Ex-Russian lawmaker believes this is who carried out drone attack on Kremlin

A former Russian lawmaker, Ilya Ponomarev, living in exile believes an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin was the work of what he calls "Russian partisans," and not the Ukrainian military as alleged by Moscow. CNN's Pamela Brown speaks with him about his allegations. #CNN #News


    1. I like that RuZZians call it an ‘assasination attempt’
      Partisan1: ‘Let’s kill Putler with big fireworks’
      Partisan2: ‘Stronk idea ivan, lets waste expensive drone on futile attack’

    1. 1:36ukraine have no weapon.They need fighter Jets.F16 .Why don’t you give that to Ukraine for there criminal action

    2. @Kenneth Ng well I worked in effects for stage and film. This I either a mixture for fireworks, or a failure in mixing / preparing ingredients.

  1. Ive made many pyrotechnics in my day. This “attack” was done with magnesium and a pinch of aluminium powder with potassium perchlorate. Flash powder 🎉

    If the attack wasn’t a false flag it was done by an idiot. I could make a bigger blast using products from wall mart😂

    1. @Jarl S to be fair, it could have been a slightly different mixture done without proper preparation. That would explain the chunk of powder burning on the roof.

      Which would point to russian partisans who don’t understand the steps in preparing the ingredients.

    2. it does not matter, it is a humiliation for Putin, the Kremlin was not attacked since WWII

  2. I’ve seen pyrotechnics at rock concerts with more power than that feeble attempt at mimicking a drone.

    1. Plastic explosives “are used” at concerts all over the world: I just saw Dorothy and Tin Man flying in an air balloon above my garden.

    2. It was a drone, and a pretty fast one. That flag and pole are huge, the explosion when the drone was hit was sizeable.

  3. Drone over Kremlin was a small DJI like quadcopter.. a 10 mile range, tops… obviously NOT from Ukraine.

  4. Lol, the world knows Putin is in a bunker, and a simple drone would never get inside even the simplest one. 😂

  5. This was actually my very first thought hearing the news this morning – that it wasn’t Ukraine or a false flag but rather an attack from Putin’s enemies in Russia. Nice to hear somebody saying this on air. I was starting to feel crazy for thinking it.

    1. @Mitch Young the camera is moving slightly eg handheld. And there’s two people on the roof stairs going up. Probably to ensure the firecracker is out.

  6. Shoutout to the poor dude who ran 450km from Ukraine to Moscow with a backpack full of batteries, changing the batteries in the drones along the way, avoiding all of Moscow’s air defences, and then attacking the Kremlin from the opposite direction (from the North-East), 10 or 15 mins apart, with 2 battery powered, line-of-sight drones into a flag pole. That dude deserves a medal!

    1. @Aeronaut Do you figure they carried a large number of batteries in their backpack and followed it along the flight path? It could make sense, since they needed to maintain line of sight to legally fly it and avoid accidents.

    2. @Eduardo Oliveira  also five more words fit with Trump: person, woman, man, camera, TV.

    1. They dropped another bomb in their own country from a jet today lol that’s the third one I’ve heard of in two weeks
      They are doing a great job 🙂

    2. it was 2 fairly cheap toy drones, they would not be of much use on the battlefield, those drones were launched from nearby the Kremlin

  7. That makes more sense it looked more like a political message than a statement from outside forces that would have nothing to gain from it.

  8. Everyone knows that Putin takes a 2:30 am walk on the Kremlin cupola for this to work 🤣

    1. It wasn’t meant to explode over the dome, it had a trajectory to penetrate Putin’s presidential apartments in the building and it was shot down on the way.

    1. It was a firework, a low explosive flash bang.
      My bet, the aim was to set fire to the russian flag on the most iconic building in Russia, using a local drone, controlled by a dissident Russian resistance group who wanted to embarrass Putin.

      Such a theory, explains that the drone did not need to evade the Russia air defences all the way from Ukraine, and why the drones appeared to be the small quadcopter type, and why they were loaded with a firework as explosive, and why it attacked the Kremlin flag pole. The timing was near perfect, being just before the mayday military parades.
      I suspect the group responsible did not expect the Kremlin to turn the attack into a face saving propaganda claims of an assassination attempt by Ukraine and/or the US.
      If I am right, the group can still achieve their goals by admitting responsibility to the World’s media. .

    2. The Russians must have the same flagpoles as in Battlefield ! They are indestructible 😅

    3. Russia has now become the equivalent of the little brother who punches himself in the face then tries to tell mom that it was you.

    1. It is! That’s why Putin sits a mile down a marble table from anyone who visits.

    2. a Ukrainian kid published a meme, the Kremlin’s red lines have changed to a brown line, after the attack🤡

  9. I mean yeah, the drone missile explosion (small payload) is actually small. Just like a real grenade explosion not like the ones in Hollywood movies.

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