1. China would shoot it down in a heart beat if a US ballon were over China,nonetheless important to get it. US did a good job despite whatever this guy thinks.

    1. @Truth Hurts First of all, Biden didn’t make any decision. Whoever is running our country did. But why was it the right decision? If Donald Trump made the exact same call, you would say it was the worst decision in history.

      So, regardless of who made the call, it was the right decision to remove it. However, it should have been done immediately. Why wait?

    2. @Say No to Western Imperialism & NATO And people from whatever garbage country you live in are always standing with your hands out begging us for help. And you always take the money.

    3. @AT1272 The paranoid view is predicated on the foolish assumption that China or even North Korea do not value the survival of their government and also that they do not understand the consequences of such an act. They do and they do. You can put whatever device you want on a balloon, a nuke, an emp, the worst virus imaginable, a chemical weapon – in short, anything that isn’t magical, and it will NOT prevent a response. A devastating response. Not even lil Kim is that stupid. It is a fantasy. It is hysterically unrealistic. “We” DO understand to an extent what China will do, and more importantly, what they CAN do. They cannot – no country can – commit such a stupid action in such a way that would prevent a response that is not in their interests. It is absurd. Even if some nation had some sort of magical weapon that could float over the country and erase everyone east of the Mississippi, or west if you like, a response would still occur. You do know we have enough thermonuclear weapons on submarines ALONE to effectively end them right? And of course, a chain of succession so complete that if the only authority left is some army warehouse clerk in Kalamazoo, action can be ordered, plus the means to do so even if communications are severely disrupted. It is some Hogwart’s bullsh💩t to think otherwise. Even the worst world leader is not so dense as to not realize this. Which is why such insane attacks have only been committed by madmen (non-state terrorism) or cultists and the like. It leads NOWHERE. It does not defeat the enemy. It does not prevent unacceptable retaliations. It cannot. If there is one thing you can count on from any government, it is to act in a way which they think furthers their own survival and continuation. Bet on it.

  2. I think they are not asking the right questions.
    Ask China
    Why would a “weather balloon” need such a huge solar array capable of supplying power to 3 homes?
    If it’s just “Civilian Weather balloon “, who issued and received the international permits to fly over international airspace ( Japan, USA, Canada ) ?
    Over 1,000 Weather balloons are launched every day and they can be tracked, There is a webpage for that, why was that one and the other not in the list.
    If China cares sooooooo much about international rights, why not inform of such simple things as a weather balloon will pass by those countries?

    1. @RID SRL I think it’s indicative of where your head is at that you won’t even entertain the idea of ASKING officials if there was any way to bring it down to examine it and verify it was actually what they say it was.

    2. @Eduardo A. Chongkan Líos Because China thinks that a very BIG balloon will push the right-wingers heads to explode. President Xi wishes to sew dissent among duh masses down south… 😸

    3. @Byrd702 Rebel City scratch a liberal and you’ll find a neocon underneath.

      Americans, always excited to give more money to weapons manufacturers. Maybe there is a Chinese army grunt under your bed! Go look.

    4. Yes, inform people would be polite and sounds correct. But Zakari is correct as he says we never cared before and there are way better ways to spy

  3. Somebody in this interview should have been aware of the fact that the balloon could have been collecting electronic data, and the US was actively jamming the balloon’s electronics.

    1. @sneakerset  yes but the best weapons we have are the ones that are not contained on such websites nor does anyone outside of their creation or use have any knowledge of.

    2. @Luigi Riccardo  I think the intelligence agencies of Japan, Canada and the United States all knew about it the whole time. Once Republicans started hooting and hollering about it because someone saw it in Montana, it then became a perceived crisis.

  4. Fareed Zakaria is apparently unfamiliar with the difference between collecting intelligence by legal means – in orbit and from flights in international airspace and flying an asset directly through a county’s airspace.

    1. @Sarah Jenkins Sure, Taiwan belongs to China in fantasy land. Back here in the real world Taiwan is its own country. I mean any country and claim whatever it wants and have every other country back up it’s claim. But in practice if the claimed nation follows no law nor respects any decision made by the claimant nation then does it really belong to them in anything other than word? But this isn’t an argument about China or Taiwan. China can shoot down any aircraft any time for any reason. But there are always consequences. Do they really want to go toe to toe with the US? Most of their military is heavily based in Russian design. We have already seen how well that equipment has done in Ukraine when put up against western equipment. That’s in the hands of soldiers who have barely been trained on it. What happens when you have to go against that equipment but the people manning it developed it and have extensive training with it. Maybe that answer is yes. Unfortunately there is only one way to find out for sure the outcome of a head to head with China and I sincerely pray that never happens.

  5. The CNN anchor appears to not have expected Fareed’s analysis to be more critical of the US State Department’s reactions to the balloon incident is the impression I get from her facial expressions. I agreement with respect to the meeting with China should not have been canceled.

    1. Well Fareed was coached by the DNC on what to say, before he went on Air. The anchor senses the Jux of what he is doing….Lying

    1. @Trappy86 what’s more likely, that putting a ballon over a missile silo that’s not launching anything is going to give any information worth the international relations mess you’ll get yourself into by putting it up, or that the international relations mess is the actual goal? Hysterical Americans wasting time on nonsense is literally the goal. If we just take care of it and not make it a big deal then they wouldn’t do it again. Since we’re making it a big deal they’ll do it every time we do something they don’t like. Let’s try and be smarter than children

    1. We let it spy for 8 days. These are different from satellites. Totally different info received from spying. Biden’s clowns are ridiculous.

  6. Ever watch a little kid try and help their mommy make dough for pizza? This is what Fareed is doing.

  7. “Having an adult conversation?” Everything is contingent on the discourses which have already been generated. It’s not like China or the US can start from scratch.

  8. Hey, I was in the military in the 60s and this kind of stuff happens frequently. We usually don’t know which is why we’re the American Public. Calm down, folks.

  9. As long as our government continues allowing Walmart and other retailers to continue importing Chinese goods, they are gonna continue to get more powerful.

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