1. Hey Turkey want to broker peace? As a Nato Country your side has been decided. Russia withdraw from Ukraine. Peace plan is on the table.

  2. What peace usher needs to completely get out of Ukraine compensate praying for all the damage it has done removed from Power pool and it does around and responsible for the war and bring putting in those around her responsible for the war o Justice

    1. Fair would include a dissolution of the Putin regime. War crime trails for the regime officials and soldiers that committed terrorism, theft, rape and murder. Reparations from Russia to repair Ukraine. Repatriation of kidnapped Ukrainian civilians (including children). Massive reduction in Russia’s nuclear arsenal. That might be a start.

  3. Permanent end to the conflict is when Russia vacates all of Ukraine including Crimea. Russia is losing and it will lose Crimea before the end of summer 2023, there is no stalemate. Turkey is playing politics for its own gains…

    1. @Corey A. N ehhh that has more to do with the status of some Kurdish groups in Finland and Sweden that Turkey sees as terrorist groups. It will probably be worked out in the next couple months.

    2. I believe its time Ukraine accepted the new reality—the breakaway states in the east are gone forever, the rest of the Ukraine can now settle for joining nato and the EU even. The west can supply Ukraine with all the weapons on earth, but none of them are willing to commit their troops in the fight. A fight that the murderous putin kremlin has now already turned into a defensive war, and Ukraine will lose men trying to break putin’s defenses…

  4. 1:16 a stalemate? Lol whats this guy smoking? I wouldn’t call it a stalemate. Definitely not a stalemate. This dude clearly doesn’t understand what’s going on.
    Why is turkey even thinking they can butt in?

    1. Billy Yank you couldn’t be anymore wrong. The Turks know exactly what they are doing. E-Dog-One is a dictator and his own days in NATO are numbered, same goes for Viktor LOL! Hell, the leader of Poland was yanked (pardon the pun) back to reality by the war in Ukraine.

  5. Turkey supports Ukraine territorial integrity
    Even turkey President said that Russia should give back crimea to Ukraine

  6. The old Orthodox man in the silly robes really galls me.
    Calling for a truce after supporting Putin’s documented war crimes .
    He should have done that a long time ago.

    1. Kirill was a KGB, gave blessing for the special op , his priests for the missiles . Russian church is a propaganda tool

  7. Obviously Ukraine cannot stop fighting while it is being attacked. And no one negotiates with terrorists trying to commit genocide to seize land. I don’t think he would be talking about negotiating if Russia was in Turkey.

    1. NYT made an investigative piece about few of the crimes in Bucha. Hromadske and Slidstvo info are Ukrainain channels showing stories from the places which were under occupation , the crimes and many criminals identified.
      All who talk about negotiations, should see those stories.
      Probably will be talks, later , but in the victim’s terms and Russians must be accused of their crimes

    2. I last heard cnn say that Ukrainian soldiers have 9 lives like cats and that is why they will defeat putins murderous kremlin troopies, I wish voluntary propaganda was the only tool we needed to defeat putin—But, here you are, talking about the deference’s between defense and occupation wars. Now, i’ll have you remember in history that during the British ‘opium wars’, the British invaded Nanking (Sheng province) resulting in the treaty of Nanjing (1842) and occupation of the port on Zhu Jiang (Hong Kong), the 2nd opium war with the aid of the French led to the treaties of Tianjin (1858) and the complete colonial annexation of Hong Kong, under the force of unequal colonial treaties….
      There are other examples I could use,including the occupation of Manchuria by the Japanese imperial forces—so, whilst no forces could reasonably occupy the US, it would not be illogical to invade New York, bombard California and strafe Texas and Florida, but in the ensuing treaty occupy California and Texas—-why would any invading army want to occupy the hinterland?
      In the same way putin troops can invade Ukraine from various points, but ultimately occupy and annex the East of Ukraine under some form of an unequal “peace treaty”…..
      Why re-invent the wheel that the west already perfected and continue to perfect…???

    3. @D—E—S because people evolved , learned from past , there are UN laws , no more occupational wars and empires.. yet, Ruzzians did not learn a thing. Putler took them back in Soviet times.. Stalin was ally with Hitler 1939-1941..went also to liberate free people from a country , then was Poland, they had Europe divided between them and they started WWII.
      Putler’s purpose is NOT Donbas ..never was , but the entire Ukraine, since cannot have it, Crimea and the South . He tries to make territorial claims based on language and ethnicity, does not care for any people, but land and to rebuild Soviet Union. Russians do not regret WWII , or Great Famine caused by Stalin which killed millions..they regret the fall of the union. Putler is mentaly ill and not only that started to believe his delusions,ade others to believe

  8. Erdogan figuring out a deal where he can share Crimea with Putin because “it belongs to Turkey, anyways…”

  9. If he’s excepted Vladimir Putin then will Be working with real Peace ✌️ between Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Russia 🇷🇺 enough is eno

  10. There is no mediation. Either Russia stops and cedes back the land it unlawfully took or this goes on until they do one way or another.

    1. Armchair geopolitical experts at it once again. Good luck achieving that. Not even USA hopes for it, but I’m sure you will achieve your goal. Lmao

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