1. Despite the fact that China has tightened up the last 5 years, I don’t believe they’d be as stupid as Pootin.

    If there’s anything the central government wants most, it’s stable income and political stability. Of course they’d still love to have TW, but they’d not bring the first two into danger for a bit of land..

    1. @SapphiR3 you can be sure China is taking notes about how not to invade a country.

      But no, China is in a good place right now… They’ll not gamble with that.

      Iran… I don’t have the same understanding of the way they think. But I’m rather sure they can see it’s a bad time to make trouble when NATO is so much more united. They’re not that stupid either.

      Pootin made it a whole lot more difficult to be rogue.

  2. The lesson to be studied from Russia’s aggression leads to a simple conclusion. The recognized National borders contain cultural identities that must be considered. Russia will never hold Ukraine without fierce resistance from self identified Ukrainians. The same must be said about the citizens of the Republic of China (ROC). For seventy years Taiwanese people have forged a path and an identity that opposes their much larger neighbor. 荣耀台湾
    Róngyào Táiwān ❤💙

    1. I hope Russia 🇷🇺 delays its actions in Ukraine for as long as possible!!! Ruble exchange rate up, energy prices soaring! This is very good for Russia🇷🇺! The longer the war drags on the more recessionary and inflationary Europe becomes! I hope the EU finally disintegrates!!!😁

    2. Also, civilian massacres isn’t a good way to get your opponent to surrender. It just outrages people and gets other countries to oppose them on a level they otherwise wouldn’t do.

  3. Putin: “Mr Jinping, take it from me, I practically wrote the book on how to invade a country”
    Jinping: “I am taking it from you and I did read your book…Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Loosing a War But Were Afraid to Ask”

    1. @Daniel Goring you have to have ukranians to mount a resistance zalensky has said he will fight to last man

    2. @Kineahora yeah they are winning in the most important place and tieing the ukranians up elsewhere

  4. Taiwan (ROC) has been a self-governed democracy with human rights, something autocrats of Beijing do not understand. But more importantly, they have their own identity, Taiwanese origin, to feel connected together. If China (PRC) thinks invading Taiwan is easy, try it.

    1. No, they are all chinese. The same as most of the people in south-east ukraine are actually russians despite US efforts to artificially create another identity, something the US is familiar with.

    2. OK, let’s get ready. You have a chance to catch a glimpse, and I hope you are a good opponent on the battlefield.China is indeed so peaceful that people forget that China has been at the center of East Asia for thousands of years.

    3. @Lorell Aldos really?? Are you sure about Ukrainian people???.
      Go check a history book not written by Putin’s clown show of a government and then come back and tell us Ukrainian people are Russian.
      Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇬🇧

  5. In my experience, the patriotism especially among those who are able to take arms is way low. China will never use weapon to destroy Taipei.

    1. China is looking for every possible opportunity to take it without destruction, but unfortunately I feel like Jinping will use the ‘Putin method’. The people within the Chinese millitary will suffer too because Jinping will see them as expendable, same as how Putin sees the russian millitary. Such a dangerous thing when people like them get too much power, because they always want more of it

  6. It might help if the USA stopped taking such pride in smearing other countries. Or at least put the blame where it belongs firmly on the government. Constantly announcing predictions of war against these countries is just poking the sore. It would be safer not to announce what is possible, stick to the facts.

  7. If anything the important lessons China has learned from Ukraine are: 1) If Taiwan were invaded by China the current infrastructure would be obliterated, Taiwan would be rubble. 2) An invasion of a prosperous and peaceful nation would quickly vilify worldwide public perception of China 3) Western interests would push back and US would definitely find a horrific war, shown to all with unprecedented video coverage, as reason to change US-Chinese relations and to ultimately default on Chinese investments 4) China’s economy is intertwined with the US economy, so a rift between the two would cause US investment in China to be barred, causing massive US investment flight from China and to either establishing a domestic US manufacturing infrastructure, or to new massive US infrastructure investments in a non-sanctioned nation. That would end the prosperous and mutually beneficial age of Chinese-US business cooperation. The US does depend on China, but China also depends on the US. Destroying that relationship would result in suffering in both nations, but much more so in China. Taiwan is not worth that, and the difference between China and Russia is the Chinese government are intelligent enough to understand that.

    1. @Pla Yer Exactly. How can you take something which you already have? So why does Winnie the Pooh vow “reunification” with Taiwan? Doesn’t make sense if they are already “unified”.

    2. @Something else Why vow for reunification? Because the PRC and Taiwan still under civil war, the world know that. Maybe it will take many years to achieve peaceful reunification, who knows.

    3. @Something else You have Some Valid Points ,But That’s Exactly What the Ukraine Russian/NATO War is partly About

    4. @Tacio Da Silva
      yes, mate, in 10 000 years china will have turned civilized. and the taiwanese might see an advantage in joining them.

  8. China was super interested in the opening salvos, of Russia’s invasion. They were talking about Taiwan and its rights. But when we saw the pushback from the world, and Russia’s army falter China walked backed it support.

    China right now, is doing inventory checks of its army/navy/airforce. They are making sure they don’t do Russia mistake.

    1. @COD FUSILLI 那你太小看中国人民解放军了,中国三位一体的信息攻防战能力可不比美军差!俄罗斯是压根就做不到

    2. @Thomas Lunde As I mentioned, UN and 180 countries which have formal diplomatic relations with PRC.

  9. Yes China is learning a very valuable lesson on geo Politics . The example of Thier Climate technology is a vauable form of trust and opertunity for all Asia …
    Especially appreciateed even by the Romans S.P.Q.R. 🇮🇹.
    My compliments to Amazing China .
    Noted Mars644🇮🇹🔮.

  10. Really sad for the people of Taiwan 🇹🇼 waking up every day asking “is this the day of Chinas invasion?

    It will happen and it’s a matter of time
    Great strength and courage to Taiwan 🇹🇼

  11. If China wants to take over the high end tech market, they are have to learn the importance of QA. Sure, China produces crappy items cheaply, but they are ill made. Plastic toys or baby products are so poorly cast, that you have to file down the burrs to make them work. Buying subcomponents, for circuit boards prototypes, we always had to buy extra, because a third just didn’t work, while European or American subcomponents and IC chips all worked. My guy, who is a biochemist, worked for a Chinese gene product manufacturer, and half the time, the antibodies reacted to the wrong antigens, because disposable labware was reused and the product was contaminated. And, unlike European and American gene product producers, they never checked to see if the proteins sold, were the ones they were supposed to be. Sometimes, when clients expected a full protein, the product they received was only half translated. Until Chinese manufacturers stop cutting corners, and start checking for quality, they will never take over the high tech or bio-tech market.

  12. China sentiment is at an all time low. Best option is to start stepping away from China dependence.

  13. The true definition of madness,” Einstein reportedly said, “is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” Unfortunately, many proposals for ending the war on Ukraine ask the Ukrainians to repeat the same actions they have tried over and over with disastrous results. Those advocating for trying these approaches yet again bear a heavy burden of explaining why this time would be different.

    Many outcomes that may sound plausible to those uninformed about Putin’s history quite rightly look disastrous to Ukrainians. For example, Putin has said he wants a neutral, “demilitarized” Ukraine. Russia had that beginning in 1994, when Ukraine surrendered the nuclear weapons it inherited from the Soviet Union in exchange for guarantees of its existing boundaries from Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    Rather than allow this neutral, demilitarized Ukraine to live in peace within the longstanding boundaries Russia pledged to guarantee, Putin exploited Ukraine’s weakness to intervene in its politics and fix a presidential election for his deeply corrupt crony. When the Ukrainian people overthrew Putin’s puppet, Putin again took advantage of Ukraine’s weakness by seizing Crimea and a large part of Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the East.

    At some point, outsiders may tell the Ukrainians that they should accept a ceasefire at any price, even if it leaves Russian forces in their country. Ukraine did this after Russian’s 2008 invasion, with the promise of peace talks.

    Russia responded by stalling, shelling unoccupied parts of Ukraine, setting up two corrupt puppet regimes in its occupied territories — one of which shot down a Malaysian civilian airplane — and ultimately disavowing its agreement, to invade yet again.

    Nor are these isolated intrusions. Throughout the region, Russia has repeatedly seized parts of its neighbors’ territory, agreed to a ceasefire, and then continued its occupation without serious negotiations. It has occupied two regions of Georgia and one in Moldova for decades. Ukrainians know these “frozen conflicts” mean an indefinite loss of sovereignty, the indefinite subjugation of Ukrainians to Russian misrule, and a constant source of instability draining the country’s human and financial resources.

    1. @Slavic Goblin Anyone who starts a sentence with the word “Dude”. should never be taken seriously…

  14. Destroying Taiwan would defeat the purpose of capturing Taiwan. An intact Taiwan could be very valuable. Without the commerce that Taiwan created (e.g., TSMC). It would be an isolated island. No population to trade with. No infrastructure etc. And China would just piss off everyone in the world with an iPhone or laptop.

    If China is trying to prove themselves dangerous, that would do the job. Or stupid – same thing.

    And just like Russia, would motivate greater independence from China’s products. India would love it.

    1. You should ask the cook how’s india factory treating him. You will see iPhone price go up 20% if it’s made in India.

    1. @Islandstyles of course… they bear Chinese name, speak Chinese , write Chinese, read Chinese…

  15. Take yourself back to the days when you are in school, at the sports ground specifically. An unofficial game of football is being organized. Invariably there will be a couple of characters who dominate the school kids, and they get to choose who could join their teams. Schoolyards actually resemble real life, even in politics. Alliances were formed among the kids. So have two options, either you are in, or out.

    Loyalty is valued too even at this young age. If you are to stick with the ring leader, you get chosen every time. If you fall out of favour, you will miss out regardless. Now imagine yourself being the one who get rejected every time for whatever reasons, valid or otherwise. The natural reaction is “resentment”. But the ones on the outer won’t just settle being “the odd ones”, they will form their own alliance to counter the “reigning” top dog. The “odd ones” won’t just stop there, they will do everything in their power to match the reigning group. They might even slip in a few dirty tricks just for the hack of it.

    By now I guess you know where I am heading to. I am referring to the power struggles between the West and “the rest”. The West is the reigning top dog, and it has been calling the shots, making judicial decisions who is one the “right side”, and who isn’t. So the West has been actively recruiting “like minded” countries to join its “top gun” conglomerate, and isn’t too shy to brag about how many friends it has. But what about those who are deemed “incompatible” with the West’s values…the oddballs such as Russia, China, Iran, N Korea, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Cuba, etc? Are they going to sit there and wondering when will they be good enough, or have changed enough to fit the job descriptions prescribed by the West?

    Well, one needs to understand that the standards set by the West is pretty high, pity about the fact that they themselves broke them time and again when it suits them. It is called hypocrisy. Roy Austin recently said “…Strong countries shouldn’t invade small countries…”. Obviously he was referring to Ukraine. But I can list a string of countries invaded by America and the West. So how could the West lecture others on pacifism?

    China is on the receiving end of more sanction only a week or so ago. Justified or otherwise, it is not hard to imagine what China feels about the idea of sanctions. It doesn’t take a genius like Donald Trump to work out that it feels victimized. So what do you do when you felt that way, you seek comfort and strength in “like minded” friends. It so happens that friend is Russia. Now don’t forget that there are many other oddballs which America considered “not up to scratch” out there too. So the West’s stranglehold on its top dog spot is becoming shaky.

  16. Whilst the ordeals of the Russian Federation come to light throughout the whole Ukrainian conflict. China and Taiwan should take little of comparison between the two conflicts.

    You see the first thing (in my opinion at least) that an aiding country to Taiwan should realize and first act upon in a situation is not only a deterrence plan, but also an organized effort to reduce the amount of collateral civilian casualties among the population. Taiwan being an isolated island, it’s only harder for the best logistical assets to provide effect humanitarian aide to the conflict.

    Not to mention, This is now a “sea based” conflict, so the strategic outlook on the war is completely different in that of Ukraine’s, where air superiority is not brought out by airbases, but aircraft carriers. The United States alone can only hold out as long as much as the force readiness is there provided, the war would inevitably stretch out over the pacific.

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