See DeSantis’ response to falling behind Trump in polls

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo where the two exchanged views on "regional affairs." After the meeting, DeSantis responded to reporter questions on how he is trailing former president Donald Trump in polls.
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    1. @ Jeffrey Sokal

      Dont y’all discriminate against Asians on a daily basis with affirmative action? 🤣🤣

    2. ​@Allaiya Any company even thinking about moving to Florida needs to consider
      desantis stupid fight with Disneyland…. He wants to run the company!!
      Thousands of Floridians got jobs in all fields, plus merchants, plus tourist spending money in the state…not just at Disney.
      Disney has contributed a lot of money to the state and to Charities.
      *Disney should tell little Mussolini “So long.” and pack up and leave!
      Other states would welcome Disney….

  1. WTF is our governor across the world? Exacyly when does our gov plan on coming home and dealing with the gas shortage and who is paying for his vacation?

    1. @jennti “Same deal” as a hurricane. If you want to treat this like every other hurricane, then he definitely should have come home and oversaw the recovery process.

    2. @jennti Didn’t he just announced the trade mission 4 days ago?? Maybe he should have come home early from his so called BOOK TOUR. Made sure everything was taken care of before heading to Japan.

    3. @sam The guy is a smart educated man, but he’s also crazy with his beliefs. He’s just so laser focused on getting even with Disney and all this other stuff that he’s not paying attention to his home state.

    4. ​@Frank Reeves where are u from?? There is. NO GAS SHORTAGE. & Florida is NOT FLOODED ANY WHERE! Where do u get your information… CNN🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. The, very correctly ceremonial, Japanese officials must be hard pressed to put up with De Sanctimonious ! AND – what is he even doing in Japan ? ?

    1. Holiday? Some private investments or affairs? There are plenty of you are not concerned about the administration of your own state.

  3. In meatball’s tiny cranium, Florida’s money is his and he’ll put half his presidential campaign on that tab. 💙

  4. We need a vacation. Let’s go to Japan, we can make some kind of lame excuse for going, so that it’s taxpayer funded. Pack your bags!

    1. @sam idc if hes a jerk, that doesn’t matter. I don’t decide my president on how nice and civil they are

    2. ​@mhxxd4 You’re authoritarian material…
      I have a real problem with people that humiliate their staff in front of others, because they feel it makes them appear important..
      Knowing how to work ‘with others diplomatically’ takes more intelligence than brute force…

  5. Because being in Japan and glad handing foreign dignitaries is more important than dealing with all the flooding and rain disasters happening in Florida right now. Desantis must be taking lessons from Cancun Cruz.

    1. DeSantis declared a state of emergency and FEMA is here.
      And as CNN reported that 80% of the gas station closures were due to panic buying.
      And just like after a hurricane… the gas comes back.
      It’s a transportation issue not a lack of gas.

      And he’s in Japan for the US 4 nation trade mission.

  6. DeSantis is in Japan while South Floridians are still waiting on him to take a visit post last week’s floods. Talk about priorities.

  7. He got so enraged when someone told him he’s falling behind that triggered bobblehead mode😂😂😂

  8. No, Governor, bobbing your head as you answer a question does not inspire confidence in your leadership!

  9. I like my presidents when they don’t turn into bobbleheads if someone asks them a uncomfortable question

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