Ex-Officer Charged With Murdering Rayshard Brooks In Custody As Partner Vows ‘Cooperation’ | MSNBC


  1. To grow old as a black man is not an easy task. One wrong interaction or response could spell disaster. To me it’s a
    westernized component of natural selection for those who are in the “other” category. But here’s a question for ya. Why are white folks so quick to question authority figures and make those that follow the rules seem like wimps when it comes to wearing mask and COVID19 social distancing request but always use the “just follow the rules” narrative when it comes to law enforcement? During the shutdown a lot of white people seemed to be anti-establishment, now it seems like folks are ready to sacrifice themselves to protect the establishment/status quo. LOL Isn’t that cognitive dissonance at its finest? Also, if you acknowledge that what I’m saying is true, how can you then say that white privilege doesn’t exist? I wish I could do that yo! Seems fun to
    conveniently switch it up LMAO! You may not like me, but you know the hypocrisy is clear and the interesting thing about the internet is that the whole world is watching.

    1. @BLM loser
      You mean like chris watts chris coleman michael j ireland rachel herny lori vallow marybeth tinning I could go on but you get the point coward!

    2. @citizenxgen I wouldn’t because they are less likely to be the ones that hire, loan, medically diagnose, and decide my fate in court. As far being in a bad area that’s been sanctioned by whites in power yes I be nervous in a poor neighborhood.

  2. Consider this scenario – Brooks hits the cop with the tazer, incapacitates him, takes his gun, and shoots the other cop. Brooks showed he was willing to fight and grab a cop’s weapon. He was erratic and unpredictable enough to run away and leave his car over a DUI that he deserved. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not excusing the cop’s behavior, but that’s the scenario the defense will present to a jury. Everybody wants to play Monday morning quarterback here. This was not 8 minutes of crushing a man’s trachea. It wasn’t a cop shooting someone in front of their wife and kid in broad daylight while reaching for his gun permit. This wasn’t a dozen cops surrounding a kid with only a knife and 30 feet away. This was not racially motivated. The cops didn’t escalate this one. The suspect did. The cops were patient. Demanding a pound of flesh instead of addressing the SYSTEMIC problem won’t work.

    By the way, the Trump Administration’s position is thst it is NOT systemic, but rather “a few bad apples”, so what we can all do to help is VOTE THAT DUMB, RACIST POS OUT OF OFFICE.

    1. Trump 2020! Time to cut off your welfare and food stamps! Real Americans are tired of paying for you!

    2. @Butch Dye And i can send you you tube videos of drunk WHITE BOYS (nice use of racist language there) doing the same thing and getting shot. Or are you claiming that NOT ONE white person that fights with the cops and takes their weapon EVER was killed by cops?

    1. This is a sham. The Officer’s attorney has put out a statement basically calling the DA a liar working in bad faith. He has stated they both did their job. He is not pleading guilty and he is not testifying. GBI also put out a statement saying they were blind sided by the DA’s charges and press conference as they had not even completed their independent investigation. It is a shame that the media outlets aren’t investigating before putting out this sh*t.

    1. The cop was reckless and unprofessional. He could’ve killed an innocent bystander. I hope he gets life in prison.

  3. What a smile; Karen lit up the world with her pleasant disposition 😀

    If only all those crazy Karen had such a smile

    1. All they had to do is seize the car and ket him walk home but nnnnnnnnooooooo the had extert power and dominance

    1. I actually feel sorry for this cop and donated money to his ( go fund me page ) and I hate cops.. When I put myself in his shoes I feel bad,..Rayshard got what he asked for….

  4. The FOP counsel would like to try this in the media, fortunately for justice to be blind the jury pool will be culled to twelve.

  5. “Mr Brooks violently attacked two officers and disarmed one of them. When Mr Brooks turned and pointed an object at Officer Rolfe, any officer would have reasonably believed that he intended to disarm, disable or seriously injure him.”


  6. He’s gonna make a plea bargain to testify against his partner..it’s a shame they have to press charges on cops to get them to testify against crooked cops..if he wasn’t charged he wouldn’t tell the truth in court

  7. The bottom line with these two officers that killed this you can’t justify killing someone I don’t care how many lawyers you get

  8. Get rid of these senators their time is up and we need three seats but let’s take all of them who are up for re-election. Even if Trump wins let’s take it anyway .

  9. Even though they’re arrested and charged doesn’t mean anything because when they go to trial they will be found NOT GUILTY and walk.

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