'Embarrassing Counteroffer': GOP Lowballs Infrastructure Package Negotiations 1

‘Embarrassing Counteroffer’: GOP Lowballs Infrastructure Package Negotiations


Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the House Progressive Caucus, discusses the shortcomings of the Republican counterproposal to President Biden's infrastructure plan, and argues that it's time for Democrats to move on and pass their own infrastructure plan without allowing Republicans to stall it or water it down. 
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  1. wake up…republicans in congress arent interested with working with democrats on anything that benefits america. enough is enough. go at it alone and do the work of the people. by any means necessary.

    1. Biden’s trying to force them back into the centre. I actually think it’s smart strategy.

    2. Republicans will only vote for yet another tax break for the wealthy. Even if it causes a 2 trillion dollar deficit.

    1. that’s what happens when their people 2. If that’s the case via the SCOTUS. They should be taxed as such.

    2. They just did. The first Covid relief bill went almost entirely to the wealthy, who were supposed to pass it on to us….and most didn’t or found creative ways to profit from it. A luxury most of us don’t have.

    3. the crap you’re mad about being taken out of this “infrastructure bill” isn’t in any way ‘infrastructure”…it’s a demtard socialist wishlist for their cronies and donors…

  2. Reps will “negotiate” for as long as they can fool the Dems into believing it´s worthwhile, just to waste as much time as possible and hope more voters lose faith. Then they (Reps) will all vote “no” anyway, and totally mis-represent any bills to their followers. Next, when the positive effects of any (Dem) passed bill are felt in their areas, these same Reps will brag about how much better off “their” people are now, so they should re-elect them in 2022.

    1. Yep and they’ve been doing this for almost over a decade and yet the Democrat’s keep falling for this charade.

    2. you people talking about the Dems who have complete control of California and where everyone seems to be leaving for red states?

    1. Creating jobs for Americans, by improving the quality of ALL OF OUR LIVES! Blocking that is UNAMERICAN! Do these people WANT us to live worse than Russians and Chinese people???!!! . . . Probably!

    2. The GOP don’t want their districts improved, because with improvements comes a different narrative they have less control over. Imho

    1. 2016 Trump voter: “I don’t support Obamacare, I have the ACA.” This is the nutshell and what resides within.

  3. The Democratic party needs to move forward with the infrastructure plan that we need. They won’t get another chance.

    1. We fought tooth and nail for that fair election that we had. It MUST amount to policy success or Biden / Dems are seizing defeat from the jaws of victory at the worst possible time.

  4. I would hope that Biden is still negotiating only for one reason: To have republicans showing their stupid proposal and then drag them out into the sunlight, so the people/voters clearly see how stupid and ignorant republicans are…. There will be a point where even Manchin will have to accept, that there is no ggod faith on the other side of the aisle and that will clear the way for reconciliation….and soem good results for dems in the mid-term election

    1. After the GOP acquitted Trump now twice for election fraud conspiracy, they assented to using COVID as a class warfare weapon — killing half-a-million and flooding the world with COVID as cover for a coup — I’m still undecided. I need Biden to get them on record once again doing what they’ve been doing in plain sight since 2008.

  5. Alright so they’ve shown that they not serious and have no intentions to make reasonable suggestions so we do what we did with the COVID bill and pasa It without.

  6. Just stop negotiating with them period. They’re just wasting our time.
    “Wait wait. Don’t take money from the rich. Just take it back from the poor”

  7. There hope is to drag ever thing out till 2022 so they can take back control pressure on Biden is needed pls.

  8. The GOP is only dragging it out in time, so they can block this legislation alltogether. The Great Obstructionist Party…

  9. There’s a simple way to cut the bill’s price tag, spend money only in the states who’s representatives vote for the bill. Those that claim their voters don’t want the spending can explain to them why their infrastructure is crumbling while other states are rebuilding theirs.
    Their game of voting against a bill and then taking credit for it has to end.

  10. Dems get this done by the end of this Summer, get it implemented, and people start seeing and feeling the effects by this time next year, what will the republicans have to run on? Nothing. 2022 could mean even more wins, more of a majority in the House and Senate. let the people see and feel the results in their own lives.

  11. The Dems don’t need the GOP for this. Shove that bill through with Dem votes. Screw the GOP because that’s exactly what they’d do if they were in power.

  12. Why wasn’t the Covit money spent on the drowning people and business that needed it? The GOP are still trying to gut the Covit Bill keeping it from being spent.

  13. True Republicans point out where the other 83% of the money will be spent, then don’t spend it and resell the house at a higher price.

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