1. Being a Influencer is the most rediculous Job i have ever seen….being a “Deinfluencer is just as rediculous!!!

  2. This is how I handle it. I absolutely do not buy the product or service and I absolutely refuse to do business with that business, so yeah to put it bluntly I don’t really buy s***don’t get me wrong being poor does help that but even if I had money I would not buy it and that’s whatever the hell it is they’re trying to pedal.

  3. Ok, so now these shills will just get money from companies wanting them to trash their competitors…and the beat goes on.

    1. Yes it’ll just be the same thing, only instead of getting kick-backs for promoting products, they’ll profit from putting down products, and from the Iooks of it they’re going to be real obnoxious about it.

    2. The people you’re showing don’t seem Iike they would be authorities on anything, I feeI influenced to ignore them.

  4. …This is still called influencing. De-influencing would be getting off your apps and not telling people what to do (or not to do.)

  5. Oh so that’s where we’re supposed to get the news on what’s the latest boycott we must follow?

  6. The problem is with the cynical term itself. “Influencer.” In my day (’70’s) that would have been an insult.

  7. People 🤷‍♂️ Just buy what you Need, the rest is irrelevant.
    3 parameters of affordability – Time, Space & Money:
    – Do you have the time to use it?
    – Do you have the space to store it?
    – Do you have the money to afford it?

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  10. The “influencer” is looking for a specific type of person…..and on social media there are thousands of ‘kids’ that will do what they’re told to do…..by a complete stranger.

    1. That’s how advertising has always worked, it’s not new to social media. You’re also describing every television ad with “testimonials.”

  11. if it don’t add value to you’re life don’t buy it even if its free don’t accept it it’s helped me clear my house from useless purchases I use to make weekly,
    I’m not financially struggling anymore stop being a consumer

    1. I think you’re mistaken. Boycotting is simply not buying a product or using a service to hurt a company. This is just so competitors make money.

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