Ex-Nixon White House counsel says he'd pay to handle Trump's deposition 1

Ex-Nixon White House counsel says he’d pay to handle Trump’s deposition


In an interview with Bill O'Reilly, Trump said he would sit for a deposition in his lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google for banning him after the January 6 Capitol insurrection. CNN's Jim Acosta and former Nixon White House counsel John Dean discuss.

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  1. Once Trump announces he’s not running in 2024, the money spigot is turned off. He will say he’s in the game whether he is running or not. This is his only source of income.

    1. @A R “My wealth is in my leverage”. D Trump.
      But, not no more it ain’t. (although you idiots giving him $1.5bilion in the last 6 months, as his share of the “save America” defense fund, has aided in his day to day, and cults will always give up their last morsel to “the dear leader”.
      You do know that he’s limited in the ways he can spend it don’t you? That’s why he’s doing the rallies. He can spend what he likes on those.)

    2. @A R That’s the thing we don’t know his money because we’re not stupid enough to sip the Kool-Aid and donate to the Trump fund and finance the lifestyle of a suppose it billionaire you can pay his legal fees all you want there’s always a sucker born every minute and in the Republican case maybe even two

    3. @reality Neither of these things has ANYTHING to do with governance. You are what’s wrong with politics.

  2. Make sure to go out and vote in each of your local, state, and presidential elections.
    Also, don’t reply to the Russian Trump Bots in the replies. It only fuels them.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis really I’ve never incited hate. I got kicked out for trying to tell everyone about ivermectin. You do know about ivermectin and that India is sueing the world health organization for concealing it don’t you

    2. @Cathy Omara “No felons can ever hold a Federal job.” Where are you getting that from? That is just flat out incorrect. Cite one source. Not trying to sound like a jerk but you should do a little research before you post and make yourself look like a fool by so confidently stating easily disprovable “facts.”

  3. Trump should be concern about the
    New York city indictments, on the Trump organization because everything will come back to hunt Donald Trump.

  4. Remember: Trump doesn’t care about the country. He doesn’t care about the people. All he cares about is himself. Once you understand that everything makes sense

    1. Doesn’t want to talk about January 6th but he has the audacity to say his ‘free speech’ is being impinged by big tech.

    2. Once you start understanding REALITY, the Trump’s Kool Aid will start to wash away from your system. You’re gonna be a normal patriotic American once again.

    1. @B. T. sorry my pronouns are not up to par… Cousin “It” was it? arrogantly ignorant… That is the true lefty way! ALL HAIL BIDEN!

    2. @reality Screw you and your youtu.be money making scheeme… you must be an OMEGE clone account.

  5. When will this madness be over? Trump needs to be held accountable. How can he get away with this madness? There has to be consequences for this insane rhetoric.

  6. How miserable to go through life with the mentality that everything is a war and a fight. How exhausting and sad. What a pathetic man.

    1. @eltorocal by saying he is at war, he basically told his followers that they are in a war too. So ya expect some crazy blood thirsty right wingers to start killing people.

    2. @Julia McKenzie he using that word to incite violence with his followers. Now they basically believe that they are currently in a war.

    3. @Gonzalez TROLLS are Not welcome!

      TROLL ALERT!!! NewQ account July 10th, 2021… No Content TROLL!!!

      TROLL ALERT!!!

    4. He never been to war to be precise. Remember the bone spur ??? And he got gut talking sh*t about Mccain, who actually in service for this country ,and never apologize for it.

    1. @Tonya Perry We’re talking about trump and his crimes and we want accountability… so if you don’t want the truth go on you’re own news channel… you’re just a troll

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 “None of the experts knew anything about it”. Trump knew about it because the experts informed him. We know that Trump knew because we heard him say it. Trump lied and hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead as a result.

    3. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 it’s coming down in the near future and they will be locked up

  7. When ever Trump’s pocket starts to get lite or empty, Trump will pull some brand new lame bull stuff out his lying red hat !

    1. @My Boy Cyrus Yes, he is in desperate need of a furthering in education… Ebonics… Drumpf has a fairly easy time using his entire vocabulary in just one sentence.

    2. @eltorocal strange way of referring to someone far more educated, successful and wealthy than you are isn’t it ?

    3. @My Boy Cyrus If you’re speaking of “The Drumpf”… then, hey… comedy almost suits you.
      Now go back outside and play… preferably in the ROAD.

    4. @eltorocal you can refer to him any way you want and myself as well. Fact of the matter remains the same, we’re both more educated, successful and wealthy than you are

  8. Trump: it’s a fraud election. Everyone knows
    Me: you lost 60 court cases…on election fraud…judges you appointed said you had no proof

  9. Now they’re bad. Not when you were spending your entire presidency on Twitter and Facebook. He is so pathetic.

    1. No wonder he is so mad at breaking the site rules and getting his SM accounts deleted… Those ranting postings were his only “accomplishment”. Then he tried to make his own site, and that was a huge flop, just like everything else Dunce Don touches…

  10. “Stop the steal” was a third-rate freak-show featuring Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro and Kay-Lie McEnemy in the starring roles.

  11. Trump: “ I like to talk about election fraud, because it’s the most fraudulent election fraud that ever happened.”

    1. @evan doe I need you to do me a favor though… It will be very bad for you if you don’t, we will run people against you, and it won’t be good. You will be very well liked if you do what we want. Listen, your a nice guy, I’ve always said good things about you, you’ve got a great name. We’d hate to have to run against you.

    2. @evan doe Trump called up several election officials trying to convince them to fix the election and to find him the votes he needed to win He is currently being investigated for crimes related to voter fraud in Georgia.

    3. @evan doe That Trump called up election officials to coerce them into commiting election fraud for him.

    1. honestly Jose, man oh man millions deadafter DRUMPF gets them to drank the cynaide laced koolaid

    2. If Bunker Biatch could get his followers to do the same thing that Jones’s followers did, I’d honestly be proud of him, too.

    1. He somehow managed to get elected and not really be the president at the same time. All he did was golf

    2. There’s nothing more funny, than a person, trying to sound serious, whose post is *literally* self-contradictory. And it’s because, instead of engaging in actual thought, you’re merely allowing others to do your thinking for you. Sam, “grift” is, by definition, petty or small-scale swindling!


    4. @Sam Millions of people died from COVID because it was covered up at the source and the hotspots developed because of political posturing by Pelosi, Cuomo, etc… and you by calling Trump xenophobic when he shut the borders down. It’s not a political subject but a worldwide health problem you clown here, take a break from your Trump derangement syndrome and do a little yoga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wIgpgZ0wNo&t=150s

    1. @Brielle E the fact the vaccine was created in that time is impressive enough. On trumps last day in office 1 million vaccines were administered and Biden came in and said we’ll do 100 Mill vax in 100 days and all you slobbering dogs ate it up. Would be advantageous for you idiots to stop watching cnn I honestly is an international laughing stock. Its ran by a reality TV guru and that, from the outside, is painfully obvious.

    2. If Trump’s caused anyone “emotional trauma”, it can only be, because 44 made your asses so incredibly delicate.

  12. Still denying that he lost the election, officially makes Trump the biggest loser that ever lived.

    1. @Plex Indeed, he’s so stupid that he doesn’t know when to quit. Respecting that doesn’t bode well for you.

    2. @Kevin Newhart It’s also Amazing how many Republicans sacrifice others lives bcuz they’re too scared to get a little needle in their arm

  13. “most fradulint election in US history” – Donald Trump
    Q: Attacking American democracy . . . , i sn’t that Vladimir Putin’s job?

    1. Trump paid to bus in the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers with money from his own re-election coffers with help from “Women for Change”… He also changed the rules 2 weeks prior to 1/6, that allowed him to personally deny military backup that was requested to the Capitol.

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