Texas Gov. Abbott Blasted For Vetoing Bill Punishing Dog Abuse 1

Texas Gov. Abbott Blasted For Vetoing Bill Punishing Dog Abuse


Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is facing criticism after he vetoed animal abuse legislation that bans tethering dogs outdoors using heavy chains or chaining them up without drinkable water and adequate shelter or shade. Abbott says laws already in place were adequate. MSNBC's Brian Williams has details.
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    1. @exaaaaaaactly as I predicted,sometimes he’s not in his wheelchair, I wonder if he really needs one or he’s just trying to get sympathy.

    2. ​@L Ford Some wheelchair-bound people “probably can stand for a bit”…but have you ever seen them/him(Abbott) “walking around freely” w/o any help ?? I thought not. I am Not an Abbott fan…just say’n…
      Research “FDR” (Franklin D. Roosevelt) the wheelchair bound President, resulting from him getting Polio.

    3. @Vicki Richardville Some wheelchair-bound people “probably can stand for a bit”…but have you ever seen them/him(Abbott) “walking around freely” w/o any help ?? I thought not. I am Not an Abbott fan…just say’n… Research “FDR” (Franklin D. Roosevelt) the wheelchair bound President, resulting from him getting Polio.

    1. @kaimuhi deflection…when you can’t defend something despicable a GQP does, one must change the subject

    2. @Kelli Shafron did you get offended by someone copying your tactics? The liberals created “whataboutism”

    1. @Carlos Spicyweiner Pit bulls are the sweetest dogs out there, it’s the chihuahuas I would be worried about, besides I have not seen any dog that is strong enough to break a standard lead, there made to restrain dog’s and they are pretty tough, no one would buy them if they broke when they came up against a dog pulling on it.

    2. @Alex Pokrandt and before you cry that the video is cruel to the dog know that they are training the dog for the force.

  1. Animals will always be more important to some people than actual humans. That being said, it is immoral to abuse animals

    1. If you don’t care about animals. HOW can you care about people. They already know animal abusers usually end up hurting people AFTER they harm people

    2. Yes missy, it is immoral to abuse animals. But I love the fact that Abbot dog bill backfired on him. “Abbot hates dogs”. I love it!!

    3. He vetoed 20 bills..all of them were bills that either helped the people or the kids or the dogs…smh what a shame

    4. Well animals are much better than humans I care more about a random bird outside than I do my neighbors or any other random stranger. People are evil

  2. What a small and bitter man. How does anyone exist with so much hate in his heart. He has no regard for man nor beast.

    1. What else was in the bill? Tethering has been banned in other states and municipalities. This is suspect to me.

  3. When Abbott read the bill and came by the word “dogs”, he interpreted it as “all non-white human beings”.

    Is there a bill saying it is illegal to chain his wheelchair to a runaway train?

  4. Wait .. I thought Texas was all about guns, trucks and dog’s??? or was it horse’s??? Oh no … it’s jackasses
    What a mean spirited little man.

    1. because obviously if i like trump im a dog hating racist, mate the law is for the size of the dog chain, its alredy ( and still ) illegal to not give your dog water/food/shelter

  5. What a shame. I live in a country that has severe laws against people who mistreat animals. Cruelty against animals should be punished with prison.

    1. It’s a Class I felony in the U.S. to cause the death of an animal. Some guy in Texas shot a police dog a few years back and the judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

    1. @Erik Anderson Maybe if he rolled one up and slammed some Country music he wouldn’t be such a dickhead.

    2. We don’t want marijuana in our state. It’s not good and I’m lobbying against it. We see what it’s doing in other states. Weed got too high and people still buy it from the streets.

    3. @Antonjlavey Endocannabinoid system I’m guessing you don’t know about it all of us have a endocannabinoid system that has receptors for cannabis all throughout our bodies and it should be free not to get high but for the body to function at full potential. Look it up you be surprised.

    4. @Dario M.A.F Sanchez I have a dispensary we’ve been testing and testing and testing and testing the products for marijuana it’s not good but honestly cvd and others that don’t get you high they’re looking promising but the tasty itself is not good for patients

  6. I knew I loved my dog. I did everything I could to give her a full life. I didn’t know how much I loved her until she was dying and I had to put her to sleep. Last time I cried that hard my grandmother died. It was just me and her for years at the house. I straight up built a coffin and buried her in the backyard. Me and her pup had the funeral.

    1. I lost four they were all 16 years old. I had them all cremated. They are still very special in my heart. Sorry for your loss.

    2. Same here. My 14 year old Chihuahua was dying and it was the hardest thing to put him to sleep. I could not eat properly for a week. I buried him in the backyard with his own statue.

    3. @Mr Popeye that’s the old school way. I just wouldn’t be able to get that image out of my brain.

  7. I would consider telling your constituents to set their thermostats above 78゚to be micro-managing. But telling them to be decent human beings and to take care of their animals…. not so much

    1. Shhhh, quiet with that logic, republicans can’t handle that stuff. It’s their kryptonite.

  8. If Grandma and Grandpa continue to support Trump and Republicans this July 4th, be sure to chain them out in the yard without shade or water.

  9. Dogs are the best thing that ever happened to mankind. They love you even if you’re an a hole

  10. Just when you think criminal organization’s, oops I meant the republican party couldn’t be crueler and inhumane they go and outdo themselves

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