Fame Is No Protection From Prosecution For Ducking Taxes

Rachel Maddow looks at two past examples of famous, wealthy people getting in legal trouble for trying to use tricks to avoid paying taxes.
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    1. Trump would say she illegally crossed the border and voted in this past election for Joe Biden after receiving her 5th stimulus check and PPP loan

    2. @ParArdua she was actually dumps mentor briefly. The fell out, probably because they were too alike.

    1. Nobody wants to pay Taxes! Where does that money go? Surely not to improve our lives!

    2. And they complain about immigrants not paying taxes when it’s their employers that keep them off the books and pay them meager wages. In fact most, if not all the migrant worker’s money goes into the economy when they purchase food and living essentials.

    3. @rick it’s not a political thing. It’s the rich in general who pay less or no tax at all in this Country. I dont care for either party. Im not Dem, Lib,or Republican. But allot of these celebrities and rich pay little to none. Which is jacked up. The 1st comment should not focus on one party, we should be looking at all of them as a whole. Our tax dollars go to them, and they get paid more than the actual people. Its sooo messed up.

    4. @rick so what rick shut up your political stripe is not religion or your ethnicity….or is it?


    2. @triggerguy triggerguy Rich People treat others like slaves and servants. Other people treat you like another person.

    3. @David Goldman When the GOP gave the 1% a tax cut, did it give the 99% a tax cut? If this 1% pay less taxes, do you know who has to come up with the taxes and money they didn’t pay to run our government? The 99% now pays for our military, our schools, our infrastructure, federal buildings and employees ,social security, Medicare etc. If our federal taxes are what PAYS to run our government, what happens when part of the taxpayers don’t pay their FAIR SHARE?
      The statement “WE don’t pay taxes, only little people pay taxes” came from Helmsley , a billionaire. ALL citizens should pay taxes if you want to participate in the welfare of our country. I didn’t say top 10, YOU did, I said 1% excluding we the 99%, so stop trying to change the meaning of it. Typical Trumpster denial, deflect, misinterpret. Did you even watch the video?

  1. Most hated women in America till she died. I remember it well. All her employees hated her, she treated them like slaves. Sound like anyone we know?

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again
      I wonder how much all those garish brass plated bathroom fixtures will fetch at the salvage liquidation sale?
      👾👾Inevitability the kids are working on an eBay site for that now…

  2. *Rachel, helmsley is such a great comparison to this trump family! She became totally delusional believing that she was entitled and above all others! Like you said…a real peach of a human being!*

    1. Greed is so pervasive in these crooks and it is a powerful thing to drive meanness, miscreant lifestyles and even murder. If greed is not one of the Ten Commandments, but it is one of the seven deadly sins, is there some point at which lightening strikes all of them or at which another flood washes away the greedy!

    2. Agree fame isn’t a protection. But being Democrat is, considering none of the liberal firms that caused the market crash in ’08 and still in Ny have not had a single know on their door for sums of money exponentially higher. Thanks.

    3. Chicago Boy
      You don’t know what you are taking about
      I stayed at one of her hotels
      Excellent service!
      Free parking
      She meant business and
      people knew it
      And Donald Trump was NOT
      a supporter of hers
      Where do people on this site get their Information???

    4. Rachel Maddow reports this as though Helmsley is an aberration
      Nothing could be further from the truth
      Helmsley was an angel compared
      to some others

    5. @Eva Grant they weren’t hers—-she married into the business. she was nothing until the old guy died.

  3. One cannot at once claim to be _”PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN”_ , or a _”PATRIOT”_ *and* avoid the privilege to be able to contribute their fair share. If one were _really_ proud to be an American, he or she would be equally proud to provide their contribution to the _Cause of an Idea_ about making one nation — of, by, and, for — all of us. It’s like no other in the world.

    But from the very beginning it was understood that _Liberty_ isn’t “free”. Liberty takes the willingness of her people to sustain her. Therefore, those who avoid their singular contribution – and obligation – *ARE THE REAL FREELOADERS* because they only take what wasn’t given them.

  4. Everyone: “Exactly how stupid are these t’rump org people?”
    Stable Genius: “Hold my secret spreadsheet of off-the-book payments to avoid taxes.”

    1. “You can’t walk into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without having a slight Indian accent. ” – Joe Biden, Democrat

    2. @Joni Beehive JUST IN! Joe Biden is a racist!

      “I don’t want my kids growing up in a jungle, a racial jungle. ” – Joe Biden, Democrat

    3. @Conservative Interrupted the old ‘But mommy!” defense… just like a small child who got caught… “But mommy! What about what he did! waaaa”

    1. What I hàve noticed is everyone around him willing puts their heads on the chopping block for him . From the rich to the poor willing will lose all for him . It’s like watching the kids doing whatever to be apart of the IT club. Just my thoughts. Having a criminal history seems to give street cred to some and some people still will flock to that person especially if they have decades of getting away with it.

    2. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde he will lose all of his money staying out of prison. He loves money more than his kids.😁

  5. Moral of the story just because your dad is a talented con artist doesn’t mean that your talented

  6. Helmsley was the lowest of the low life cheats. On second thought, Trump may be worse than even the Helmsleys.

  7. That is right, only the ” little people” pay taxes, while those who most afford it pay little or no taxes. Where is the Justice in that system?

    1. You should learn about who pays all the taxes with actual facts and delete this post. One quick fact. The top 0.1% pay more in federal income tax than the bottom 75% combined. Almost seems unbelievable, but it is true.

    2. @E Mo Fact: Trump and Helmsley paid more taxes than the average worker.

      …until authorities proved they didn’t.

    3. @E Mo Quick fact: The top 0.1% have more wealth (that we _know of_ because they also have a lot of ways to hide wealth), than the bottom *>90%* combined. Are you sure you still wanna tout that they pay too much tax?

    4. @E Mo You are missing the point in that data. What is important to understand is that the bottom 75% have no money to pay taxes because their wages are so low and if they are not paying taxes then the 0.1% have to pay virtually nothing to support your claim. Which leads to the real problem of having to continually borrow money to keep the country running.

  8. Every rich person who’s attitude is “Only the little people pay taxes” is the reason the deficit is so high.
    How can a person have a roof over their head, a driver, bodyguard, accountant, car and personal airplane and only pay $150 in tax – there has to be something crooked and *if you are not offended you are part of the problem* .

    1. Bezo’s greatest human aspiration is going to space… while his armies of little people succumb to heat exhaustion and slosh about in dirty diapers for 15.00 a hour. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦‍♀️⁉️🇺🇸

  9. Rachel is stupendous in this segment. Brilliant! How can anyone say they still do not understand tax evasion? Or what the fuss with Trump org is all about? It is theft!

  10. The only thing people like more than the rich and famous is when they become the jailed and humiliated.

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