1. Contrast what Ethiopia has to overcome in order to strive for a fair, democratic election….with the GQP’s attempt to overturn the election and their war against voting access and ask “are we really as 1st world country we think we are?” 🤔

  2. Fifty years ago my brother was surveying Ethiopia as a part of the Army map making mission. (Yes, this was pre GPS.) The Ethiopians were starving then. Perhaps it is worse now, but famine has been a recurrent problem there for a long time.

    1. @Nahom Tesfahun the media isn’t going to be fair because of their hidden agendas & they’re also fake news 😂

    2. Ethiopians didn’t vote. It is only the Amaras who voted. The Tigryans, oromos, benshangule, somalis didn’t vote.

    3. @TDFey seare For you info 17 million Ethiopians living in the oromia region have voted. And For the Ethiopian Somalis’ and some part of Benishangul gumz region, they will vote on September.

    4. @Nahom Tesfahun What election kind of election would be held when opposition parties in Oromiya, Benshangul, and Somalia are banned and their leaders in jail? Under such undemocratic circumstances, we expect fake election and not real election that represents the voice of the people.

  3. Ethiopians voted their leaders so the world must lesson the voice and vote of Ethiopians simple as that.

  4. Africa should get a blessing from the white man to be considered a democracy. You didn’t say a word about TPLF atrocities for the past 27 years.

    1. cause Obama’s foreign affairs cabinet members are buddies and are the ones funding these groups. Like Susan rice who is close friends with Meles Zenawi. They’re going to protect their own.

    2. When you try to wipe out an entire ethnic group for 100 years as Abiy is trying to do to Tigrayans, you should get no blessings.

  5. Hey!!! 110,000000 people are not leaving in Tigray!!!!! could you study demography before you are commenting

  6. TDF And TPLF will be victorious and will become a victorious independent nation we don’t need Ethiopia .

  7. I think Trump is right ✅ ur fake news….I can’t believe ur reporting so far from the actual situation in Ethiopia

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