Trump's Business Was Just Labeled A 'Criminal Organization' 1

Trump’s Business Was Just Labeled A ‘Criminal Organization’


Calling the charges against the Trump Org. something like a 'million-dollar heist,' MSNBC Legal Analyst Neal Katyal explains how New York prosecutors are effectively alleging that the former president's business is a 'criminal organization.'
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    1. And Don’t let Big Don Claim BK !!! That’s all part of his Grift, No More Going Bankrupt !!! Pay Your Way !!! or Go to Jail !! Simple !!!! Man hasn’t the people seen enough of this Guy, and How He Cheats, and Steals, and don’t forget 35,500 Lies in 4 Years !!! This is a World Record !!!

    2. Roger Hegemier From what I understand he personally guaranteed those organization loans. If that’s the case he may have to declare personal bankruptcy. His new, official line of work will be “cult leader.” Considering the $$ received by his PAC, this could be more lucrative than real estate—at least in the short term. Why do you think he’s hosting these rallies and going on tour with Bill O’Reilly? He’s doing it for the grifty love offerings.

    3. THEORY they found engineered brain parasites/ Worms on the COVID tests and MASKS. The MRNA can’t be delivered to the brain WITHOUT these microscopic engineered WORMS.

    4. @The Progressive Goldbug Doctor’s and Scientists who have been silenced by the Big tech and media. It’s on Rumble, Odysee and Bitchute

    1. @Ifejah Greene haha nothing is guaranteed. your statement is predicated on assumptions.

      in other words you are getting ahead of yourself.

      this is to put pressure on people. if the case is so sound then why the pressure? cuz they got nothing concrete on the others cuz they be indicted if they did.

    2. THEORY they found engineered brain parasites/ Worms on the COVID tests and MASKS. The MRNA can’t be delivered to the brain WITHOUT these microscopic engineered WORMS.

    3. @Ifejah Greene i said suit not lawsuit.
      ” criminal suit” is often used in criminal cases

    4. @Randy Bryant Hey Randy you’re right, but Ness was a Special Agent of the FBI. Actually an IRS Agent in the IRS Criminal Investigation took him down for tax evasion. Ness wanted him for other illegal activities, but couldn’t get anything to stick due to dear and retribution.

  1. Trump it was Perfect tax fraud for tax evasion purposes. The NY Conman and defrauder of a University, Charities, American taxpayer and investors is going to go through some things

    1. We can only hope! It makes Me SICK how he got away with ALL of this sh*t for so long because of his money!! How shameful our justice system is!!

    2. @Nicole Devlin Exactly. I guess we should all do what the ex president does and not pay taxes, nothing means anything. Constitution means nothing, taxes mean nothing, why even follow the law?

    3. And the millions of people who still love him, still defending him right now, is equally disgusting.

  2. Hillary: “His tax return in 1987 showed he didn’t pay any federal income tax.”
    Stable Genius: “That makes me smart.”

    1. @Steven L Emerson She’s a lot less worse, than Carlson Yucker, Laura Inbred and Sean Insanity.

    2. @Jan Van Besouw You lefties are losing. Fake accounts and trolling isn’t working. You’ll have to do better. A lot better

    3. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen yes, it was determined that the host of an opinion show does in fact give her opinion.

      Notice it didn’t say she reported false information.

    1. @Milk*Tea not even close sister, big time “stretch” from H&R Bloch to high dollar tax evading tax lawyers.

    2. So , is his “hair flap” Teflon too? That guy spares no expense when he’s spending other people’s money.

    3. @It is what It isUSA has three branches of government on the state and federal levels for all citizens to get involved, unless you have a criminal record.
      USA provides regulated minimum wages, safety regulations for workers, labor laws protecting children, workers compensation, social security.
      I will take a stand to preserve our Constitution and this wonderful country, USA. My name is Margaret Kpeh in Arizona USA.

    1. The government knew it all along and did nothing. Why? Because when back when Trump was a regular citizen running his business, he was a special interest flooding money into the government, so they turned a blind eye. But because he became president and stepped on people’s toes and threw them under the bus…now it’s payback time. Simple as that.

    2. @MrSpeedDemon72
      No, not quite
      Due to US laws in regards to taxes, tax collection, and tax evasion, it is actually really, REALLY difficult to get a guilty verdict without actual numerical facts and undisputable knowledge that it was done in an attempt to commit fraud

      It’s a pretty tal bar and the investigation into it was triggered by Trump refusing to hand over his tax returns as a president,
      Which then got worsened by the things he did in office,
      And of xoursw the 6th of January proved just how dangerous he could be

      It’s a tall list and lots of 4hings that have to show up I’m the right order

  3. *I can see the russian sub off-shore of mar-a-loser right now waiting to pick up it’s passenger!*

    1. @Jan Van Besouw LOL.
      Now I’m left with the image of him diving in head first ( toupee dropping onto a Russian submariner’s nose) whilst his enorrrrrmous stomach jams the hatch and ripples over the deck, his giiigantic butt,pants on backwards, wobbles like jelly under his flailing little legs. All the while muffled squeals can be heard “I won. I won. I won”

    2. @LardGreystoke putin would send donny to a taxidermist first. there’s no way he’d put up with the dirty diaper stench and that greasy whine.

  4. When running for President , puts all your dirty laundry out there, lands you in prison, Rich(Fake) criminal ever. Tried bail him self out using the GOV. huh. welcome to America BUD.

    1. @Michael Wachendorf For Trolls reading earlier Comment…Please note, CAPS are for HIGHLIGHTED points, not shouting.

    1. I do not think you realize how destructive and disastrous this prosecution is going to be. Trump knows everything. Trump is going to out everything. This is going to be wild.

    2. The residents of one of his condo complexes have already sued to have the trump named removed from the building because no one wants to be associated with the trump brand

  5. They’re treading very carefully.
    Nobody wants the line to break before the fish is in the bucket.

    1. That’s it Nice and Easy Does it Every Time !!!!! Patients is a Virtue !!!! I like the Fish in the Bucket Part Though !!!

  6. Exactly people goes to prison for not paying or reporting their taxes trump and his organization should go as well.

  7. Call them loans. For a “self made billionaire” he should have no problem paying them back. From the only bank who would loan money to him.

    1. @Scott Trump can kiss any money he had stashed away in Russian & Chinese banks goodbye.

    2. @Howard Escoffery I just pray that we prosecute his spineless republican senators! I’m sure they been getting Financial benefits the last 4 years

    3. @紺野勇気 People that in reality are broke have a tendency not to pay their debts.

      Trump’s life is based on lies & illusion.

  8. *For all the evangelicals out there…you strayed and worshipped the golden calf! Repent!*

    1. @Toy Dubz Your criticism is in bad faith. I don’t claim or pretend to be a scholar of the bible or know it’s verses. Which is ironic seeing as the person I am responding to doesn’t seem to know them either (yeah, you got me to look up genesis 3 in different versions of the bible, congrats). But instead of getting the context so you can be CORRECT in your reply. You just assumed the line I am addressing is criticism between two Christians. It’s just someone who claims to be Christian telling someone else who criticized the foundation of religion that he will die and blah blah blah not going over it again….

      That’s like, I have read Harry Potter but even I can’t cite the lines in the book for you. Doesn’t mean I haven’t read Harry Potter though lol. I won’t criticize the guy I originally replied too and tell him he quoted the bible incorrectly. That honestly, just for me, seems petty.

    2. @Melda Jesus said He is the only “way, truth, and life.” You can believe it or not, your choice!

  9. Everyone who supports trump belike: “No no dis is not true is a lie I’m telling you!”
    Me an intellectual: “Shut it little man.”

    1. Yup, all of their MAGA hats are on so tight it’s strangling what little brains they have left lol

    2. They were like : “I am still waiting for Tucker Carlson to confirm if Trump is really a criminal!”

    3. The con man that became president and still ran a con game while in office. Thanks to the MAGA morons and a neo fascist Republican party.

    4. Ehislt what you are saying is true, bit difficult to see you as an “intellectual” when you use a meme format that has been done to death for years at this point
      Just saying, you are still right but… friendly perception helps when trying to get these folks who were tricked by Trump to see objective truth again and you aren’t helping I’m that department

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