1. This guy traded an absolute monster for a basketball player that was in harms way by her own neglegence. Keep this guy away from any official diplomacy, he’s not qualified.

    1. ​@ski e No Richardson didn’t! He said the families have to contact him first! He also said he doesn’t work for the government. Did you even listen to the interview?

  2. YES!! The media needs to be hammering this day in and day out! Why are you spending soooo much time on Trump when people like Paul Wheelan are still being held hostage? Stop it! PLEASE HELP THEM

  3. #1 Reason, we’re in the largest proxy war in history, with this country. #2 We’ve been actively trying to “remove” their leader. #3 The last prisoner swap worked out very well for Russia, a female basketball player for a famous arms dealer.

  4. God Bless former NM Governor, Mr Bill Richardson. He’s one of my heroes. 💐🙏🏽

    1. Yes, I think he has been a good man in many jobs. Sad to see him aging. He was already having breathing trouble back when he ran for Pres. Wish him well.

  5. So a journalist is detained, and everybody’s going crazy to get him released (which I agree with, and believe he should not be arrested in Russia to begin with), but nobody has mentioned Paul Whelan since the trade of Griner for the “merchant of death.” Whelan is a Marine who faithfully served this country, and has been rotting in Russian prison for 7ish years, but we got Griner back in 6 months. What is happening here?

    1. Did you listen to the interview? They did mention Paul Whelan! Richardson mentioned all captured American prisoners!

  6. Thank you Governor Richardson for all that you do for the citizens of the United States prayers to you and your family. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  7. There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.

  8. You know what I find funny about this is If ever you wanted to know Who was a spy for given nation, just look at who each side is prisoner swapping for lmao

  9. Am I missing something? Why are American Citizens (journalists) going to Russia at this time when the relationship with the US is at rock bottom. What company has sent this Journalist to Russia, or is the Journalist being held a freelancer?

  10. Joe Biden said, that everybody should be, leaving Russia, my opinion is that yes, you might wanna call out, Putin, to let these journalist and people that are in jail out, but no exchange should happen, because they’re going to make it a habit to be just picking anyone up and putting them in jail for no facts, a week America has to liberate one of their people out of our jail, so like Joe Biden said we, everybody needs to leave Russia. All Americans need to be out

  11. What about Julian Assange? He’s being detained on behalf of the USA and Anthony Blinken got some damn nerves.

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