1. @John G Deflection, deflection, deflection. I could list a 100 things Trump did, and continues to do, but I won’t waste my time. Peace Out!

  1. How… Just HOW.. is ANYONE surprised by ANY of this? I saw this coming when he was running for President and KNEW we would end up here once he was declared as such. I simply cannot understand anyone being shocked by these outcomes. It’s always been so crystal clear to me just what kind of character he has that it amazes me that so many others DIDN’T.

  2. What perplexes me is why so many people have blinkers on regarding Trump’s appalling behaviour and outright criminality.

    1. They’ve always had an Umbilical Cord, that was never cut…… has to be plugged in to whatever available source to give them power and nourishment. Life Failures need a Trump, or Hitler, or Mussolini, to give them scapegoats to blame.

  3. Tear the Gaudy Palace apart. There’s one unanswered question: What would a deeply-in-debt salesman with over a billion dollars in bills coming due soon want with highly classified documents worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

    1. @Tobias Birmingham FBI and Republican led committees did 9 separate investigations and found no wrongdoing or evidence of crimes. McCarthy even said it was a political stunt. Are you an American? If so, you should know this stuff already.

    1. @MrL TLB Keep Moving forward PRESSING ON! Justice Compassion and Mercy and Healing. Takes Action for Correction! Y’all Got to Move. Faith without Works is Dead.ย  Call on Jesus and He will Give you the strength to Do what must be done.


    1. @Diana Gary enemies that are your neighbors, your postman, your farmer. Tread lightly with that loose tongue.

    1. @kฤฑzgฤฑn tosbaฤŸa
      I believe in the system to sort things out. I am flawed as is everyone and in no position to judge others. I do have opinions. Violence just brings more violence. But in my opinion , itโ€™s part of the political cycle and headed this way.

    2. @Aaron Stanley they’re not going to be interested in my taxes – I don’t make enough money to bother me. I don’t cheat on my taxes either. If you cheat then I have no pity for those who avoid paying their fair share.

  4. How do we know the materials haven’t already been compromised? Why is everyone wondering why he wanted to keep them or weather he should have had them. What’s he already done with them, copies how many times???

  5. When he began his run more than 2 dozen foreign intelligence agencies warned that he was a security risk, even a couple that we considered “hostile” sent warnings about him.
    Even our own intel agencies held back certain info from him because they didn’t trust him.


  6. Don’t forget all the people he had in his administration that had no security clearance but were still allowed to be in the thick of it all

  7. New rule: Presidential candidates must pass a competency test before they can declare they are running. Included topics…. history, the constitution (not just one or two amendments), security topics, diplomacy, and anything else that would show they actually understand the job. Write an essay about what Service means. Show good literacy. Attach 5 years of most recent tax returns.

    1. Not just presidential candidates. Everyone holding a political office in the Capitol or on the Hill. And they need term limits.

  8. It’s illegal to yell ” Fire” in a crowded movie theater if there is no fire. So why is it legal for Trump and Fox News allowed to?

    1. @Who voted for this? No, law officials with warrants can. They’ve always been able to. Only in fascist states are “leaders” above the law. But you love fascism. You love Donnie.

    2. @Who voted for this? Who ever voted for Donnie? Not enough people that allowed him to win the popular vote in 2016.

  9. People keep asking “But, WHY did he take top secret documents???” Really??? Give me a f!@$%ing break. Has he EVER done anything without personal profit in mind??? This man can never be allowed near public office again. He needs to rot in a jail cell for treason.
    Oh, and how TF did jared get $2,000,000,000 from the Saudis?????

  10. I’m a Canadian senior. I remember the Watergate scandal vividly. But Donald Trump makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.

  11. Donald Trump is an excellent example of why electing a conman to the position of President of the United States is a bad idea.

  12. Carl Bernstein is a legend. May he live long. We need his strong voice of integrity in these crazy times.

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