1. Of course James Cameron would move to Middle Earth. The Nightmare on Elm Street came from a dream Wes Craven had with a man that had knives on his hands. Technically it was real.

  2. James Cameron and peter Jackson are neighbors in New Zealand. I hope Peter Jackson and Jim can help make another middle earth movie soon .

  3. “Dreams are like a generative AI” that’s deep and I like it.

  4. Don’t say that it was revealed in a dream. If the Ancient Astronaut Theorist hear you… they’ll say it was the aliens that sent you a message through your dreams, Basically giving the aliens all the credit of your work😁

  5. I recommend anyone to live one or more years outside their native country. You not only learn about other cultures that way, but you’re able to reflect on your own because you have something to compare with. Therefor you will be much more conscious of who you are and how you were shaped.

  6. The experts is giving it hot ,Making money is action. keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge😊

    1. I’m very glad I stumbled on this today writing to him now. Really hope he can help my mess.

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    3. This is the kind of information that we don’t get from most Youtubers I will get in touch with him right now

  7. Cameron’s incredible, I wish he was doing anything other than these Avatar films though. Can’t help wondering what other awesome films he could have made in the same time

  8. It was such a refreshing segment on your show Fareed to have JC for such a lively and candid discussion. What struck me was just within 15 or so minutes you touched on just about everything that is done for the GREATER GOOD by a group of people who are in a league of their own. We have watched every one of JC’s movies and documentaries and were awestruck by how well they are able to communicate deeply connected with our interactions between us and the environment and beyond

  9. Good for him, he lives in the best country, NZ, I wish I can move there where life is still beautiful , safe and normal

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