Ex-CIA chief warns of US military deployment during Sudan civil war

Former US defense secretary and ex-CIA director Leon Panetta joins CNN's Wolf Blitzer to discuss the 72-hour ceasefire in Sudan and the possibility of a larger military evacuation of American citizens. #CNN #News


    1. Exactly but they got this deal 2 months ago….its a very strategic point on map… total control of Red sea means secured trades….People should have been moved long ago…now second Afghanistan…😢😢

  1. Americans often have access to money or friends who can supply weapons so there’s an advantage in having some influence. If we back the right side we can squeeze Egypt to be more helpful in creating peace? This will be interesting and POTUS Joe has my confidence to play it well.

    1. COCAINE BREATH: How is world war 1 food related? its speech related now.. has nothing to do with correlation tables

  2. ‘Thou shall not kill’ is also written in Islamic holly book in different interpretation, i guess religion only matters when it suits!

    1. Well it proves we are LAW BREAKERS and need a perfect righteousness only credit gained by Jesus the Messiah God’s Son who is the God- man! Repent and don’t rely on your own works to get to heaven.

    2. ​@Shawn JohnsonIt seems nobody has an idea what heaven entails, everybody has a personal story that is unique to them .😅

  3. Well if they had a ceasefire and it fell apart will it doesn’t give me hope for those Americans ever trying to get home🤔

  4. How many cease fires has this been? Sadly it is the poorest that can’t keep their families safe. It’s soo simple for wealthy countries to go in to poor fighting countries take what we want then be safely removed before all hell breaks loose. We need to know what some of the independent businesses owners are doing to make sure they aren’t exploiting the native’s that have to live there after US companies back out.

  5. So about 9 days ago the fighting started and the visitors would now like to leave? Let them leave. But don’t blame the government for your situation.
    People do the stupidest things, then ask why me.
    Should have been getting out 8 days ago.

  6. Belize central america I’m from and prayers for Sudan and respect to Djibouti for letting the rescue go through their country and respect to Egypt and Chad and others accepting Sudan refugees and people fleeing the war!!✌🏽🙏🌎🌍🇧🇿

  7. People where want d not to travel there in the first place. IDK like say Russia ? Choices have consequences. When your govt says “It’s isn’t advisable to travel here” That actually means something .

  8. 😉 How nice that Wagner Group has already been on the ground protecting what’s really important there because Sudanese gold mines don’t protect themselves.

    1. You are just salty because they are there before Black water or what ever the hell their name is right now.

    2. @Michael Petrovich : Who’s salty? Just pointing out the obvious of why Russia is in Sudan. Not for people or peace, only for gold.

  9. I think the main problem is that people did not get out in time when they were warned that the situation in the Sudan was dangerous. They are working for NATO, or they are working, perhaps to help the poor in the country they quite likely would remain despite personal dangers, but to warring factions. One trying to overthrow the other good either California nationals or holding us hostage since that seems to be a favorite tactic in some countries. Why do people go to these places?

  10. To Sudanese Army and Para-Military: Do the right thing for Sudan which includes the future of your children and grandchildren.

  11. When the General you support is loosing you are pushing for ceasefire so that he can regroup and rescuing your citizens so that you can derail Sudan to a prolonged conflict, but in truth a lot of the casualty for civilians comes from air bombing by the General you are supporting and no push for accountability or the idea of no fly zone are not raised proves the double standard of the US

  12. As a Pakistani I am so much concerned about human rights and women’s girls daughters sisters and mothers rights situation in USA 😎.

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