Why prosecutors are using late son’s Snapchat as evidence in Murdaugh murder trial

Prosecutors in the Alex Murdaugh trial turned the spotlight onto his finances and allegations that he stole millions of dollars from his law firm. The court also heard new testimony about a Snapchat his son Paul recorded right before he was murdered. Randi Kaye has more from Walterboro, South Carolina.#CNN #News


  1. If he bent down to try to turn Paul over and picked Paul’s phone up that fell out of Paul’s pocket, and given the description of the blood and other debris all over ground near Paul’s body, he would have gotten it on him. He said he checked Paul’s pulse, but Paul’s hands were under his face down body. I wonder if they could still do testing on the tubs, washing machine, and house drains that apparently weren’t done in the initial investigation.

    1. @Deborah Mulkey  fact is, the entire back of Paul’s head and part of his neck was gone, and his brain was at his feet. That’s horribly gruesome but sadly true. There would have been some blood and tissue transfer based on Alex’s own account.

    2. @A. M. Godwin Heck, there was blood and brain matter ON THE CEILING. Whoever was nearby would’ve been covered. I can’t imagine how he’s going to deal with the upcoming autopsy testimony.

  2. Been watching this case, and idk if I’m losing my mind, but each segment I watch, they sound like they say Alec versus Alex and Murdock over Murdough. Wtf is it!?

  3. They just need to get those initial clothes of him for forensic testing, see if he can still hand them over, that is.

  4. Children should be able to sue parents for nonconsensual birth and take half their wages just like a spouse does when divorced with the exact same argument!

    1. The child support is for the child.
      The courts recognize the child’s rights to parents support.
      They need to take the child’s human rights to access to the father..or mother..
      It should always be about what rights the little human should have .

    2. @m As they should and I don’t deny that—assuming they’re decent parents of course. However, my argument is that parents should be lifelong safety nets for their children. None of us asked to come into an existence where we’d need to keep making money, usually doing things we don’t even like, just to survive and live a decent life. Children should have everything covered by their parents for as long as they, the children, are alive, even after the parents’ death. Parents are nothing but slaves to their children’s needs & wants and their whole lives should be dedicated to providing everything they can for their children while not overworking themselves to death in the process

  5. He removed bloody clothes in the kennel washed off where the dogs get a bath then took shotgun it’s in the drain in the kennel because it’s goes deep into the ground. Bagged gloves clothes burned them

  6. What makes this so sad for me is Paul & the mom didn’t have a clue they were about to be brutally murdered by someone they trusted more than anyone in the world allegedly. 🤷‍♀️

    1. We’re supposed to believe that less than an hour from this video, he literally blew the brains out of his wife and son, cleaned off, hid the weapons, hid his bloody clothes, went over to his mother’s house, visited for 20 minutes, talked to people on the phone on the way there calmly, talked to people on the way home calmly, and then found the bodies. Hard sell. He’s either a complete monster (not just a fraudster) or there’s something else going on like a revenge hit by people who knew the dead girl, or some of the drug criminals Alec was involved with did it and he’s being blackmailed to not say anything or they’ll get Buster.

  7. Its proof that humanity is reaching to a pathetic level, when one cant trust & feel protected around their “own” so called “family”.

    1. Beware of people making millions and burning through even more. And I can’t believe he was an opioid addict for 20+ years and his wife and coworkers were unaware. No way. It was just another sympathy ploy. At least they arrested him immediately when he got out of rehab.

  8. So where are the clothes he had on in the SnapChat? That would be a major coup for the defense team if they produced them, but somehow they magically disappeared?

  9. Is there a possibility that the evidence can get crossed referenced by an other investigator that would be impartial to the case?

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  11. – 1:27 Um, WHAT‽ They’re trying to imply that it’s suspicious that he changed his clothes at night? 🤨 Yeah, it’s toootally unusual to change out of khakis and shirt into shorts and under-shirt to go to bed. 🙄 Stick to actual evidence.
    – 3:17 Prosecutors say he tried to “distract” from his financial crime by _murdering his whole family_ ? … Because that would be less trouble? 🤨 Prosecutors are idiots. How did they even pass the LSATs with garbage logic skills like that? 🤦

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