Fact Checking Claims About Georgia's Controversial New Voting Law | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Fact Checking Claims About Georgia’s Controversial New Voting Law | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


NBC's Jane Timm joins Stephanie Ruhle to fact check claims about Georgia's controversial voting law, including Republican claims that other states have stricter restrictions. Aired on 04/08/2021.
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Fact Checking Claims About Georgia's Controversial New Voting Law | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Georgia Governor Crow signed the Bill with 6 white men behind him, and a picture of a slave plantation on the wall..Really!!!!

    1. You obviously get offended easily, go find a safe space and hug a stuffed animal.
      Then go read the bill, nothing racist about it.

    2. @srgreeniii that’s the part of the bill I keep trying to draw attention to. That’s where “the steal” will happen.

  2. A party cannot strip citizens from their Constitutional voting rights, or any other civil right to benefit that party.
    It’s about time to take the party to court, if it’s proven that they did it to help that party’s chance of winning elections.

    1. No one is stripped of their right to vote or access accept people who do not have the right to vote, like dead folks. And you only have aright to one vote in your own state you are registered in.

    2. @srgreeniii
      Exactly, they can throw the whole results of elections away as a whole or part of it.
      It’s up to them to say yes, or no regarding the results.
      They gave themselves that power in this bill.

    3. @Kane Lewis No one is going to play your childish silly gotcha ‘what line’ kid’s game. Go deny the truth to your grade school playground friends. They might fall for your BS. tRump loves the uneducated like you.

  3. The actual content of the law matters less if it is selectively enforced. The greatest power of all is the power to be arbitrary.

    1. What makes you think the federal laws will be more to your liking. If one party writes them?. When the republicans had the House, Senate And White house you would have died if they tried to write federal election laws as the democrats are trying to do now.

    2. @V C : Have you read the “For The People Act” aka HR1 or SB1? It’s a great start. Is anything perfect, no. But they can be leagues better.

      Key provisions
      1.1 Voting rights
      1.2 Election security
      1.3 Campaign finance reform
      1.4 Ethics
      1.5 Findings in support of D.C. statehood
      1.6 Gerrymandering
      1.7 Number of Federal Election Commissioners

  4. Mitch McConnell is more worried about Georgia than his own state of Kentucky. Maybe he is just mad that MLB will never have a team in Kentucky.

    1. @John Doe The thing about Biden being elected to counter Trump’s racism is Biden wrote the bill that stole decades from the lives of black people who committed nonviolent drug offenses. He also shielded his white son from any criminal consequences for committing the same crimes. Or buying a firearm illegally. His vice president even called him racist during the debates and she wasn’t laughing for once. So . . . what about Mitch? He’s bad until you put him next to Biden.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx Oh, Mimzy Jinx, you misguided and ignorant putz. We all know you try so hard to be taken seriously, but you continue to disappoint – abysmally.

    3. Kentucky is safely in the bible belt and won’t flip soon. Georgia hopefully stays blue from now on

    4. @Mimzy Jinx
      I concede all of THAT
      But, wasn’t the Topic MITCH MCCONNELL ???
      And lets throw in how his WIFE asian wife was Sec. Of Transportation while her FATHER had HUGE holdings in the SHIPPING INDUSTRY ! Money goes ’round & ’round . . .

    1. MLB is leaving the 51% black city of Atlanta for the nearly 69% white city of Denver, while some of these corporations like Delta and PayPal require a government issued I.D. for their services.

    2. Not the republican voter. Now these politicians have to listen to the people and not the donar corporations if they want to be elected. We are loving it. Its like finally getting your child back from the crack cocaine dealer. Yeah

  5. The is the best thing that the Republicans have don’t with new voting restrictions
    They showed their hands before voting began. Let’s bring it to the table

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    Shalom, God bless you

    1. Would you have been happy with the republicans writing all new voting laws when they had the House, Senate and White House?.

    2. @V C – Much as they would like – the R’s don’t get the opportunity to re-write the constitution every time they come into office. Seriously – what is WRONG with your thinker?

    3. @V C Republicans are always making,breaking,and then changing the rules again..Obama couldn’t get a supreme court judge because it was to close to an election, but trump got his rushed through weeks before an election

    1. The reduction in voter opportunities, times and places, is held to be more of a suppressive move if applied in a deliberate and area-selected fashion.

    2. The fact of the legislature can basically overturn the will of the people if they don’t like the outcome is the real problem with this new law!!!

  7. Mail in voting restrictions and criminalizing food and water is ridiculous, but the worst part is how Georgia can basically control elections. The legislature can send 3/5 of the state election board and remove the secretary of state as the chair.

  8. Take a look at AZ’s new voter laws. It will depress you to dark places or cause a little vomit to come up your throat

  9. Talk about how the law allows them to replace board members that could overturn an election in GA. That needs more prominent scrutiny.

  10. Colorado also has no voting lines. Georgia has intentional 10+ hour voting lines, which somehow only happen in heavily Democratic Party voting areas. Hmmn.

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