Experts say Kim Jong Un’s wardrobe choices reflect his military strategy

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is ramping up his aggressive behavior, conducting at least seven missile tests in two weeks. An expert tells CNN's Brian Todd that Kim's recent attire is reflective of his military strategy. #CNN #News


    1. It’s our new approach to foreign dictated by Right said Fred, supreme commander of clothes to invade with.

  1. If his wardrobe really tells us anything about his military strategy….. it’s going to be FABULOUSSSSSSSS

    1. When you can silence fashion critics by firing squad you know you can mix it up a little, be flamboyant and haughty! Ooh, Kim Jung Oon, the angle of that hat is so inspired yet it conceals that famous coiffeur and the clockwork of a first-rate madman.

    2. shoelesblondlady ::

      … ahh … hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
      … ahh …

    3. @SingPol a gold chain would only get lost in the folds of fat on his neck… if you can even call that a neck.

    1. @C Cannon The favorite “strategy” of dictators and trolls. But I doubt if your family and fellow workers share your enthusiasm for being unpredictable and unhinged.

    2. @hj but… how come so many cops are pdf files? thin blue line is a pdf file ring?

  2. He just wants some attention.

    Just give him some air time occasionally, and he won’t need to try so hard.

  3. The banana hammock underwear is a clear indicator of an early strike that likely see it’s crescendo early-on. The plan has it’s short-comings and timing has always been a problem, but they’re confident that the use of a missile umbrella defense will help it last a bit longer than previous tests and possibly even increase distance. While there is no actual data to support it, it has been theorized that the whole of any one attack could be thwarted with nipple clamps…as theory holds it may lead to early missile detonation and serious disappointment.

    1. @Southern Stables Automotive 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👍 yo please stop you are killing me sir 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Kim Jong Un’s Wardrobe: “He’s showing that he’s bold and he’s proud…”
    What they are really thinking: 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


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  5. Kim sure seems determined to “find
    out”, doesn’t he? He’s got the
    “f#** around and” part down pat.


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  6. That wardrobe reflects the “transition” that occurred during the past 2 years while nobody was paying attention 😄

  7. You have to remember that despite N Korea hatred of the west. Kim Jong Un is into American culture. He likes anything hip about America. Video games, TV shows, sports in particular MBA but he also enjoys European FIFA etc… he’s likes iPhones, Apple and anything Microsoft related. He play elder scrolls. He likes Gucci and LV brands. So without a doubt during this tragedy that Florida is going through, he dress up with that hat and retiree outfit. As a homage to what’s happening in Florida he dress up as a middle aged recently retired pensioner.

    1. It sure does. It makes people say, “If a North Korean dictator dresses this badly, I couldn’t dress any worse.”

  8. One thing we learned in the Ukraine-Russia war is even if you have all the military equipment if you don’t have the “fund” to mobilise it includes manufacture, logistics, and strategy to withstand any conflict in weeks or months it will be irrelevant. The difference between US/NATO to some regional powers is, for US/NATO war is like investment and generates money.

  9. “Wait a minute! Everybody in the world is talking about Putin! I will lob a couple inaccurate missiles and the world will talk about me again!”- Kim Jong Un.

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