clown car of appalling racists and National Socialists. The only candidate that has a chance against Trump is too white, too old, and too male for the racist gender bigots of The Left.

    2. CNN. Blows my mind how the left doesn’t even understand that they sound like a bunch of loons with all the crazy stuff they support, blocking traffic and wearing vaginas on their head doesn’t help either.

  3. Elizabeth Warren wrote nicely in her Twitter account so that each family can afford to pay a monthly $ 500 for medicines.

    You have a YouTube clip posted by JAMARL THOMAS. Look at it and see for yourself.
    Bernie 2020

  4. “Hello, Elizebeth Warren!” You need Richard Ojeda on your West Virginia team. He ain’t scared to barnstorm a poor red state for you. The press and the public love this guy. He will help you defeat Trump.

  5. When the establishment push for Warren you know Biden`s poll numbers are fake. They hate Bernie so much.

  6. Fellows #Bernie is the real target here…This A-hole Chris was trying to downplay Bernie for 5 months now , every single of his special CNN episodes was a target on Bernie’s head…
    Elizabeth love is just a tactic to nail Bernie cofin

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