Sen. Manchin Has Put Republicans In A Box Says Jonathan Capehart 1

Sen. Manchin Has Put Republicans In A Box Says Jonathan Capehart


MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart tells Lawrence O'Donnell that Sen. Joe Manchin has revealed the lie that Republicans want bipartisanship. Congressional historian Norm Ornstein says it'll take more examples of Republicans blocking legislation to convince Sens. Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to reform the filibuster.
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  1. Aww yes, the filibuster. What does that really look like, again? I seem to recall a 21 hour marathon of Dr. Seuss, to oppose the Affordable Care Act.

    1. @Big Smoke Guitar – Thank you for letting me know that not only do you believe what I posted is right, but it also bothers you that it’s a fact.

    2. @Ivan Johnson or are you saying democrats don’t have the mental capability to obtain and show an ID

    1. You say you want one party rule, but do you really? There is a reason we have a system of checks and balances. That is how we avoid turning into communist china or fascist Italy. I urge you to let go of tribalist politics and work your way back to the middle. Your sanity will thank you

    2. @S R – But, in the end, you can’t be a hypocrite and you have to be tolerant. And, you can’t be a bigot and make things up about people you don’t like just because you don’t get your way.

    3. @Patty_J I have never once said I wanted one party rule. What I am against is the fascist agenda of the Republicans to destroy democracy in America. Study the history of nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler and then look at all the similarities in Trump’s Republican party.

    4. @Robert Dickerson I got you. And to be honest I’ve done a lot of research on that subject and have compared regimes like the Nazis to the Republicans. Yes there are similarities. But what I want to urge you to do is take that same kind of fervor that you judge the Republican party with, and also judge the Democrats as well. What you will find is that both parties use manipulation tactics that are similar to that of authoritarian regimes. This is what happens when tribalist politics comes into play. Rationality goes out of the window and a do-or-die mentality is adopted. Please just look at both parties with the same sort of judgment, and you will be surprised at what you find. Have a good day

  2. They will NEVER agree to anything that breaks up thier gherrymanders. If they did the republican party would be voted out of office.

  3. Really?! Put them in a box? They don’t care if they are exposed as liars, their voters don’t care. What world are you living in?

  4. So Manchin showed that Republican senators aren’t interested in working with Democrats on anything that will actually help the American people. Does this mean he’ll finally give up on his pipe dream of bipartisanship and side with his caucus to jettison the filibuster? Or is he going to keep kissing Mitch McConnell’s butt?

    1. In keeping with your wording, Manchin doesn’t need to “kiss McConnell’s as long as McConnell stays “Pivot man” as he gives out B.J’s to followers

    2. @Scott Harrison since you are not willing to get informed in an objective manner but rather elect to believe ‘THE LIE’, let me illustrate it for you:
      Although not perfect, this legislation would essentially protect the right to vote, especially for minorities, and keep states from arbitrarily changing the results of an election if the results do not favor them. The GOP is PUTRID!

      That has been the GOP’s game plan since the origins of the Republic, to keep enough people, by whatever means necessary, from exercising their constitutional right to vote. How you may ask? (1) By restricting access, which is what new legislation across multiple states led by the GOP is attempting to do; (2) By gerrymandering ad-nauseum – In some states, like Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Republicans are able to draw districts that give them majorities in their statehouses and congressional delegations, despite winning only a minority of votes statewide. That is absolutely PUTRID!

      The only way the GOP is able to win at all anywhere, is by suppressing the vote, period. And please spare me the lecture about how Democrats are taking the country
      down the toilet. The country is already there, and half a mile down the sewer pipe socially, racially, politically, financially. Democrats are trying to reverse course.

    3. @Scott Harrison If you need an example of why voting should be easy and accessible to ALL Americans in a so-called “Democracy”
      then you have bigger issues that a random person in a Youtube comment section can’t fix.

    4. I see him continuing doing what the people elected him to do. And that involves not sending the country down the path of Socialism.
      You demotwats seem pretty cocky considering you only represent 31% of the voters.

  5. Instead of requiring 60 opposition votes to break a filibuster, it should require 40 consenting votes to continue one. Place a burden on these obstructionists so they can’t just say “we filibuster” and leave for the weekend.

    1. @Pauline Wait Wow (Pauline wait) everybody! I actually found someone that knows what their talking about…. Is this real life? Have I slipped into an inter dimensional worm hole into an alternate reality? Is she really a robot? Pauline for president!

    2. @Paul Ferrante . The Qanon prophecy fortold this was a fake election. Qanon has 5 letters, add 2 for the the number of missing chromosomes that the Republicans have and you get 7, and you might ask OK 7 so what? 7…….. looks like a bamboo tree!!! Bamboo is ground up in the fake paper ballots that came from China and BAM! See if you’re smart then you’ll get this. All the dumb democrats think that because… Wait for it….. They won by (7) million votes in this election…… 7…… HELLO! (7) that looks like a bamboo tree!!! . Yep that’s right…… Qanon’s fearless leader will show up shirtless riding a unicorn next month and throw all the democrats in a gulag in Siberia. Siberia has 7 letters… HELLO!!! 7 FOR THE Bamboo!! Tree!!! Dumb democrats.

    3. @Orange Katzen Absolutely right. Even though they LOST, the GOP is still GOVERNING, and the winning party is powerless to stop it, mainly because of two of their own Senators aiding the GOP. Screw bipartisanship. The GOP does not care for it, and they are telling Democrats in their faces that they don’t care. At this point, the GLOVES NEED TO COME OFF.

    4. I agree! Would prefer it be eliminated but they should have to come to the floor and debate it. Problem is we don’t have time for this nonsense. Midterms are almost here and these Dino’s need to align with Biden’s agenda.

    5. @Rene Rigney the problem is that is precisely what the GOP wants, to ‘run out the clock’ so that the mid-terms get here for them to reclaim majorities in both chambers. They are dancing their “weasel war dance”, and unless Manchin and Sinema are on board (I truly doubt they ever will), the Democratic agenda is toast.

    1. @Bryan hes the most fascist and worst president in US history so yea. Also would they have filibustered HR1 if IQ45 passed it? no bc him passing any legislation was not on the agenda he just wanted to be president on TV

    2. @Bryan When you have one party that is trying to make things better for everyone and one party that is trying to make things better for the super wealthy while appealing to the uneducated who vote on one or two issues (guns/abortion), there really isn’t any hypocrisy. Not to mention the 50 democratic senators represent 41 million more people than the 50 republican senators do. If a senator’s vote was weighted by the number of people they represent, both California senators would be able to outvote the two senators from Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota on their own.

    3. ​@Bryan Isn’t the idea of the filibuster, a blockage from the minority party, to keep the majority party from passing any law that the minority party doesn’t like the very essence of anti-democracy? So how could you right-wingers support that anti-democracy BS if you claimed to support democracy? Huh, you right-wing hypocrite?

      Also, if your assertion that the Democrats used the filibuster 300 times during Crooked Trump’s term is true then it didn’t stop you right-wingers from appointing 3 right-wing Supreme Court justices against the Democrats’ consent nor did it stop you from giving the rich a $2 trillion tax cut despite the Democrats fighting against it. The only reason the Democrats would ever use the filibuster was to stop Crooked Trump from passing dangerous laws or using his power to appoint unqualified cabinet members, such as Steve Mnuchin, Michael Flynn, Betsy DeVos, and Brett Kavanaugh, which could hurt the country. Steven Bannon admitted that Crooked Trump’s cabinet nominees were selected to destroy the very agency that they were hired to head.

  6. How can anyone want voter id when U can vote for a friend in the senate or congress when they have other things to do like fund raisers This is tongue in cheek but true

    1. @Kermit T. Frog if a member is not present any reason they can nominate another member to vote on their behalf happened during Republican Pac in I think it was Florida earlier in the year both side can do it so am not jumping either way

    2. That issue is more akin to ballot harvesting than voter ID. But, a funny in a death-to-democracy-kind-of-way, one Congress person had given their proxy to another. However, two different congresspeople actually voted proxy for the missing one. If the person counting had not been on their count, they could have double-voted and no one be the wiser aka voter fraud. One guess as to the party affiliation.

    3. @Let’sBeCivil,ShallWe? I still don’t see what the issue is here. Something nefarious about not being at the Capitol during a vote? I suppose that a secret ballot could be abused. But it is not at all clear to me how that would be possible. And again, I don’t see how this has anything to do with voter ID.

    4. ​@Let’sBeCivil,ShallWe? But I’m beginning to see the connection, tenuous as it is. How can you demand voter ID from citizens when congressmen routinely abuse the principle on the floor of the Capitol?

  7. Republicans should be put away in JAILS, and not in Joe Manchin’s verbal and imaginary pseudo-surreal “box”. Americans and Democracy deserve better.

    1. Look You are a communist, a Soviet. You need to google, “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime”.

    2. Republicans… democrats they’re all the same. “ this one will be better he said so!”

    1. @Larry Templeton – What does this have to do with Trump? LOL!!
      I voted for Trump, but I also voted for other Republicans.
      This has more to do with your fear of Trump. Why? Because he can win and he can take away your gumment handouts!
      How stooopid do you have to be to not see that Trump was far better for America than 46!
      C’mon. explain yourself. LOL.

    2. @Scott Harrison you come this channel everyday just to cry. You have nothing but anger in your life. You need an enemy. You need someone to fight with. You were raised wrong Scott.

    3. @Harold Moore- it sounds like you are feeling guilty for feeling guilty about those things yourself.
      Where am I crying?
      Where an I angry?
      I’m merely pointing out your evil.
      I compare your democrats to 1930s Nazis and Stalinistic Soviets.
      You criticize me because you know that I’m right and you hate that about yourself.
      When you find yourself in a hole, it’s time to hand over the shovel

  8. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    The constant lies, denials, deceits, delusions, gaslighting, dog-whistles, crackpot conspiracy theories, projectionism, Whataboutism, bogus victimhood, and hypocrisy of Republicans is disgusting and alarming. The Republican cult has poisoned itself with its own propaganda, choosing to live in a dystopian fascist Orwellian fantasy world. The Republican cult has been radicalized to such extent that it poses a clear and present danger to our society, our democracy, and our country.

    1. @Scott Harrison You may not realize it…but, you are actually proving the OP’s point…good luck out there…

    2. @Damien Darko247 – If you believe in the lies and propaganda that you are being fed, and you believe it to be true, of course, you are going to say that!
      So, you are wrong and you are brainwashed. LOL.
      What’s funny is that you thought you were right. Go back and read what I wrote again and then give me proof that I’m wrong this time.

    3. @Scott Harrison umm…Scott, was it? Yeah, you’re still doing it…it’s not my job to educate you, and the whole Crowder “prove me wrong” thing gets exhausting. One shouldn’t be ‘fed’ any information…it’s best to evaluate information using empirical evidence and a variety or source material. I would advise that you seek out resources to assist with building media literacy, friend. Take care.

    4. What these idiots got wrong is the senate didn’t vote on a Manchin compromise bill yesterday, they voted on the full HR-1 bill from the democrats…

    1. Most other demecrocies have a more than 2 parties so the party in power has to at least work with some others to get their agenda moving. Democracy in the US is now a joke and its only getting worse with the what GOP is now doing.

    2. @Hotspur37 you are right but if a party gets the majority of the vote it should be able to govern. You are also right that the US’ democracy is regarded as a joke. I actually fear that it is nearly dead. If the GOP win again I fear they will never let go of power.

    3. Prevents the party with slim majority to ram very bill down the republic. You’d want it if Republicans had a slim majority

    4. @topnotch585 or stops a party with majority support achieving anything. In theory you have a good point – it should encourage creating bills which have some bipartisan support so as to avoid extreme measures. However the GOP have no desire to compromise in any way, so effectively nothing has been achieved legislatively for more than a decade.
      Also by always having to compromise nothing controversial or radical can happen resulting in the US having the worst health care/social welfare of any advanced country.

    5. @topnotch585 They did and they rammed through federal judges and tax cuts for ultra rich because that’s all they care about. They don’t believe in actual governing to improve the lives of Americans as a whole.

  9. McConnell says we can’t even debate ! Wake up Manchin ! It’s now or never. There are billionaires on both sides. If your worried about a job.

    1. @A. Barker – They know how those things work better than I do. I’m not going to guess when the experts in the Republican Party will decide that stuff.
      If I were to guess, I would say that Manchin stays a Democrat to make the Senate a contentious place continually voting against Schumer making him act more foolishly and desperately in order to win more seats for Republicans in 2022.

  10. What a stupid thing for Manchin say. Democracy is already gone, as the minority (Republicans) are winning. Modification of the filibuster is the only way to restore democracy.

    1. There is lot of truth to this. With gerrymandering and voter suppression, it will be harder and harder to keep something that resembles democracy. When states with populations of 800,000, less than the city I live in, get two senators and my city is gerrymandered into five house districts, it shows how bad the situation has become.

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