1. We need to expand the Democratic majority in November so more can be done. Voting rights need to be restored and Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid need to be protected.

    1. @BlueKnight04 At this point the republican majority Supreme Court can literally turn the clock backwards.With the midterms coming and if they are able to win majority in the senate, they already said social security and Medicare is an entitlement Americans don’t need.We gon see what happens

    2. @Jen Vicinity Uncle ruckus Clarence thomas made states rights public sending roe v wade back to the states.Now any cases they don’t like can be sent back to the states or struck down period. This is make America great again 2.0

  2. Normal legislative process of getting things done actually news worthy in US politics. Vote blue!

    1. @Oppression Olympics lol you want coherence yet your handle is Oppression Olympics? Do you see the dichotomy there? And out of interest, what coherence do you command? Because whatever you say next will undoubtedly expose the nature of your own co-or-incoherence. Although, now that I think about it, you might have already done that with your initial comment. I’ll let you decide on which side of the coin you fall on, either way my point will be proven.

  3. Bottomline Manchin need to stop acting like a republican who goal is turn the clock backwards

    1. He played this one very well though.

      McConnell threatened to vote against the chip bill if they were negotiating climate change.. so Manchin publicly said he’s out, and then announced this deal 4 hours after chip bill passed.

  4. Kevin Mccarthy is a medical miracle.
    How that man walks about upright without a trace of a spine is quite incredible.

  5. I just love that Sinema wasn’t included in the Schumer Manchin meeting. She’s a coat tail hanger and in it for the money.

    1. Yup. We need a couple more seats this nov … Then no one will ever talk about manchin or sinema again

  6. The Republicans need to understand we have to agree sometimes! Pass laws! That’s what you’re fn there for! Not just to make some type of political statement! Mitch is doing the right thing (FOR ONCE)! We have to fn work together!

    1. @Stephanie Bobek yes, this is what I think also. He knows there has to be a change bc the numbers don’t lie. Yes, he’s still gonna vote for the Republican candidate no matter who it is. But he knows this “far-right Christian Nationalist” BS is not a good look for the party and I think he’s trying to get away from that.

    1. @Tina Sapienza like a mostly peaceful protest, why hasn’t anyone been charged with inserection Einstein?.lol

    2. Those days are long gone.
      And you’ve got no one to blame but yourselves.
      Voters get the representatives they deserve.

  7. gop civil war is funny as hell. keep it up guys, you’re definitely making it easier for dems this november.

  8. Sounds like McConnell wants to point out that McCarthy isn’t guaranteed a speakership, and he had better rein in his tongue.

    1. @UCRJMMMlvIdJ4Tc9Lf9MWDKQ what’s the purpose of your link? Only watched a few seconds and seemed like a tutorial on village culinary arts.

  9. It’s a shame that simply just saying no to keep the other party from getting a win is how things are done. When it ought to be, say yes for America!

    1. @ZeroFuxGiven You might consider actually looking into why each side does filibusters and walkouts. I imagine you will find a stark asymmetry.

  10. Don’t give Moscow mitch credit for just throwing out a bone once in a while, just to pretend to not be a traitor.

  11. *This is what actually happened. This video is not for kids, it’s shocking…* ALLTIME.ML
    Mr. Dunn – respect to you

  12. Republicans had no problem approving the CHIPS bill, which is basically another bailout for the tech industry, but when it comes to approving the PACT bill which is designed to help our veterans with medical issues . . . they say No. This is shameful and disgusting that Republicans aren’t willing to help our veterans. Vote Blue in November!

  13. The vote in the House was 94 to 16 in favor of passing the PACT bill. It got to the Senate and Republicans decided to play politics and voted No on this bill. PACT is a bill that will help our veterans with medical issues. Call or email any and all republicans to let them know how shameful and disgusting this is that they voted No on PACT.

    1. It first past in the senate 84-14, then move to the house with 342-88 votes with minor changes. Then back to the senate with 55-42 votes. 41 Republicans voted against it, including the 25 that voted for it the first time.

    2. I have read that writing a letter, is far more effective. An avalanche of of mail, a tsunami of mail and let them know.

  14. Republicans: Yes I know my constituents and state would greatly benefit from this legislation but we will block it because it makes the Democrats look good.

    Meanwhile the Republican platform currently calls for dissolving all federal programs that provide a social safety net for citizens. Please tell me how anyone in their right mind could ever consider voting for a Republican?

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