Expert predicts North Korea’s next move after ballistic missile launch

North Korea caused terror throughout Japan after it launched a ballistic missile over Japanese airspace for the first time in five years. CNN Senior International Correspondent Will Ripley reports, and former FBI senior intelligence adviser Philip Mudd joins CNN’s Jake Tapper to discuss. #CNN #News


  1. N. Korea does this any time there are conflicts elsewhere in the world. Like, they can’t stand to be left out of things.

    1. FROM NICOLE GOOD COMMENT 100% agree👍👍 he is lonely well he needs some prayers. God bless them

    2. @RaL0981
      Nobody threaten NK ?
      What about Kamala Harris in South Korea ?
      Was that not a threat and a challenge ?

    1. @AP It is possible if it was meant for that…… you still think the DPRK is behind. 😁😂😂

    1. I even have the feeling that someone that received a love letter from Kim also pushing to have him to do some shows before November.

  2. In this game of attention short of a catastrophic failure. Meaning one of his missiles fails. And only underground bases will be safe then. And only for a short time. I wonder if he’s received his monthlong survival packets yet? [Oops, did I go too far?]

    1. Shooting the missile over your airspace can cause the debris to rain down on your infrastructure and people and if you know that the missile is high up in the atmosphere, then the missile will probably go longer distances. Frankly, Japan didn’t have these kinds of threats for many years so they didn’t invest in a missile defence systems, but now that the threat is bigger, Japan will probably purchase/develope systems.

    2. Japan does have those defense system… They shot missiles from N.K before, only thing is it made N.K so angry telling Japan that if they would shoot their missile test again it would mean war for both country. So japan just let them do their testing. But overall their missile defense systems work. One of the best actually.

    3. ​@Royal Panther Crazy. “You don’t let me shoot my missiles into your airspace, you declared war.” Wonder how he’d feel if it were the other way around 🤔

    4. @Steve lmao… I know right.. I think it was around back in 2017. Japan could literally just shoot this one down and go on with their daily lives but chooses not to because they don’t want beef with rocketman. 😂

  3. *Well to be fair, dictator Pootin has been taking away all his attention and little Kim has been neglected so he’s acting out*


  4. If it is possible the Navy might fish it out of the sea and study it see just what it might be able to do.

    1. I think you and I might be the only two who have thought of this! Lol! (Kidding aside, I’m sure someone in the 5-sided Foxhole has brought it up.)

  5. I think Japan and/or the USA should use the NK missile tests as a live test of our anti missile intercept systems.

  6. Thank you, John Philip Mudd. Key Take Away…, “I would be more interested in what WE would learn… 5:43 How much warning did we get? How capable are we of intercepting a missile like this? If you’re in Intel, this is a GoldMine!!” As an ordinary citizen, my take is…every time N Korea tests a rocket, we gain more info as to how to destroy them!! 🥸

  7. “North Korea caused terror throughout Japan…” Well mostly caused terror up in the northern part of Japan. Down here near Kyoto I had not a clue about the missile launch until I read the news many hours later. I haven’t heard a word about it from a single person I know. I guess in hindsight, it’s pretty terrifying that most of us had no idea what was happening until after the fact.

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