Erin Burnett reacts to Trump’s ‘you’ll find out’ line on Iran

CNN's Erin Burnett reacts to President Donald Trump's response when asked if he is willing to go to war with Iran after it says it shot down an approaching US spy drone. The US says the drone was flying in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz.
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  1. *It’s very sad and very telling that I don’t know for sure if my own government is telling the truth here*

    1. @operationNOBO the bs comes from your side. Trump and Sarah sanders have broke the record on lies on live TV.

    2. but you do know – the evidence that Iran blew the drone out of the sky intentionally proves that Trump has been lying all along.

    1. @XerXes – it was the same place where the Iranians shoot down the drone. Don’t be naive. You leftists like protecting brutal regimes with awful human rights records and complete disregard for international law. This is enough evidence that they were responsible for the attacks on the ships. They attacked the drone so evidence of their sea activities cannot be seen. Grow up will you?

    2. @santiagowechsler The US has funded insurrections in Central America for over 100 years. These guerrillas used terror tactics to overthrow duly elected officials in order to secure real estate for Monsanto, US fruit, rubber and sugar plantations, etc…thats a hypocritical arguement.

    3. @Anthony Egidio – the Russians fly everywhere without respect sovereign. A civilised country would monitor the drone or send their fighter jets to divert it from their air space not shoot it down. It was even at sea and not overland. You leftists just want to provide cover for a brutal regime that kills people just for being gays. Shame on you.

  2. It’s probably that three hundred pound guy in his mom’s basement who also was the same guy who interfered in our 2016 presidential elections.

    1. T. Noel Trudell-Kays : Trump’s ignoring his own people, the Dems, the Iranians . . . But, ONE phone call from Putin was enough to stop him, at the last moment . . . Putin doesn’t want US boots on the ground. Just a little bombing, once he’s gotten his own smugglers out

  3. Don’t worry apparently Trump can do anything just ask him and he will gleefully tell you. I will go with gut instinct you know the same gut that told him not to fight in Vietnam.

    1. brian gardner Dems and Rep are the same beast , never heard no politician speak the truth on public opinion, you don’t donate you don’t speak to your politicians or get there help lots of politicians say this all the time

    2. Tony Hill Thank god for that “gut instinct”. If he had become another dead soldier, Hillary Clinton would be President, and you would be living on the side of the road in a tent with no job.

    3. you got it, the same gut instinct that Bernie Sanders Joe Biden Bill Clinton and thousands of Americans had about Vietnam


    1. Both parties want war you fool. the president wants it less than most. (((they want conflict))) wake up. until someone speaks about who controls our foreign policy, we are destined for more wars. It is the Zionists who were behind the Project for a New American century which took us to Iraq, Libya, Syria and now iran

    2. CNN’s Erin Burnett is nothing more than a filthy hateful floozy. The bacteria that spreads the disease of CNN.

    3. So glad Clinton was not elected. Thank God Trump is pushing back against endless wars. CIA and CNN are still pushing for war.

    4. @Robert Clawson Yes. Also though, we do have to keep Iran in check to avoid a World War. So, some battles are warranted. Iran, Turkey, China, Russia and India are all allied against the US should there be a war. We can’t show weakness but we can’t fall for a trap either.

    1. @joe haze but he didn’t. That’s just the movie your inbred brain wants to see. Go back to fucking your sister.

    2. @texas thunder if CNN are such liars, why do u watch and comment on so many of their videos? I don’t waste my time watching fox because I know it’s all lies and racists.
      How big of a loser are you? Get off welfare, get off your sister, get off the heroin and get a job

    1. @MrPleasant Obama promised to bring the troops home. Instead we were at war for all 8 years of his presidency where he dropped more bombs in 8 years than any other president. Again. Presidents don’t decide foreign policy. They either go along with it willingly or they put up a fight like Trump is trying to do but will probably fail because the real power is not in his hands

    2. @BaltimoreRavens 2x
      All Trump supporters have been raving about the economy since he took office. Kellyanne Conway said it was the “Trump Effect”. Lol.. If you look at the facts.. from 09-present, the economy has been rising. Obama gets zero credit..😂

    3. Individual 1 needs a war to stay in office so he can stay out of prison….his office is the only reason he was not indicted

    1. @jwang604 I care because he is 100% correct. It does not take an expert just somebody who follows current events and uses logic.

    2. MyessYallyah Americus very funny when American disrespect and mock their own country’s president 😂😂😂😂 please don’t stop keep mocking your president

    3. CNN and New York Times are the ones trying to start a war!!!
      Democrats gave Iran 150 billion
      Democrats are the ones advising Iran “John Kerry”

    4. @BERNRED 1984 – Would that be the 1.8 billion that belonged to Iran in the first place and had been held back by the US ? HOW TERRIBLE THAT THEY GAVE THE IRANIANS THEIR OWN MONEY BACK !

    5. @jwang604 – omg is your dad bigger than his dad too ? or maybe you know kung fu ? your playground level argument is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long while.

    1. You have to remember. There wasn’t a man or women inside the drone. Believe me, it’s true. I can tell you that. Did I hear the 25th mentioned?

    1. @texas thunder hey inbred! That was THEIR MONEY! We didn’t give them anything. But facts don’t matter to incest babies like yourself.

    1. @Closeoutracer – and we knew about every single one of them with the exception of a very few which had been buried in the desert because they were inactive.

      This isn’t something up for debate. Facts actually mean something. You can either accept reality or not, that is your choice – but trying to push an agenda back by a fantasy is not meaningful conversation.

    2. @Ken DiPietro misinformed then enlighten me .. I am listening .. but I doubt you will reply as making a statement is all you have to offer.
      If you think the Government controls the Central Bank then please don’t waste my time replying.

    3. @Alan aka FANG You do know who John Bolton is he very much wants war with Iran and other countries. Just look it up.

  5. Bolton and Pompeo are doing an end run around their boss, who is vulnerable precisely because he overestimates himself so greatly.

    God help us all. America is not the functioning democracy we’re told it is.

    1. Bolton owes his position in the Trump administration to ultra-Zionist Sheldon Adelson, who is on record as advocating the use of nuclear weaponry against Iran.

    1. You’re damn right. I’m in New Zealand and I’m not going to war with Iran, and won’t support our government if they support the US. I don’t think they will but the previous government sent troops to both Iraq and Afghanistan. You are losing long term and reliable allies USA.

    2. Dont worry your children won’t have to go , we have a Republican president only Democrats draft soldiers for unnecessary wars

    3. do you remember, WE CAME WE SAW HE DIED who said that, now LYBA is a failed state were now they have slave markets, what has Trump done, oh yes, were is ISIS, the last year of Obama ISIS was cutting heads off on TV ever week, were are they now

  6. Bolton is plotting to start a war so the Iranians are quite within their rights to eliminate a weapon being used to plan an attack on their country.

    1. Jeff Smith : That’s true, but Bolton is only being kept on to be the Trump’s Patsy, if it all goes horribly wrong, so Trump can blame him. Don’t let the GOP fool you. This is TRUMP’S war. HE wants a war SO BAD he can taste it . . .

    2. @Ash Roskell You nailed it. Trump will throw Bolton under the bus at the first sign of this disaster having negative consequences.

    3. This move was right out of a Russian play book. NO PUN intended. But these War Games we are playing is amateur hour. When the attack happened on the Japanese ship. Trump or Pompeo just had to go to Fox New or CNN and say that the US will be increasing surveillance to protect our allies. Send an envoy to the UN and plead their case. So in the event that this happened the US would be covered as attempting to be good Actors…. No Trump sanctioned a close fly by of their Air Space and got caught.

    1. @Ohara Ki what is your excuse for mistaking my sarcasm?

      P.S what you see is the Coward roll over and show her belly.

    2. Versus what? Telling the enemy what you are going to do? lol. Real smart. I can tell you’ve never been in any fight.

  7. A drone? What would we about a drone outside our country? He’s right a lot lmao 😂😂😂😂

    1. @Laurell LaurellBay Oh so when the captain of the Japanese ship said that Iran didn’t do it and the US government said they did we should believe them. When the architect of the Irak war (a war based on lies and faulty intelligence from torture) Jhon Bolton says something never believe it. He is a war criminal and should be in jail.

    2. @Laurell LaurellBay To what ‘research’ are you referring to? Nobody in the US has released any data, other than a map we’re supposed to believe. I personally think it was outside Iranian airspace, but what does that matter? If Iran flew a drone 17 miles off the coast of New York city, what do you think WE’D do?

    3. @T Allen yes.. Just not if the democrats are in charge. Remember the fake dossier that they said was fake..then conducted a 2 year investigation based on the fake dossier anyway? And 4 more since. Do research. Don’t believe everything you watch on television. They are mostly opinions…not fact.

    4. @Robert Bascelli ….and; the ‘flawed’ intel (from israel) which led to Iraq war? Who in our gov’t spewed THAT out?

  8. Someone from Iran stroked his ego and now he will protect Iran, until he needs the war just before the election.

  9. Well, Iran has never lied to me.(that I know of) Meanwhile, my government lies to me on the regular. Sooo, there’s that…

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