1. Thank you Admiral….you used the words “WIN THE WAR!” Why isn’t the medis asking our administration why they don’t use that phrase. I have never heard anyone in administartion or military say Win the War. That then becomes the objective…. and to reach that objective the west will need to supply more weapons faster. Why are they not training more pilots now, as sooner or later they will be supplying aircraft. We are too slow period. Plan ahead!

    1. @Yuri I didn’t hear that, but in reality, has Putin take Mariupol or just a piece of land, called Mariupol sometime ago?)

    1. @Yuri It was declared independent by an illegal referendum held by Russia in a sovereign country and not accepted by most of the world.
      NATO is not still in Kosovo.

    2. @Mr.Greg771 Suwalki The Anglo American were a Germanic tribe that invaded England 1600 years ago.
      They don’t exist anymore.
      Westerners are not Anglo Saxons. If you don’t know this basic fact then you know nothing about the west- including their role in Ukraine.

    3. @Yuri You can’t compare conflicts from superficial similarities. You have to know the underlying geopolitics before you can understand them – which you clearly don’t.

    4. @Yuri The ethnic Russians are only 17% of the Ukrainian population snd they are concentrated in Donbas. This skews the voting results. A legitimate referendum includes the whole country and there are rules about how the outcome is decided.

    5. @allabout perspective the world already asked Russia to withdraw, they’re not gonna leave

    1. Yess! That’s where the Bullfrog nickname comes in. That name is given to the longest serving Navy SEAl on active duty service regardless of rank, and when the person retires I think it is passed to the next longest serving SEAL. I kinda wish Adm McCraven would have run for Prez!!! He’s extremely smart and competent and ran the whole US Spec-Ops command. He was in the planning and execution of the raid that got Bin Laden.

    1. @Rick Jones
      You have to admit though, if you had to guess, you’d guess he was an admiral.
      In fact, an Admiral.

    2. @Rick Jones He was in Iraq, Afghanistan, and led the Seal team that located and killed Bin Laden. Longest serving Seal in history.

  2. ⚪”could, possibly”, maybe, let’s see, wishing, etc are there any more conditionals?💥🇦🇺⚖️🇵🇱💥

  3. Zelensky was open for retreat in Bachmut,but the soldier refuse to do that.
    So its only to push on.

  4. Putin has Burnt Bakhmut!
    He has Been Stopped There!
    He Ha Not Burned Another Place because the Brave Defenders of Bakhmut kept him there!

    It is Not about the relative Importance of Bakhmut…but about the Importance of the rest of Ukraine!

    All the Citizens of Bakhmut are going to receive a Medal!

    For Saving Ukraine!

    Regards and Eternal Respect Bakhmut!

    Heroes All!



    1. to be fair, Russia mobilized troop numbers into the six figures on the doorstep of Ukraine’s capital. No one really expected Ukraine to put up such a fierce defense, especially since Russia blindsided Ukraine back in 2014 and took over some of its former territories

      it’s fine if you disagree with people politically, but to claim that their judgment was foolish is a little ridiculous. No one expected the Russian military to implode the way they did

    2. @Skippy the Alien they hadn’t mobilized yet when at Kiev’s doorstep and I expect our Military top brass to be a little more in the fkn ballpark. You don’t have to be totally accurate but you better be better than that! I love the way you just act like what you think and what they think are somehow equal!

  5. I love how for the past year we have all these amazing predictions from top star general’s…and we are still at the same place as we were 1 year ago. 😂

    1. Ukraine has had to defend territory. not sure what exactly you were expecting?

      also, war moves slowly. it isn’t anything like what you see in the movies

    2. Nowhere near the same place. A year ago the Ukraine was about to fall. Now that’s not the case.

  6. They are not called “attack M’s,” they are called ATACMS and they are being withheld because they can travel 190 miles, or the equivalent of a 3 1/2 hour drive, into Russia.

  7. Totally agree with the Admiral: “We have to decide whether the Ukraine should win this war and give them all the means they need to do so”. Slava Ukraini! 💙💛

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