1. He was tripping on acid when he decided to buy it, which is totally understandable for a narcissist drunk with a sense of limitless power.

    1. @jason fuchs I think the internet has been really bad for people. People feeling the need to say s***** things about people they don’t even know. It’s the equivalent of talking s*** in school, but it’s totally normal and acceptable I don’t get it

    2. @jason fuchs okay that’s fair , I didn’t mean it as a personal attack towards all alcoholics I have been abused physically emotionally phycological and assaulted many times by alcoholics and drug users and since I do not use I most likely have misguided anger PTSD because it’s been way to much to explain so but you have a valid point and I really shouldn’t generalize I guess I’m just still upset because I’m still paying the for the set backs it brought to me, but I do agree with you not everyone that’s an alcoholic is a bad person , I hope you get better because your most likely a wonderful humane being so I would want you to be feeling great and at your happiest state of health. All the best thanks for your comment sincerely H.a

    1. You would solve world hunger for about 8 months. And they’re all starving again. Here’s the thing about socialism, you eventually run out of other people’s money.

    2. Ummm, dude was not richest man of the world. You sir are free to create jobs and anything you want to solve those, why you hating? Go for it kid! Become rich

  2. Citizens begin to advocate Billionaire wealth redistribution; increases taxes, reduce tax loopholes, seek out criminal financial behavior. Obscene wealth cannot exist in a functioning Democracy.

  3. Can companies force the workers back, when there’s 11 million jobs still waiting to be filled in the economy? Why should we go back to an office? What benefit does it have for me as a worker?

    1. @Timothy Reed That’s fine, but people don’t realize that the owner of the company makes the rules, not the employees.
      If the owner wants you in the office, than you go in to the office, regardless of whether or not you feel you’re more productive at home or not. If you don’t like that, you are free to find another job.
      If your employer allows you to work from home, great.
      The OP’s original question was “why should they go back to the office if the employer calls them back, what’s the benefit to them”, right?
      Well, since the employer wants you back in the office, I would say the benefit is having a job.
      As for whether or not it’s more productive, I won’t even pretend to know the answer.
      I will say this, however; if you finish your work in 4 hours and still bill your company for 8 hours, it’s not beneficial to the company. Every minute you get paid you should be working. If you can do 8 hours of work in 4 hours, great. That means you should be paid for 4 hours or continue working and do 16 hours worth of work in 8 hours.

  4. Workers need to go back into the office because insecure C-level men need the validation of seeing their minions work. They also judge others by their own work ethics and assume that unsupervised workers will slack.

    1. @Vital Signs Alternate perspective: they pay you to deliver an agreed result. If you meet the agreed metrics for delivering those results, you shouldn’t require supervision. Companies need to look at results, not the time people sit at their desks.

    2. Correct. People who are performers and whose job can be performed at home will become resentful if they have to come into an office and that’s trouble for the employer. The deal is performance for pay. Not arbitrary and inconvenient rules lopped on top.

  5. here is a clue! it changes the relationship and the power dynamic. work from home is I’ve finished the job pay me. It’s a clean exchange. The employers can manipulate or harass. Also companies that own office real-estate are left holding the bag on something worthless.

  6. *If you think investing is gambling, you’re doing it wrong. The work involved requires planning and patience. However, the gains you see over time are indeed exciting.*

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  7. I can see the both sides of the argument, personally I missed the face to face interactions and I believe it is a best way to expand your network, humans are social creatures
    but I also want to do that 1 or 2 times a week and not spending my time in traffic all the time

    BTW for college students/graduate this remote work is bad and we will see the effect in a couple of years because you don’t learn how to communicate and be team member via zoom

    1. In my organization we gladly returned to work because that was what many of us wanted after being cooped up during the pandemic. But we’ve also understood that remote working had its benefits so we incorporated both. Though in truth, we’ve always had a remote component in our operations which meant that the shift to remote working during the pandemic wasn’t really that big a shock to us.

  8. I know why. Because employees can control their own time better giving them more opportunity to find better opportunities at other companies. WFH is a major reason companies have such high turnover right now.

    1. To be honest, that’s probably a good thing. Companies that want to keep good talent are going to have to compensate them accordingly. Job hopping has honestly been on the rise for a lot longer than just in the past 2 years thanks to covid restrictions. When my parents were working, the best way to get good pay and benefits was to start at the bottom of a company and work your way up through the ranks… loyalty earned you a sort of tenure, which really makes sense as your experience with the company and the field you worked on made you more valuable.

      By the time I had a comfortable start on my career, it was becoming common for people to spend 1-3 years at a job to bulk up their resume and then jump to another job that was paying 10,000 more. I spent 13 years at my first long-term job and by the time I left the people they were hiring in at entry level were getting offered just about as much I was making as senior level in my position. It’s partly my own fault because I’ve never been good at negotiation and I was extremely comfortable where I was because I liked my team and my boss and my work provided me a lot of satisfaction (at least at first). And despite getting low pay for the work I was doing, I still had plenty of money to live the lifestyle I wanted.

  9. Holmes should be denied and finally be sent to prison! She has lived a rich lifestyle, married a rich guy and conveniently got pregnant (had child) to delay her trial.

    Wait….this could be Turd

  10. Anytime I hear or see the word problematic I already know that’s lefty speak for “something we don’t like” 😂

  11. CNN leads and tries to tell us what to think, via editorializing thorough cherry picking info. Time to inform and not FORM!!

  12. Just imagine how much Twitter will be worth once the sale finally goes through.

    Yeah, I’m sure investors just LOVE it when the new primary owner of the company was forced to buy it against his will…. Great omens for the future of the company. 😆

  13. Musk has the best bankers, accountants, lawyers money can buy. He was supposed to do his due diligence before he signed the contract.

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