1. That’s a frickin Chinese weapon they’d use to blow us up and the politicians don’t really give a damn coz they’re in the Chinese pockets.

    1. @Erik Stone The divide & conquer is sure working. Let’s talk about the obvious strategy that these countries have employed against the US , with its citizens focused on the wrong things as tearing each other apart, turning on our governments and our leadership. Their ppl aren’t doing this but many of you sure are falling for this. It’s sad& scary how well propaganda has you far apart from reality. Pls look at your local news and get out into our local communities and come together with your countrymen, instead of tearing each other apart.

    2. Relax buddy that’s just a free food delivery balloon for homeless American. That’s weather balloon ok! 🤦🐷

    3. @Steven Troy & it’s weird watching over the years all these huge American corporations open all these slave factories over there, offshoring American jobs as well as the Chinese Communists greasing all these American politicians with all these back door trade deals. They basically sold us down the Yangtze River & the American people are left watching from the shore as the overpaid traitors can’t sell out their own country fast enough.

  1. The chinese have filled it with fortune cookies saying “He who chickens out against balloons will turkey out against missiles”. 😁

  2. Hard to believe that with all our military technology there isn’t a way to snag, capture, and surgically find out what’s in it.

    1. There is, but Biden and Milley get too rich from China, so they won’t do ANYTHING to make China upset.
      Just like the NBA , just like Disney, etc. etc.

    1. @Ian Rhodes ever hear of drones and their guidance systems? Works the same way with spy balloons! Stop giving the Chinese your info on TicToc and watch real news once in a while!

    2. @NayNay Meyer youre kidding right no clouds is going to bother strong radar systems. they knew this baloon coming days ago they just decided to let the public know now because people in Montana saw it.

  3. Definitely it is a brazen act and they don’t show any concern to do it. It means one thing that China isn’t afraid of any consequences at this point.

  4. The only reason I can think of as to why on earth we haven’t shot it down yet is that, since this has happened before, we are sending them false electronic information about our missile silos and defense systems. So that when the fighting starts, they attack the wrong things.

    1. Biden is not that smart!!! Please don’t give him any credit or the benefit of the doubt! He is a completely feckless leader!!!

  5. Well I seen one of these months ago coming across northwest Utah. It’s the dugway airbase/ new area 51 pretty much. It’s the USA’s weapons testing arena for technologically advanced equipment, conventional and biological warfare research and training in Utah. I’m no genius but if I had some geniuses working for me I’d tell em to capture said balloon. And investigate what information the equipment was relaying and for why

  6. For a country that has the promise of General Mark Milley to give China a heads-up, if America was to attack, I can relate with a satelitte balloon floating over America.


  7. It is a practice run, they are seeing how the jet stream and this delivery device interact. I wonder if they found the best spot for their EMP. Because if you want to hurt the USA in such a way that we are incapacitated, but not toxic, EMP.

  8. Don’t panic. The interception options at such altitudes will be costly and heavy-handed. Just fly another maneuverable balloon and attach to it (with the rogue one) and bring it down safely in an open area/sea.

  9. It’s wound up Blinken did cancel his trip. Unfortunately, this is a classic example of the importance of being prepared for the worst. If we don’t know what it is it only makes sense to treat it as potentially damaging and something to be careful of and to check out. What sense does it make to allow this thing to continue what it’s doing when it could be doing anything, including activity hurtful to our country? I really like the idea of snagging it and checking it out.

  10. How on earth did this get so deep into US airspace undetected, could been carrying a payload of explosives for all anyone new

  11. It didn’t just appear over the MIDDLE of the continent! It had to come from either the east or west (or Canada), so it’s possibly been over multiple states and sensitive areas. I want our government to capture it and analyze what they’ve been doing, not simply sitting by watching it slow float away!

  12. We’re supposedly the most advanced and capable military on the planet yet this spy balloon gets to Montana undetected and then we decide to do nothing??

  13. What troubles me is that somebody had to just look up and see it, with all our airspace surveillance equipment. This was just drifting along. But we are supposed to believe they’d know if a volley of rockets came this way at the speed of sound. And without knowing anything about it, its still just hovering around in US air space.

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