1. It is a criminal investigation, not a debate. There are no “both sides” to a crime.

    1. @My Name if there isn’t complete 2 sides represented.thrn any attempted indictments will be in question and fail…
      You are already seeing the secret service in the car say Hutchinson’s statements are false….
      This is important

    2. @Un vaccinated Anticommunist my kid once wet the bed..I said what did you do…he said I sweated….
      It’s not a recession ..it’s sweated

  2. It’s not politically biased. It’s constitutionally biased. Truth isn’t a political party.

    1. Can’t cry that it’s partisan when the opposition refused the opportunity to participate.

    2. @Mama2agn They didn’t want to lie to defend trump .The truth would be to damming coming from current supporters.

  3. There is no other side.
    Asking questions is not partisan, nor is giving a reply. You cannot refuse to co operate then blame others for your lack of inclusion.

    1. @Ricky Agnew actually, it happens in congress too when the members follow the evidence, not a political agenda. The evidence that has been gathered is substantial and damning. It doesn’t show “the other side” because there is no other side. And if there is, why are people hiding it with the 5th amendment.

    2. @Brian Rupp I think you misunderstood what I said! But the committee is investigating nothing more. Congress is not a court of law! Many people have testified with lawyer’s! Congress is the legislative branch, not the judicial branch of government!

  4. He AUTOMATICALLY had to insert that Trump was ‘without defense’. Jesus. What in the world could Trump’s side possibly say to defend the horror of 1/6? What could he possibly say?

  5. Mulvaney isn’t under oath during this interview. Therefore the chances are he’s lying again.

    1. @dipper well, yes. The one thing about Mulvaney is he’s articulate, which sometimes makes him sound credible. Ugh!

  6. Mulvaney is a perfect example of a trumper. He knows about all the fraud and lies and crimes, doesn’t feel it’s his duty to the U.S. to come forward but then capitalizes on it with a book, then does interviews and complains about “Fairness”. Only the best people.

  7. I swear I remember Mick acting less then civil and combative when he “served” in the trump admin..Anyone else call to mind his behavior ??

    1. When your work for a narcissist, you act like a narcissist. That is what weasely people do. JustSaying.

  8. This guy is someone who, as it’s said, is swimming and keeping his clothes dry at the same time. Doesn’t want to antagonize Trump, but hates his guts at the same time. Total weasel

  9. Funny – did you hear him say that “I was not involved in the planning for the riots” – then he corrected himself….

  10. I wouldn’t give Mulvaney a second of airtime, if you listen closely to what he’s saying, he is still protecting Trump, he’s a snake 🐍.

    1. @dipper You know that it’s not a trial to have both sides to ask questions. If you have information you are welcome to go in and answer questions “free flowing discussion like” manner. Note, he said he would have given exactly the same information had there been “the other side”. J6 committee is not asking yes/no questions. Even Trump is welcome to go and present his version of the story. Also, if you think Ms Cheney is not Republican, you need to check your own sanity.

      There’s nothing unfair here. Don’t just make up things like Trump did re election fraud.

    2. @SnakeyK Don’t disparage snake food. Those little critters don’t get to choose what they do.

    1. I guess you forgot about Trump turned ninjia and grabbed the steering wheel. From the secret service. Knocking one out with a big Mack, story ….

  11. At the end when he said “I wasn’t involved in the planning of the riots, I mean the rally”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. When you’re the target of an investigation it’s not the job of the questioner to ask flattering questions.

    1. Trumpers are used to FOX interviewers asking softball “questions” like:

      -“How can we better communicate the overwhelming support you’re getting from Americans?”
      -“What has been the key to the unprecedented success enjoyed by you and this administration?”
      -“Since Trump has accomplished so much, do you think he’ll just retire after four years and let the country bask in his legacy?”

      Real questions sound shocking to Trumpers after talking to the FOX propaganda machine.

  13. Um… Mcvaney saying he JUST YESTERDAY during his interview with the J6 Committee, learned that executive privilege can only be invoked by a CURRENT administration?! Need to make passing a basic Civics education a requirement for any political office.

    1. Mulvaney just learned it yesterday. Or as Trump would say, “Nobody knew that law existed.”

    2. I’m surprised that hasn’t been picked up on, I had to replay it to make sure I heard it right the first time. Unbelievable if that’s what anyone in Trumps orbit thought ‘till yesterday’.

  14. Unless accusations are made, there doesn’t need to be another side. The role of the committee is not to make Trump look bad. He has taken care of that already.

  15. “I’m one of those people that is slow to judgement. I’d like to have facts before me before I rush to final judgement.” – Mick Mulveney. Unless those facts are about the results of a free and fair election…. then I choose to discard those facts and replace them with my own…..

  16. Mulvaney: “I was not involved in the planning for the riots”. We don’t need to hear anymore this statement says it all.

  17. “Yes, I was involved with the campaign but I was not involved in the planning for the riots… Uhhhh….I mean…”—Freudian Slip 😬

    1. Mulvaney should have been asked: “Do you know of anybody that was involved in the planning of the riots?”

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