Erin O'Toole dodges questions on Alta. COVID-19 situation 1

Erin O’Toole dodges questions on Alta. COVID-19 situation


Conservative Leader Erin 'O'Toole refused to answer whether Alberta Premier Jason Kenney handled the pandemic better than the federal government.

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    1. That’s precisely why inflation is now at 4.1% and yet the only solutions being offered are how we can spend more to alleviate the strain on the economy. I love circular logic.

  1. I’m not a huge fan but Trudeau literally never answers a question even as sitting PM. Never. Find one example where he directly answers a question instead of “what Canadians value is….blah blah middle class and those working to join it”

    1. BTW, according to JWR’s new book, as understood – the term “Middle Class” is what the Trudeau govt. uses to progress or sustain federal approvals – even though no one within or beyond cabinet staffing knows how to define or work with it. A term of ‘style’ but of ‘no substance.’
      *Reader’s notes – The Liberal-created ‘Minister of Middle Class Prosperity’ tells all – a position of question marks & political embellishment.

    2. No public person ever answer a question!! Look no further than Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Have you seen his press conferences over the years??

  2. If you can’t talk about the science, it’s not science. It’s ideology: “Science is never afraid of questions; only ideologies are. Furthermore, only ideologies can be followed, not science because science is a method of inquiry, and not a prescription of anything.” ~ HC Mehdi

    1. @Braden McMillan You should read Dr. Shiv Chopra’s book called Corrupt to the Core an Exposé of Health Canada. That book proved that health Canada will do anything for their big Pharma buddies.

    2. @TheNaznine
      Where’s the proof that new mutations of covid are MORE dangerous rather than being the same or less so? Please post links.

      Generally when a virus mutates it doesn’t get more lethal and dangerous, but less so. If you have proof of otherwise then please post the proof.

  3. Trudeau hasen’t done much. Look how expensive things are these days and it will get worse if he gets in again. Time to give someone else a try, not him.

  4. Trudeau sidesteps all the time… if he doesn’t know he’ll either say `we have your backs’ , say `uh uh uh’ or call the questioner a racist.

  5. Trudeau says that if O’Toole became PM, then the whole country would handle COVID like Alberta… Well 1) If there wasn’t an election, then there would not be a chance of O’Toole becoming PM, but rather it would be him and Singh. 2) Hospitals and most healthcare is provincial.

    1. @David Hasslehoff lmao I live in Alberta I had to make sure the conservatives stayed far away from the seat of prime Minister

  6. Alberta proudly proclaimed there will be no safety measures or lockdowns as of July 1, 2021 because there is no virus in Alberta.
    Why they feel the need to stay lockstep with the American republicans is beyond comprehension.

    1. They said that covid is here to stay and they need to start taking care of the backlog of delayed surgeries and treatments!

  7. I would love to vote conservative in order to remove trudeau out of office, but never under the tool. I know him personally and he is not to be trusted.

  8. Have you ever seen Trudeau or any of his ministers answer any questions in the House of Commons without redirection? I rest my case.

    1. Unfortunately I think that O’Toole and Trudeau are two different labels on the same Ketchup bottle..the overlords are pleased

  9. Time to disclose, copy and paste pictures of the living demons responsible for the thousands of unmarked graves at the Indigenous residential schools. Those monsters need to be prosecuted. A.S.A.P!

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