Estimated That 250 U.S. Citizens Remain In Afghanistan 1

Estimated That 250 U.S. Citizens Remain In Afghanistan


As the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan draws down, NBC News' Matt Bradley reports on incoming flights from Kabul to Germany, and Mike Memoli reports from the White House on President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attending a 'dignified transfer' event Sunday to mark the homecoming of the remains of U.S. service members killed last week.

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Estimated That 250 U.S. Citizens Remain In Afghanistan


  1. The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: “the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left”.

    1. Joe Biden left $85 billion of weapons and equipment for the Taliban and abandoned 15,000Americans to die. Build Back Better.

  2. This was never gonna be a smooth withdrawal from Afghanistan, no matter who or when. It would have helped some if the other hadn’t negotiated with the Taliban.

    1. @Muddy Water on January 15th American troops withdrew from forward positions, making the situation untenable

    1. @Adam Taylor there was a plan, the speed wich the evacuation was organized is evidence
      The Afghan government fell faster than anyone including the Taliban thought it would, ISIS activity is proof of that

    2. @Lillian Matthews What should we have done differently? Can’t seem to come up with plan B myself. I am amazed that the Taliban has acted as well as they have. Seemingly kept their word. ISIS on the other hand…

  3. Midnight August 31 is at 3: 30 pm est in New York tomorrow. Their local time is 8 1/2 hours ahead of us. We now have only 26 hours to ski daddle! Most flights have already landed abroad. They will blow up any equipment in place or from the air or already have. Many people are heading for the land borders as the taliban rule returns to Kabul intending to form a government. 120,000 people fleeing including allies and ngo sponsored foreign ✈️ flights out have left since July. Not much to report during this phase of the operation. A big ceremony for September 11 people perhaps. Patriot Day. 🇺🇸🌎 Well done US military. Now that deserves a parade of the veterans right down main street.

    1. @Jj Chapman trump was responsible for thousands of deaths when he walked out and let Turkey have free reign for three days of slaughter.

    2. @Lillian Matthews If you are so worried about what other countries think, why don’t you go live there. While your leaving, take Fox and Newsmax with you!

  4. Bravest of the brave cover the rear

    1. @Joy Hopkins I could not be more proud of your son. But as far as the visa program it was under Trum* that it was cut to nothing. Have a nice day.

    2. @Joy Hopkins would you believe if Trump told you. So what are your numbers. And don’t count those that haven’t decided to leave.

    3. @marge beauchamp you’ll believe anything from a braindead corpse that opened a border for Terrorist to walk through
      They are here and 100k illegals mostly with Covid spread through the South and he bused and flew over 46k throughoug the US.
      You ppl are stupid

    1. The people who stayed were those who needed to. It’s not like they did it for fun. Yes, there was plenty of warning. However, few thought the Afghan government would fall this fast, before our last troops even left. These are people who:
      Work for State Dept, processing visas
      Work as contractors for the Afghan government & planned to stay
      Are dual citizens, trying to get their families visas completed. (The Trump administration blocked processing of visas for Afghan allies & families, so there is a 3- 4 yr backlog.)

    1. @Bruh An American patriot is an American whether you’re a Dem or a Rep I would think 🙂 Zoe , Canada

    2. @Bruh why do you even asking this question? We should always care for each other as a fellow citizen.

    3. @Freedom Life well, considering democrats tell me constantly I’m an evil trump supporter, nazi, rascist, bigot, and myogonist, I thought it would be a descent question to ask.

  5. God bless our Military RIP American Servicemen and women prayers for the wounded service members and God heilp and strengthen President Biden’s administration as they bring this 20 yr war to an end.

    1. It was quite simply amazing the number they were able to extract each day. Pres Biden & all those involved are to be commended . My sincere condolences to those who lost their loved ones , heartbreaking !! Zoe , Canada


    1. Your braindead ordered printing of visas and passports to stop
      He moved troops out and didn’t tell anyone..biden is a killer

    2. @ Joy Hopkins there was an interview with a woman that worked in the Trump administration that said she witnessed meetings where they stopped & denied visas, making it almost impossible for Americans in Afghanistan to get visas. Anyone remember that womans name/interview?

  6. The last plane of military personnel left the Kabul Airport 42 minutes ago. We are finally out of that money pit after 20 years.May all those lost rest in peace.

    1. How long before Fox News has a Republican on air who is still in Afghanistan claiming that they were betrayed and left behind?

    2. @RuRdy2RK I wouldn’t be surprised if they pay some guys to dress up like terrorists and make a video of the Republicans blindfolded and tied up.
      Hostage crisis! Joe betrayed us and left us behind! Impeach! Because that’s at the front of my mind while being threatened with death!😆
      Do you doubt those ridiculous frauds would try it? They are still pretending they have proof that the Chinese flipped votes for Biden.

    1. I think they want it that way… they can be powerful and oppressive to other people to show how much stronger they are.. Prove how they are strong… I see it all over the internet how they cannot wait to shoot Democrats… These People are not Americans. They are something else and if they get their way we might as well de-Evolve to the wild west.

  7. Thank you Biden, the Military, and the Afghan helpers. The brave troops who died helped the largest humanitarian evacuation in history.

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