1. @D BBB you sound pretty stable. Man, You should be running the country.
      The US isn’t number one in the world militarily because we’re lucky. Let the grown ups talk, ok

    2. @D BBB by the way,
      YOU sound like the traitor .. what you’re promoting is not only NOT true, but your intent is to tarnish someone else’s perspective on the United States. and furthermore, your obviously quite naive about how this whole thing works. .. the Pentagon handles this btw.. it is not Joe Biden ( although he may involve himself at some point, on the foreign policy side of things, but remember that 70% of our GDP is with China, and we don’t want to collapse the economy))
      Our military will intervene if directed by the Pentagon. My guess is that they’ve got this handled, since they are the best in the world at it…🇺🇸

    3. @RCA245 Your an ignorant traitor, our leaders have killed millions for others gain. You need to study history buddy boy. Obama bush biden and clintons are traitors to this country. You as a american should know that.

    4. @RCA245 Larry silverstein took out and insurance policy shortly before the towers were attacked. Zionist, sheldon adleson trumps biggest funder zionist. They dont hide it must be real thick to not see it. There greater isreal project us americans to die and fight in middle east wars. Or how about the billions laundered to ukraine for zionist zellenski. Were being played and set up to lose a war with russia and china. Nato stoltzenberg zionist. This is esponge there done with american. I suggest you study 1948 isreal creation ingun and lahi terror groups. You know the ones that formed zionist isreal that every christain is killed for. Dumb

    5. @D BBB your Zionist arguments are clearly of Russian origin. Hey, how about you go post comments on your own Russian internet (?)
      .. oh, don’t have one ?

    1. @Chelsea Craft They want to see how far it can float. Maybe all the way to Europe and to the Russo Ukraine war… Who knows!

      What goes up must come down.

    2. meh..US uses high budget satelites.,China uses low budget balloons.Maybe they`re performing a cut down on the budgets?🤣🤣

    1. @Hiker Hobby ya surveillance survey for weather, check China’s beidou satellites, more accurate than US’s GPS, no need this kind of fat slow balloon.

  1. This is nuts. Who can manoeuvre a balloon so precisely to a certain location? It doesn’t make sense. But if you see a spy balloon it’s a spy balloon…

    1. Thank heavens, we now know what all the hundreds of nightly UFOs are that people are reporting… I know I totally believe it’s all Chinese drones and balloons. How about you? 😂

  2. So I am not going to go into any specifics but what I can tell you is that the balloon has been floating in US airspace for days and we still don’t know anything about it.

    1. 😂 omg… it couldn’t possibly be the military lying and talking to us like children! 😮 they would never do that!

    2. @Chelsea Craft Talking to us??? They wouldn’t even answer a *single* question they gave the go-ahead to ask!!! 🙄😋🤣 That said, I completely agree with you; they would NEVER do that!!! 😂

    1. Exactly how tf are you denying American citizens what they want to know…he couldn’t even say if they were controlling it, like what is china go do if you say yes🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. LMAO!! Right?!? 😂 Every single question was met with absolute refusal to even answer the question(s) he gave the askers permission to ask. Disgusting. Where’d this jerk even come from??! Who put him in charge of ANYTHING?!? My immediate thought was he should be _fired_ — what a disgrace!!! 🙄 “Operational security” is ONE thing; but this guy is on a whole ‘nother level!!!

  3. And how do we know that it’s not releasing A virus or some kind of micro electronics close to our missile silos to give them an early alert in case we launch? This situation is ridiculous, we need to contain this damn thing.

    1. Be careful or you’ll get the “you have a mental disorder comment” 😂
      But in all seriousness I believe it could be spreading chemicals, “gain of function” or radioactive substances. China already has a bad rep in biotechnology and chemical engineering.

    2. This is why the military talks to Americans like we are four years old. How do you not know that a virus cannot survive the journey from that balloon into your nose?

    3. Well your sense isn’t common enough to understand droplets, aerosols, anthrax or DOD patents apparently.

  4. i believe that we have known that China has been studying weather patterns in our country for a long time in order to more effectively use nuclear/chemical/biological weapons more effectively and for the same reason norad has been studying their weather balloons.

    1. The Chinese aren’t morons, we out missile them a thousand to one on nukes. No matter how you map that out the result comes out the same.

  5. So if it’s a weather device why r they checking the weather over here in the USA!!!??🤔 unless they are trying to figure out how’s the weather is going to be when they attack us!!!🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Sadly all countries lie, lie, lie so we can’t possibly know the truth. China said it veered off course. How does one tell the difference between a spy balloon and a science balloon?

    2. I agree… old joe has sold America to the Chinese…..can you imagine us flying anything over china? It would NEVER happen…it’s a damn shame

    1. Did you not hear the general say that they are at a loss to be able to stop the balloon and it will take a week to figure it out? Stop expecting our military to perform miracles against a slow moving balloon in our lower atmosphere. That technology is obviously completely beyond our abilities. 😂

    2. Would be stolen Western technology, with US chips, Japanese cameras and German lenses, relabeled to look Chinese or Russian who also stole it from the West.

    3. @Chelsea Craft Of course they can shoot it down, the question is “is it lawful to do so?”. Just like “is it lawful to shoot down a low orbit spy satellite passing above?”. These questions have the same answer.

    4. The problem is that the balloon will magically disappear if some object approaches it, and re-appear again. This technology is beyond the Americans.

  6. Thank god for this press conference. He danced around the questions Just enough for us to get absolutely nothing 😑

    1. Which is the way it should be…why would they tell anyone what they’re going to do?.. that’s ridiculous ….the Chinese government DEFINITELY watches our press briefings. So why wouldn’t anyone ask a question that requires an answer we wouldn’t want the entire world, especially our foes to know? These reporters are like.. “the public has the right to know!”… the hell we do!!!… Let them do their job …go do your own (@ media)

    2. @Ron Harris “the Chinese definitely watch our press briefings” and a whole lot more with spy equipment allowed to do it’s thing..

    3. @Gazz is right It just so happens they’re keeping a watchful eye on our weather with their handy dandy weather balloon as we spea…type.

  7. The ballon is definitely maneuverable. I have been watching it for the last hour. It is currently over Missouri over Fulton moving due east south east at 310pm CST.

  8. They know its from china because they zoomed in on the bottom of it and it said “made in china” then broke two minutes after they started playing with it.

  9. I thought our government was supposed to be on top of these things. It was a guy looking out a window at work that noticed it. A civilian. I guess our superpower satellites, airforce and spaceforce are a waste of good money when it just took a guy in an office building to notice it.

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