1. I wise country would never underestimate the potential for a sneak attack, from anyone, especially one utilizing unexpected methods.

    1. @Deb BG Are you certain about that? By my estimates, a sizable force could be deployed on the east coast. The entire north east US could be infultrated. Along with a concerted attack to disrupt chain of command; Leaving the US entirely defenseless, unless there a contigency. West coast?

    1. @Reuben the Cuban Is US that useless and not know what kind of balloon it was??? IF it really a spy balloon, do you think the US would let it fly across it boarder and do nothing about it??

  2. Wouldn’t it be something if this balloon landed in “The Big Guys” back yard… a homing pigeon of sorts. 😂

    1. Nah let’s just waste more money on public education so kids can make TikTok videos instead of doing homework

    1. @Dave Nonyabiz about idiots stupid ones that are so ignorant of the world around them that they use a juicer for the shitter. The good Nazi that listens to the propaganda ministry and adores his Fuhrer and follows him as a God

    2. @Pokey Montana is almost all wilderness besides there are such things as acceptable losses. If they take it down and it takes you along with it I for one won’t be upset

    3. @Blake46 That was before the advanced sattelites and drones we have now. Plus it escalated the cold war, like when we had aircraft shot down over cuba during cuba missile crisis

  3. Jeez, we wouldn’t want people reverse-engineering that advanced balloon technology! Don’t shoot it down, or the civilians might get a hold of it.

  4. Foreign countries can fly in our airspace but if you’re a citizen with a drone they make sure you can’t. Ok.

    1. They wanna make sure when the drones come here there is no confusion…. that and people can’t mind Their manners when it comes to not flying in commercial or Private airspace….that puts tons of lives at risk…. Think about it..do we sound like a country that would let people fly drones around if it would lead to a catastrophic event ..no, that sounds like something that happens in another country because they allow them to fly drones all over. Just my thought.. And I could be wayyy off

    1. The Jellystone Ranch. Beth w/b pissed; she’ll tell John or Rip & there’ll be war. The logic is right there.

  5. They wanted us to think it was the moon I have seen things up in the sky before strange things have been happening for a while.

  6. Another object was spotted over Billings Montana today, jets were flying around and then an explosion and falling debris.

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