NYT: Trump pulls back on approved military strikes on Iran

President Donald Trump abruptly called off military strikes against Iran after previously approving the strikes in retaliation for Iran shooting down a US military drone, The New York Times reports.
The operation was already underway in its initial stages — ships were in position and planes were in the air — but no missiles had been fired when the order came to stand down, a senior administration official told the Times. The strike had been scheduled for just before dawn on Friday in Iran to minimize the risk to civilians and the Iranian military, and military officials received word shortly after then that the strike was off, at least temporarily.
The United States remains locked in a standoff with Iran, with US military or diplomatic responses having the potential to provoke further escalation from Tehran. Iran's downing of a US drone earlier Thursday has left the President caught between Republicans demanding a response and congressional Democrats warning that Trump — and the Iran policy hardliners on his national security staff, who welcome the confrontation — could lose control of the situation and lead the US into war.
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    1. @MI6 this has nothing to do with religion this has everything to do with Truth ever heard of it,we are who the holy Bible says we are,but go put your head in a hole if you like we are waking up our people the NEGROES Israel and Judah,Isaiah chapter 11:11&12 kjv,Amos chapter 9:7 kjv.we are NEGROES.

    2. @Ash Roskell – you leftists are obsessed about Russia. When trump attacked Bashar and some Russian soldiers were killed, did Putin ask trump to do it as well?

    3. @Ash Roskell – because Iran attacked US asset. Not only that they were cheering after shooting down the drone. Have you watched their video?

    1. @Craig806 Why? those men are war criminals, bolton got us into Iraq which is STILL HAPPENING!

      Those men should be publicly executed tbh.

    2. Taking pac money should be considered bribery. All our politicians who have been bought and passing policies for foreign governments are guilty of treason.

    1. If you don’t have the proof to back it up, don’t run the risk of me reading it. AOC didn’t learn. Perhaps you should?

  1. Bolton’s plan to take down Venezuela failed and so now he’s trying to go after Iran, which will fail too. Maybe he’ll go after the US itself next.

    1. @Jay Burnz no he’s exactly right. It may not be good but any persons human nature is always going to overcome/break whichever law or idea another human puts into place. No war would be a perfect world. There is no such thing as perfect. It’s just a perspective.

    1. @Caesar Vespasian The oil tanker incident was a false flag by the western zionist leaders. They are setting up events to deceive people in to believing that Iran is the bad guy so US gov can have war with Iran.. you need to wake up. Go watch TruNews on youtube to get more accurate analysis on what has really been happening…

    2. Caesar Vespasian the last thing we need is nuclear war, because trust me, we might win, but there will be more collateral damage than any war between two nations, now i agree that Iran is far from a free and fair country, so is Israel for that matter actually, but beyond that nuclear war should be avoided, even if we win, we don’t want to set the precedent that nuclear war is okay, because nuclear war can easily lead to our downfall

    3. @Michael Pomales You got deceived.. the U.S. can’t win in nuclear war.. Not only will USA lose but will get invaded by her enemies, here in homeland.

    4. @noobz Theres this book an its the inspired word of GOD, in this book of TRUTH its already foretold how all this turnsout. What the PRESIDENT done was extend peace and save lives. What the world just witnessed is AMERICAS MERCY as well as PRESIDENT TRUMPS. IRAN NEEDS TOO CHANGE! NO MORE CHANCES FOR IRAN. ” BEST WAR EVER WON, IS THE WAR YOU BEGAN WITHOUT WAR”. THINK ABOUT THAT

    1. Hawkzblade wrong again there idiot. Trump and Republicans WANT Mulehair to testify but the democRATs have been stalling until Mulehair can retire out of the country or dies, whichever comes first. You don’t think it’s strange that Nadler has been throwing around subpoenas like they’re paper airplanes?

      But he hasn’t thrown one at Mulehair yet. I wonder why?

      Maybe it’s because Mulehair will have to testify under oath why he didn’t stop the investigation and kept on going when he found out it was all a lie. And why he didn’t report to investigate the REAL Russia collusion.

      Apparently the democRATs aren’t really that serious about finding the REAL collusion or Russian interference, they just want their power back so they can go back to business as usual, stealing taxpayer money and lying about it to the American people.

    1. You need to pulverize the joooo bastards who are behind all of this. The aforementioned are only useful idiots of the joooos.

    1. I give trump some credit here, I’m sure Bolton was at his shoulder saying Bomb, Bomb, Bomb! Trump may be a lot of things, but he’s not a warmonger.

    2. War Mongerer? Who’s had us in wars for the past 19 years? Last time I checked it wasn’t John Bolton?

    1. What’s disappointing is a president whom uses taxpayer’s money to deploy the military then changes his mind minutes before it goes thru.

    2. Erickson Compere they get paid tax dollars the whole time they there even when they are fucking around which ia most of the time

  2. Trump should say ” John thanks for your service , don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out “

    1. @William Dunlop So Trump orchestrated the tankers hitting mines in the Strait and the drone being shot down.

      Seems you have forgotten Trump got us OUT of the 19 year war in the ME.

    2. Saltponds239 no Saudi Arabia knowing their big brother would back them up as for pulling out of the ME , Navy Seals or ” advisers will still be there grow a beard , wear a towel and blend right in

    1. @Saltponds239
      money for israel goes into offshore accounts like from the arabs.
      that Iran cash was THEIRS..LOL

    2. The Middle East is like a cancer in the world. If not addressed locally, it will spread and affect the globe.

  3. “Old men declare war. But it is the young who must fight and die.” – Herbert Hoover

    1. @William H over 10K times..
      Just as I thought, you use whatever you can for an excuse to openly fantasize about homosexuality.. queer.

    2. @texas thunder I wasn’t even aware the New York Times had a military??
      You people are fucking idiots.

  4. drones that Iran catchs: MQ-9 Reaper , RQ-170 , MQ-1C , SHADOW 200 , ScanEagle , RQ-11 all healthful.and now mq4 , so what, this is not new.

    1. Lmfao! Idealists sure are stupid! Someday you’ll grow up and realize that there are too many nuts and power hungry zealots in this world and that there will always be war. You see the world through fogged glasses, your view is hazy and idealist. You must be a youngin! Thge Hitlers, Hillary’s and Kim Jong’s will continue to come and seek to rule over the minions and we must continue the fight against them.

    2. king of Wolf’s I absolutely agree with you! They don’t learn from history! Millions of innocent people died and at what cost? I don’t think war is a solution for anything!

  5. No matter where they drone was shot down…i don’t think it’s worth going to war killing military personal and innocent civilians and kids on both sides for an unmanded machine

    1. @Benny Panil Number of countries Iran invaded since 9/11: 0
      Number of countries USA invaded since 9/11: 9


    2. Revolt, subvert, and install smarter, empathetic people unto those senate seats and that presidential chair from now on. That’s our solution. Also, expediate the expiration process of all those olde pales in politics. They have no clue as to how much the world has changed around them. Their living standards are dying morals.

  6. The military industrial empire controlled by the supper rich will always have all Presidents by the balls. So far Trump is doing great keeping US out of a major war…..but for how long?…

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