Everything you need to know from the UFO report 1

Everything you need to know from the UFO report


The office of the Director of National Intelligence has finally released a report on what the government knows about unidentified flying objects, but the question remains: is there extraterrestrial life out there? In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza examines everything released in the 9-page report.


US intelligence community releases long-awaited UFO report

READ: US intelligence community's unclassified report on UFOs

NASA is actively searching for intelligent life in the universe and is looking for habitable planets, official says

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Michelle Cho

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    1. @MANCHAKA ! oh the playground equivalent of “no you are”,well done you are quite the debater.sheep.

    2. @Saorsa17 . Sure they fly in but there are thousands coming through the border. This administration wants them to come in for added votes in this administration is going to pay for them and do you know how? With your money.

    3. Nothing. After 50 years of following UFO reports in depth, it is obviously still too soon for the truth.

    4. No mention at all, that these things are organic and not vessels. Aliens would never land because of germs, one alien flu can wipe a planet despite what we see in science fiction, no one as of 2021, has been outside the Earths Em Field, those creatures are space animals, which is far more terrifying

  1. Crazy when the government admitting that ufos exist is the least craziest event to happen recently.

    1. *Chuck Schumer – Nancy Pelosi – Joe Biden*

      *Have ZERO Education and Experience in Business and Economics*
      that makes them uniquely un-Qualified to run the Economy

    2. @Ameha K I think it’s possible sure, until we have absolute proof there isn’t, but as a species living in a zero civilization & not even at a 1 civilization, ever going to know that.

    3. After that 4 year long dumpster fire we just had, yeah, UFOs aren’t that crazy at all

    1. “They’re coming for the Constitution.” Jim Hanson with Kurt Schlichter on AMERICA First
      AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka Published July 1, 2021

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    3. *forget China and Russia.*

      the Democrat party is the most Destructive Force in America.

  2. As from the movie Contact “If we’re the only ones here it’d be an awful waste of space”.

    1. @chris marraro The sooner humans realize that they can create what they call fiction in reality the sooner fiction won’t be a category.

      What I mean by this is that people never make any new innovations by saying what can’t happen or what is impossible. Instead they figure out how to make the impossible possible.

      If we had more humans able to look at the world and believe in those impossibilities and make them possible. Then we would be living in a world of no limitations.

      Just think, we have come so far, we have mind link technology, practical flying cars, touchable 3D projections, and Augmented Reality.

      Now imagine a species smarter, more open-minded, more evolved and way older than ours and everything that they could do that we would call impossible.

      Things are only impossible until someone does it.

      Just think of things as always possible even though no ones done it yet.

    2. @chris marraro that’s one way to look at it for sure you raise some good points. The other to look at this though is that timeline-wise if equate the eniter history of the Earth to this point to 24 hours on a clock, humans have been in existence on this planet for only 2mins! So the chance there is other life in the vast Universe is highly probable. And even though I’m a see-it-to believe it guy, I have to understand the possibility that since the Universe is 14 billion years old and the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, that someone/thing has visited us before.

    3. @Philosophy & Fulmination No offense, but your comment (while well intentioned) is just gobbledygook.

      Im an engineer. Been one for over 25 years. And I assure you that we DO “make new innovations” all the time. But simply waving one’s hand and saying “to hell with what we are capable of, lets go beyond that” regardless of the constraints of reality is ridiculous.

      I get what you are saying, but you need to live in reality. It may not be as much fun as the imagination land that you’re writing about, but it is where we actually get things done, and in the real world there are constraints in what is possible: not only what is possible with current understanding, but also with current manufacturing. And then financial, etc.

      Aiming high is one thing. But operating within the constraints of reality is required too.

    4. @Cavondus Cross Agreed. I was going to bring that point up too, but I didnt want to complicate my original point.

      And the time thing goes both ways. Potentially advanced societies may have thrived and gone extinct before humans. Or… perhaps humans are the 1st one.

      The history of species on earth has proved that “intelligence” isnt necessary for survival. Of all the billions of species that have thrived on earth, only ONE has become technologically advanced: us. And certainly many other species have thrived on earth… At least as well, or even better, than us.

      It may be that life in the universe is common, but “intelligent, technology advanced” life is exceedingly rare.

    5. @chris marraro Lovely, such a zesty reply!

      I was saying that you shouldn’t outright refute the possibility of there being more. You can get allot done by being all hard, cold, realistic, and fact-based but you will leave yourself stuck in a box. The imagination is there for a reason.
      We have to use it to create more than what we know. While I see you’re one of those people who don’t believe in the imagination. Just remember if it weren’t for the imagination none of the cool gadgets we have now would exist, someone had to imagine it first. Everything isn’t just cold hard reality either. You still have to use your mind to create a vision of something better in order to use the base of your fundamentals, which are grounded in reality.
      Both exist in tandem with one another.

      If there is no base in reality then you can not imagine anything further, and if you cannot imagine anything further then you cannot expand your reality.

      You’re one of those people who would strictly follow a guideline or a path because you take things too seriously. If you don’t let your mind wander to think of something new, which doesn’t exist. then all you’ll be doing is reproducing the same stuff repeatedly with grounded realistic instruction like a robot.

      You missed the point of my comment.
      It was not to be delusional with belief in the fantastical but rather to understand that fantastical things can happen and to not be so hard pressed to crush the possibility like you were so pressingly with your reply.

      Basically just try to imagine more using those engineering abilities you have. You might just come up with a new idea and use your imagination to create something new in your field. Stop restricting yourself to what you know. It only hurts you to not think outside the box.

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  3. And who’s to say a different species from a different world would even need the conditions we live in. They could have evolved to breathe methane.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback. ___For more guidance
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  4. “Palmer : Childs, happens all the time, man. They’re falling out of the skies like flies. Government knows all about it, right, Mac?” —  The Thing

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  5. If this was human made craft then the US Gov’t would not be investing heavily into hydrogen propulsion and other forms of combustion fuel propellant. As a research engineer in that field, I am almost certain these craft are not human made.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. ___For more guidance
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    2. I would expect a research engineer in that field to know that hydrogen propulsion is not a form of combustion except in the case of a rocket.

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  6. I currently have a problem with blindly accepting “aviators” as ‘credible witnesses’. Given the large number of wingnuts that have emerged from out of varous swamps, wildernesses and third world US State counties, it is clear that people will say and believe ANYTHING, especially if it gets them in front of a TV camera.

  7. I love how the news has always laughs this stuff off. This isn’t a joke and it won’t be taken seriously until the bastards decide to get rid of us by unleashing a weapon that will suck the paint off your house and give your family a permanent orange afro!
    The use of cartoons is probably torquein’ off the bastards and they’re gonna show us we should have taken this a tad more serious.
    I hope they keep me as a pet.

  8. Please do an expose on Rupert Murdoch as an Ex American now foreigner Australian owning fox news, hating on everything America.

  9. The most important thing for people to understand is what U.F.O. really means. It means “There’s something that appears to be flying but I don’t have enough information to determine what it is.”.

    Think about how many times while driving your car you’ve seen something in the distance, on the road or beside the road, and wondered what it was only to find that it was something completely mundane after you get closer to it. It’s the same with UFO’s except the observer never got close enough or gathered enough data to make the identification.

  10. As a child of the pre Mercury era I have been waiting my whole life for this to be taken seriously in public. Where this goes from here will either be grossly disappointing (most likely) or world shattering (low odds huge effect. Can’t wait.

  11. The aliens landed about a year back and went straight to the Oval Office, then occupied by a creosote colored life form with piss-colored candy floss on its head. They scanned the entire room for intelligence, then abducted the superior one detected. Next day Trump ordered a replacement hat stand.

  12. When I was in the Army, we had Aircraft Recognition Playing Cards to help us better identify those flying objects. So in that sense, the government has always known about UFOs.

  13. The moment I learned that report about UFOs/UAPs was going to be released I laughed. Come on… Anyone expected any “disclosure” to happen? This is another smoke screen for some agenda. Perhaps more funding to the military? The politicians seem to think the military cannot have enough funding, no matter how much other critical areas of our country and economy need more as well.

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