Fake N95 masks may be included in Ontario's PPE stockpile | COVID-19 concerns in Canada 1

Fake N95 masks may be included in Ontario’s PPE stockpile | COVID-19 concerns in Canada


Officials in Ontario are investigating if the province's stockpile of personal protective equipment contains fake N95 masks.

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  1. .. Not a surprise at all, go on wear two of them. From that perspective, cloth and surgical masks would also qualify as being inadequate….

  2. A mask is supposed to filter out what it is intended for . So if the real N95 mask filter size is 300nm how does it stop the WUHA FLUE VIRUS that is 100nm and this is fact look it up . So how does a couple pieces of cloth that is away porous than a N95 mask. SO HOW DOES IT WORK, IT CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Whoa. Easy on the caps lock. We’re all friends here. We’re only here to help. Shhhhhhhhhhhh……
      There you go….. shhhhhhhhh….

    1. Not sure. I assume they showed stock footage of n95s from hardware stores, which are legit, but not NIOSH certified for medical usage.

    2. You are absolutely correct!. Finally, someone that has something constructive to say, and isn’t complaining about nonsense. Great job Beej!

    1. @Mathieu Riesling wait a few election periods.. sure your term of lib conserv… will change if you look objectively :p

      Governance knows no party… only the circumstances leading up to the bipolar flip of the voters

  3. Think government wouldnt be buying knock offs with their budget… but probably buying counterfeits and pocketing the reat

    1. Governments aren’t as efficient as you want to believe. Sometimes these weirdos even fly flags upside down on purpose.

    2. @blupheonix44 definitely knoxkes off feom a certain country… the same one qe sent all of our ppe to before the crisis

  4. As soon as Covid went pandemic, everyone and their dog got busy exploiting the pandemic for profit and started making masks, hand sanitizer and other PPE. I am glad I bought 50 3M N95 masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes and spray late January. Got my hands on another 20 3M N95s a week ago to replenish my supply. I don’t trust the current cloth masks and all the homebrew hand sanitizers out there.

  5. What if macdonald came out and said “Some of our beefs may be pork”. Throw them all out, dont pay the supplier, fire the management team, prepare for lawsuit and etc. Reminder of how government throw money around thinking everything will be fixed.

  6. Does it really make a difference when you can strap a sock to your face and that would be ok? Makes me question if this story is even true…

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