Man describes what it was like when Israeli military raided his home

Tensions in the West Bank are high as violence between the Israeli military and Palestinians has ramped up in recent weeks. Last week, Israeli forces killed ten Palestinians and wounded several others in a raid on a refugee camp in the city of Jenin. CNN's Nic Robertson visits the scene of the raid and meets some of those whose homes were caught in the crossfire. #CNN #News


  1. No one help palestine but every one is ready for helping ukraine.All r human beings. what is the crime of palestine people becz thy r muslims. whre is humanity… help ukrine help palestine..

    1. its more about money, the j ews have stolen much financial wealth and have leveraged this to take Palestine, also most Palestinians don’t worship money !

  2. БРАТ меня скоро убьют. Мой посыл.Не дай себя и твои ценности от иметь. Я твое будущее (сестра и брат). С любовью из России 💗💕🙏

    1. Hogwash! What do you know about urban warfare in such densely populated area? No they did not used them as human shields, they used the structure (the apartment) to gain tactical access to their targets. They did not place these people in front of their guns, they put them on the floor so they do not get hit. Unlike Hamas that places rocket launchers in the school yards, hospitals etc.

  3. the Israelis run ghetto’s, like they use to live in them, now the run them themselves, it more than anoy’s me the way they treat the Palestinian’s !!!

  4. Why don’t you do a video of a family that lost a family member to a terrorist murderer??? There is no moral equivalence between killing armed terrorists in a gunfight and an innocent civilians murdered by terrorists. You are not providing context and you are ignoring the victims of terrorism.

  5. Cnn is framing these as the 2 sides , there are no 2 sides . One is occupying the other , one is ruling the other on what to eat what to say , what to wear , where to leave , and where to go .

    1. They get their briefings from the State Department. And they run with those as their parameters, it’s what they and the other 3 American major media outlets do…. they’re not interested in straying beyond the bounds set by the White House, not for a moment. And this is how they’ve rolled for decades now. Copy writers. Shills.

  6. Actually it’s not standard procedure to use civilians as Shields when fighting Palestines that are resisting occupation of their homeland. It’s a war crime

  7. Russia must do exactly what Israel doing in Palestine since 70 years…
    Unfortunately Russia is much lagging behind!!

  8. There’s Truly Only One Answer, The World Community Must Condemn The Occupation Of These Peoples Land And Mistreatment Of These Poor People With The Same Vigor And Commitment With Which We Opposed The Evil Apartheid Regime In South Africa.😢

  9. So is it okay to criticize Israel withought being called n anti semite? Or do you cnn viewers need a couple more videos yet?

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