1. Proof that humanity is as fearful and no better at critical thinking than when Orson Wells performed War of the Worlds over the radio in the early 20th Century.

    1. The stock market isn’t “fake” the problem lies with how the stock market is set up like a house of cards. Once one card falls it takes the whole house with it.

    1. There is no regulating AI.
      The genie is out of the bottle and the only way to get it back in is to destroy everything that contains a computer chip.
      So, happy smashing, I guess.

  2. pretty soon we won’t know what’s real or fake. way back in 1989 I had a friend who was a high up editor with the stars and stripes magazine and he showed me technical skills that they
    had he could put me in a tank driving through the desert and it looked unbelievably real, imagine what they can do now

  3. Whoever created this video shoiuld be expose to the whole world to show who this perason or thse persons are and there related business. To stop darkness (evil) is to expose it to light.

  4. I think there should be criminal charges brought against those responsible because it was a government building involved. Should be sued for losses on the stock market or kicked out of the f****** country. If impersonating a police officer is illegal this should definitely be illegal as well.

    1. There already are. You can’t lie or mislead anyone in a court or any legal authority. Investors also can’t lie or mislead other investors nor can any financial institution mislead investors etc etc.

    2. ​​@David Aspinall Yeah, verifiable lies are not really that well protected, nor should they be. If you knowingly slander you’re liable, for instance. I fully understand the importance of free speech and that people should be allowed to freely air opinions, if it is their opinion, though no one has to give attention to it, nor should they of the delusion, manipulation, deceit, and destructive disinformation. As these things serve us very poorly and can lead to losing that very right to oppression, or enslavement.

    3. @dragonfly This isn’t slander or anything like that.
      It is not much more than automated Photoshop.

    1. ​@David Aspinall I agree, make more of this images in more countries so they’ll want to ban it too!😁

  5. If you don’t have a Twitter account then any Twitter account claiming to be yours is by definition fake. Check or no check.

  6. Well it’s safe to say they must be a Gen Z since every Millennial knows that explosion wasn’t half as big as the 9/11 hit

  7. Gee, thanks Elon. Mr. “Oh no, AI is terrible – I’ll make some of my own” meets “Free speech is sacred, I’ll make it so anyone with 8 bucks can sound legit.”

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