Tax Scheme In Weisselberg Indictment Echoes NYT Reporting On Ivanka Trump Payouts 1

Tax Scheme In Weisselberg Indictment Echoes NYT Reporting On Ivanka Trump Payouts


Rachel Maddow compares the tax scheme described in the Allen Weisselberg indictment as involving "certain Trump Organization executives, including but not limited to Weisselberg," to reporting in the New York Times about payments made by Trump Org to Ivanka Trump, and talks with Susanne Craig, investigative reporter for the New York Times, and Mary Trump, the niece of Donald Trump, for insights.
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  1. Why else do you think that Donald Trump did not want to show his tax invoices because he is ripping off the American taxpayer

    1. @Kholdan Staalstorm Well stated and so true I don’t understand why these trumpsters did not get that Trump was using them and his own business to be paid for his luxury lifestyle instead of actually working for the people

    2. @FREEMAN PEAVY Why should the vast majority of Americans care what Hunter Biden, a private citizen that never served in the last WH as one of the * president’s closest advisors to the point of giving unsolicited opinions to America’s traditional Allies at high-level meetings?
      What is sad is your “what-about-ism”.
      Deflection is cowardice not to mention a logical fallacy.

    3. @Tammy Brothers
      I can understand why, when they’re so locked into their social media and far right news that they dismiss all other sources as fake.
      When you listen to and trust a network that calls itself news having hosts that states that: when the election is overturned, traitors will be dealt with by execution.
      There’s a lot to do until the US is pulled together and is one nation again.

    4. Why are you so afraid he’ll win again? You wouldn’t the voters to actually vote for their president would you?

    5. @Mark9898 Much of the overseas shenanigans where Hunter served on the board of directors for Burisma being paid 83k monthly and the scams he did with VP Joe’s influence. You guys certainly don’t care about corruption unless it involves Trump. Just saying snowflake!

    1. @Nathan Harris hi I’m MexiCAN and I don’t eat cheetos at all but Carrasquillo should be ashamed of himself, Mexican or whatever he is

    2. Okay thanks right after the episode of “The Biden Clan” starring Hunter Biden with his laptop. Co starring Hunters partner in Sinohawk Holding Tony Bobulinski revealing dubious business dealings with Chinese tycoon Ye and meeting with Joe at the Beverly Hilton hotel. FBI investigating Hunter for money laundering and tax evasion. Funny how MSDNC has ignored this story. So sad!!

    1. Mary already got her revenge. The truth has come out and we know who the good people are and who isn’t.

  2. Good to see Mary Trump again. Her insights as to how Trump, the schemer, and his sibling criminals operate is always appreciated.

    1. She has actual inside knowledge??? Did she give those Documents to the Govt. Lawyers?

  3. That will wipe the false smile off of Ivanka’s face, & I’m all for it; she’s so false, it’s sickening

    1. I read a good article her old childhood best friend wrote about her and their relationship on vanity fairs website. I suggest you look it up. Great insights.

    2. @JediMind Trix I think I kinda read about that. Is that the article about how she looks down on poor people?

  4. And this was how Leona Helmsley was nailed… ironically to the delight of Donald Trump…

    1. The issue is that the Trump Organization is a Money Laundering & Tax Evasion Operation. Almost ten years of way ing no taxes is a big sign that Donald Trump has committed Tax Evasion. The over five hundred shell corporations are a clear sign of a Money Laundering Operation…

    1. @Shelia Little That was because of their hate for mexicans, blacks, poor people while claiming their fake christian values.

    2. @Painting Animals On Rocks I am in NY and we always knew he was a womanizing pig, not to mention a joke. He used to be an elite liberal too, lol He only did what his base wanted him to do. If they wanted him to be a christian, he became a “christian”, if they wanted him to be anti abortion, he pretended to be. He was always a loser.

    3. @Polycarp Flavius They have. Biden’s son has been for years, long before biden announced he was running.

  5. This is what happens when people aren’t held accountable early on. There must be quite a few other wealthy people quietly double checking with their accountants & lawyers now

  6. His downfall was running for president. His “business” empire is toast. Just a matter of time before his name is removed from the NYC tower!

    1. She isn’t. When you realize that just because the msm reports something doesn’t make it true . Fyi Trump Won

  7. Well if Citrus Caligula was doing this for his “employees”….it is a pretty good chance he’s doing it for Ivanka.

    1. @Trailin’ Annie He has already stated publicly that he ‘would date’ her. This is incipient incestuous behavior, not necessarily paedophilia, get it right. Nothing to do with financial fraud and tax evasion, except for when it comes to doing ‘favors’ for his favorite child. Ask yourself, why?

  8. Trump learned from his father. Had he not run for President, he’d still be getting away with it.

    1. @Trailin’ Annie you don’t know that and that’s the problem with trump sycophants, you all assume that it’s all political when in some cases it’s personal. He’s a sleazy real-estate guy and along with his family cheated a lot of people so the spectrum of hate is vast.

    2. running for president was the stupidest thing he ever did for his own crooked interests

    3. Correct. He must be so sorry he ran for president. Serves him right. The wheels of Justice grind slowly but they are grinding bit by bit

  9. That toxic ivanka is next! She better start using those “consulting” fees to pay for additional lawyers.

  10. Leona Helmsey: taxes are only for the little people! That got her 19 months in club fed med

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