1. @Chino crazy people have been around for tens of thousands of years. You’re only seeing crazier people from your own life perspective.

    2. @Brian H
      There are more people now to do crazy things. Also every extreme criminal action gets into the news. On the other hand, there really are more crazies who care little about their own lives. Extreme disparity between rich and poor will lead to more desperation. As glamour and luxury are dangled before us some feel like they’re entitled to what they see because we’re never shown how unlikely it is for the average person to achieve that.

  1. they planned that to the detail! stealing a small enough car, knowing which doors were wide enough for a car, exactly how to get to the electronics store & which items weren’t wired/locked down & knew nothing was in their path to the store. obviously they are local to that mall & frequently so there. i’m sure they are looking at video footage

  2. This car was stolen from a person in Quebec.
    She had it listed on FB Marketplace. The suspect was making the seller uncomfortable driving so she asked him to pullover & she would drive home. As she got out to switch he took off with her car.
    She found out about the incident when Toronto Police called her to talk. Suspect was using her plate.

  3. Smart thing that’s being overlooked is, the police are not creating a hazard by giving chase that could end up with fatal results. They simply tracked the car & eventually will catch the thieves without any Wild West incident. Something the police down here in the U.S. should take note.

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