1. Actually, I’m not sure this guy is up to the usual par of consultant that Jim Acosta brings in to enlighten us.

      No mention of detection coming into Alaska and the options available at that point (the Canadian government were also fully up to speed on the intelligence). By this guy’s logic, Canada should also have shot it down once it made it that far. (OK, maybe they didn’t have the military capability at that altitude.)

      Very brief mention of the US claims that they were jamming its transmissions, rendering it totally ineffective (I’m inclined to believe they could do that on such a slow-moving transmitter, given the havoc my microwave oven plays on my wi-fi and bluetooth!).

      Barely any consideration of possible harm to Montana’s dense population (jk!) if they shot down three buses (um, OK, probably not a huge risk, but still worthy of caution, especially if the balloon’s transmissions were neutralised to minimise the risk of letting it reach open water).

      I did agree, however, with this guy’s rationale for China sending this balloon in the first place, as a lame attempt to narrow the credibility gap when China takes action on surveillance just *outside* of their airspace.

      Of course, I know nothing (well, very little), and am merely sitting at my keyboard speculating… 😼

  1. Maybe that Balloon was headed to Mara lardo to pick up that wandering Chinese woman? So why didn’t trump order those balloons shot down during his administration?

    1. LoL. I think your confused it probable was a ballon dropping off another payment to the Biden’s. They are the ones shown to have the ties.

    2. Because your dumb enough to believe that they actually flew balloons over and Trump didn’t shoot them down, doesn’t make it a reality, how gullible are you 30 people that liked that comment? You think that the media wouldn’t have used that information if it were true to try and make him look bad. They do at every opportunity. It is just distraction from how badly this White House has responded. We look like fools letting this into our airspace in the first place, let alone allowing it to float over our countries nuclear assets. Yes I know they have satellites that can spy on anything we have, it’s the fact they were able to infiltrate our airspace with a low tech ballon so easily. It makes our defenses appear very inept as well as our leadership at the very top.

    3. Do you really believe that if this had happened under Trump the MSM wouldn’t have been all over the story. You truly are stupid.

  2. This whole situation has me thinking it’s a distraction by China to see how fast the United States respond🤔

    1. Good point! I believe China is planning something that will take place before Biden leaves office. We should prepare now.

    2. right, it makes me think that they are gathering data for a first strike. we now have no borders and now , no airspace. a great time to knock out our silos. but bad for america.

  3. Thanks for this informative interview. Mr. Pinetta is both entertaining and credible and welcome in my living room anytime!

    1. @Alpha Beta China could’ve still looked up and find those Bases without the U. S. not mentioning it. They’re easy to look up. So not sure what your point is..

    2. Credible? I seem to remember he was one of those who flat-out lied to the American public about Russia collusion and Hunter’s laptop being Russian disinfo. Ex spooks spread propaganda in their roles as “analysts” on cable news.

  4. I agree with that the balloon should have been shot down before it crossed the country. I think letting it float over the whole country made us look like wimps we should have shot it down quite soon after it entered US airspace. And next time they send one that’s exactly what we should do.

    1. no he didnt. he was asked stupid questions and said “if” as its a hypothetical and noone knows the answers yet.

    2. @peter baxter  If one says IF, then one is NOT presenting his/her arguments as facts. He NEEDED to say IF because there is still so much we do not know about this situation. Also, please note that if pigs had wings, they still could not fly, as they are much too heavy.

  5. Oh yeah, if they want to find out everything they can about it, wouldn’t make more sense to shoot it down with something alot less aggressive so that there is more left of it, seemed like using a guided missile was overkill ,just saying.

  6. Several close fly by’s would tell them if the balloon had directional propulsion. China has been sending balloons all over the world for years. The difference now is we shot it down. We might have done it late but if we recover vital parts we will know what they wanted to look at.

    1. You dont need directional propulsion. If it could go up and down, it could pick up desire air currents and get where it wants

    2. Flybys are impossible above 65,000 feet this balloon was spotted at 80,000 feet. Fixed wing jets peak at 65,000 feet and propeller and helecopters much less. Any scramjet would flyby to fast for recon.

  7. How lucky that we have so many “experts” willing to weigh in on covert electronic surveillance! Our military has ways of both blinding and monitoring this telemetry gathering device while targeting the balloon for days as it floated across the country. They brought it down when they had to, presumably after there was nothing further to learn from it — before they recover and bench strip it.

    1. Leon was a congressmen, Bill Clintons white house chief of staff, the director of the CIA under Obama and the secretary of defense under Obama. He knows more about things like this than most people alive. A lot more than you think you do.

    2. “… this telemetry gathering device…”

      Tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without saying you don’t know what you’re talking about…

    1. Why are ex-intel chiefs hired propagandists at news networks? They spent their professional lives lying. What kind of analysis do you think you are going to get? It will always be foreign policy propaganda.

  8. I think the US and Canada missed this one entirely right from the beginning. This will become a very dangerous scenario if it happen again because there could be anything in that balloon.

    1. The thing is they have been tracking it since it went over Japan. They just didn’t do anything about it for whatever reason.

  9. I would say the Chinese are astounded it was allowed roam at length and for so long over the US. It was more than likely sent intentionally. Its possible the Chinese had a good laugh at their success. Its also possible it was sent to test reactions.

  10. In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, 382 aircraft, 206 helicopters, 3023 unmanned aerial vehicles, 403 anti-aircraft missile systems, 7750 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 1007 multiple rocket launchers, 4003 field artillery and mortar guns, as well as 8272 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed.

  11. Gr8 job, Pentagon, the “random” flight of the balloon just happened to cross over sensitive military bases and you tried to find reasons to not shoot it down?

  12. Surely the first objective of the Pentagon was to stop its communications; that would completely neutralise its threat. Once it was neutralised, their next priority would be to recover as much as of the device as possible for investigation. Perhaps they simply felt a water recovery was significantly preferable to having it smeared across an inhospitable countryside. And remember, the more hospitable the countryside, the more populated it would be.

  13. Why I trust Panetta. He was my mother’s lawyer long ago. Whe she directed him to take legal steps he felt were too extreme, although lawful, he resigned as her business counsel and returned her entire fee for services. As a trained attorney, I recognize that his behavior was that of a rare, honest lawyer. I still have the letter of resignation that he sent her.

    1. I lived on the Monterey Peninsula when both Congressman Sam Farr and Leon Panetta served in federal office.
      Those two men served their constituents flawlessly.
      Because of those two politicians, Monterey Peninsula is now home to CSUMB.

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