1. The mother that went in and got her kids didn’t have weapons. The police made it clear it’s not their job to protect or serve.

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1 To have as equipment in a well regulated militia to ensure a free state. It shouldn’t be illegal for that purpose. I perceive individual gun ownership as a privilege if not part of a well regulated militia. So, either every US citizen has a single person regulated militia or it’s a privilege. But, that’s just my two cents.

    2. @Golf Fanatic It was reported that hundreds of shots were fired within the first 4 minutes -100s on 20 victims – even before Police got there. We could assume that the shooter planned his shooting spree into the rest of the school – but was cut off by Police. I promise – when standing in a hallway outside the only door to this connecting set of class rooms – you know when the next big booms are striking that door – and you quickly know he is shooting at you! Trying to break down a heavy fire rated door that opens outward while it is being shot at is a dangerous task and could end your life – even after breaking that door down it would be very easy for the shooter to conceal himself in a corner or behind some desks and gun down any Officer coming through that door. So a pile of shot Officers at the door would serve to save no one.

    3. @curbmassa The overly obtuse part is that you forgot what enforcing a law means.

      Remember, I bolded and italicized prevention. Enforcing a law is arresting a criminal who commits a crime. While there is no law against specifically “entering a school and murdering children” (because that would definitely be obtuse) there are laws against murder, and when someone commits a murder the police will investigate and if they can determine who committed it they will attempt to apprehend that person so they can be tried and, if convicted, placed into a penal institution.

      All that other stuff is the crap they confused us with in grade school and in the action dramas on TV and in the movies. The good guys who save they day, the heros, the officer friendlies, all that stuff is great public relations but what a cop does is he arrests criminals.

  2. Parents should be upset about how local law enforcement handled things. It took some border patrol guys to show up to end the threat.

    1. And if they weren’t gonna do their jobs and go save those kids, why don’t you just let those parents go in and get them? Is that was my kid you’d had to have arrested me… Or shot me… if you’re not going to go in there and do your damn job, imma go in there and do it for you.

    2. @R D I absolutely agree with you. The family needs to sue the police dept in that town for not warning the community. That guy Gonzalo Lopez must have been in that house already when the grandfather and grandsons arrived….

  3. It’s called incompetence! But that didn’t stop him from hiring a criminal attorney. I guess he was too busy campaigning for his new job. 😢

    1. no. it’s called “immunity.”
      scotus ruled that police have NO OBLIGATION to “protect.”
      no cop ever got fired for *_not_* protecting someone … for *_not_* “running into harm’s way.”

      the “running toward the shooter” is just aspirational – not legally or morally required. just ask Arredondo.

    2. How about STEEL doors that were established to secure and protect. They couldn’t get through it

  4. All officers at Robb should be at the very least disqualified from any future command position. Personally, I think they should be terminated since they don’t even have the courage to resign. Then they can find employment that doesn’t require an oath or courage.

  5. Arondondo is what was wrong with the shooter incident and because of his poor judgement and cowardice the whole operation went into ‘do nothing that might cause me personal harm mode’. The minute he entered the school, he was in over his head—-and he knew he was the head honcho no matter what his attorney says. This is a classic example of someone getting promoted to a position he is uncapable of assuming. His written answers are a joke. If a normal cop on the beat had been in charge in the Uvalde primary school shooting incident, that classroom door the officers were standing behind would have been opened in a heartbeat.

  6. I don’t believe one word, certainly took awhile to get a story together! He needs to be held accountable!

    1. Totally agree. Personally, (I could be wrong) I think Abbot had something to do with this, especially since it was mainly brown children. I think there was an order for them not to go in; they were outside preventing parents from trying to save their children.

  7. A radio isn’t in your hands, it’s on your hip, and you have a microphone that extends to your shoulder, that is a terrible excuse

  8. I’m sorry but it’s the police’s job to put themselves in harms way to save the children.
    Just look at all the mistakes this chief made while children were bleeding out.

    1. “protect and Serve” is a misnomer. It is something we all come to believe and which is morally right however, the police’s duty is, legally, is to uphold the laws and is the arm of the local judge of their area, an extension of the court judge, legal arm so to speak. This is why some suggest that you never engage in an open conversation with an active duty police, everything and anything can be used against you in a court of law even if you were not a part of a crime or accident or mishap.

      Protect and Serve is a motto that started by LA back in the sixties when the was a tremendous amount of violence and mistrust in the police. It was to generate trust. Many police forces across the country adopted it as it showed great success. However it has taken on a false belief that it is their duty, their obligation, to protect and serve, it is not.

  9. To the families and teachers, I am so sorry for your devastating losses. “Good old Boy, Pete” needs to get life in prison for this. He yelled for chil dren to call out if they needed help. One child did and was promptly murdered by the shooter.

    1. @Roy Singh they said dome was removing their relatives. Not sure if it was confirmed. But patents said it.

    2. Think how many kids could have been rescued by life saving procedures. But were not because….

  10. He stood around thinking about all the things that might happen to him. While those things were happening to 3rd graders. Somebody like that has no business being a cop.

  11. This man will keep pulling excuses out of the air until he finds one at least one somebody will buy as a good reason for standing there while children and their teachers die or until he finally gets the message to shut up. Every flimsy excuse adds more grief, pain, and anger to the parents and the families of the deceased than they should have to endure. He is insulting not only the deceased and their families but every child, teacher, and staff member at school that day.

  12. The principal was there, the security officer was there, other teachers were there but none of them had a key? Only one employee of the whole school actually had a key to the freaking door?

    1. The school district has its own police force. The chief of the school police was there. He didn’t even have a key.

  13. He left his radio outside because he was afraid the sound from it would draw the shooter’s attention, but then he TOLD THE KIDS TO CALL OUT, *WHICH DREW THE SHOOTER’S ATTENTION* …criminal negligence directly resulting in the death of a child. If a nurse can get jail time for a medication error, like the case in Tennessee, then this POS definitely needs to go before a court and pay for his incompetence and cowardice.

  14. If you fail to plan, plan on failing. It never ceases to amaze me how little thought, logic and creativity are applied to this horrific problem. Also lacking in this instance is the requisite blood courage that we expect law enforcement to carry with them into their job.

  15. Wonderful commentary…thank you! As a single parent with no support group, I found myself in Momma Bear mode more than I was prepared for. Sometimes I was exactly where no one would want to be when violence would break out. There is nothing more confusing than going to the beach to watch the Fourth of July fireworks and end up watching a man almost break someones neck. Sometimes God seems to put me right at the spot where an automobile accident occurs and the crunching of two cars is not a pretty sound. I was watching TV with my son and baby daughter in my mobile home in Silver City, NM, when a lady started screaming ” Help”…then I heard that arresting sound of a balled up fist striking a persons soft tissue or facial area. In all these incidents I actually did all three things and survived. I have been raped and assaulted so it all seems to be filed in that locus of my brain that causes me to have PTSD. I am Miss Jumpy-on-my-tippie-toes when a door slams…lol! I am a minnie mouse sized person but I have this weird commanding voice in a melee! Weird…I am so weird! Just thought I would share! I know,… who cares?

    1. I Do! I am so sorry that you have experienced some very horrible events in this life. I really am! Thank you for whatever you have done to keep yourself going, and for moving into danger, to help others, when you perhaps could have not done anything. I pray for your well-being, and to be able to experience some peace, from your burdens. I hope you will consider praying to God for help with your PTSD, and any other effects that your trauma has left you to handle. It will not all be resolved in mortality, but with faith and patience, I trust that you can be healed and fairly compensated in the life to come, for enduring your pain with grace. Please remember to care for yourself, not just others. And I pray there will be people around you whom you can rely on a little, for friendship and support that you need! God Bless you! 🌺🕊💜🙏

  16. Good interview. She sounds knowledgable. Interesting about groupthink, something I think is not given enough consideration oftentimes. Several factors seem to be involved in what causes a mass shooter. None the least may be physiological – not discussed much. Sounds like a good book. Thank you for sharing.

  17. I don’t know what’s more shameful, that the “Chief” in Uvalde was a coward when it mattered, or that he hid from scrutiny for a week after the tragedy, or that when he finally spoke publicly he had the nerve to try to justify his actions or lack there of. Shameful!

    1. He wasn’t the only coward every other cop that was there that day should be fired and charged with accessory after the fact of 21 counts of murder!!

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