What's Next For Indicted Trump Org. CFO Weisselberg? 1

What’s Next For Indicted Trump Org. CFO Weisselberg?


Now that the Trump Org. and its CFO Allen Weisselberg have been charged with a 15-year tax fraud scheme, what's next for Trump's longtime money man? MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses that with former Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman.
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  1. The leader of the republican party and the “greatest president ever” according to the maga cult.
    Let’s all give him a hand!

    1. giselle maxwell is still holding out well. but any female has more balls than any of those men.

    2. He can flip all he wants. Trump has t done anything wrong, and even if Trump was behind it, he’s too smart to tie himself to it. If that were the case, Trump would have been put away a very long time ago.

  2. Once he realizes that he might never see his grandkids out of a prison again, he’ll start doing front flips to get out.

    1. @Victoria Williams not really, guess what ? In 2024 no Covid-19 so that means no making up the voting rules as you go along ( boxes of back door ballots coming in indefinitely until your candidate wins under the auspices of covid ) why so much relentless effort to destroy the orange man….. the fear ? ( swamp is shaking in their boots )

    2. @Trudie S what does it mean ? It obvious how desperate and fearful the democrats are. ( democrats, the puppets of the corrupt globalist elites and China) they are no longer satisfied with national wealth…. They want it all and only Trump threatens that ( he doesn’t play their dirty games, like 10% to the “big guy”) no one owns trump except “we the people “

    3. @Carlos Rivas Fear of that malignant narcissist? Not on your life. I’m sorry you believe the lies they keep telling you with that feedback loop. Maybe someday you’ll decide you’d like to rejoin the real world and seek out professional help for those delusions of grandeur.

    4. @Victoria Williams no need for name calling which the left has trained it’s cult well at. If not trump then other equally suitable candidates will be sent to represent the people…Allen West and Candace Owens. Then we will see how the establishment power mongers maintain their racist narrative ( they are excellent at divide and conquer as well as relentless propaganda). We have the constitution and a belief in God. The leftists do not own the brown and black vote. They will have earn it as we no longer fall for the big lie ( democrats will save us from the white supremacy) . I did not migrate here because USA is a racist nation. This tactic to garner our vote is disgusting. And Ashley was an unarmed veteran who died at the hands of a Pelosi security guard. It angers me how you white liberals justify her murder

  3. We’ve 4 to 5 month away from the tanks of justice surrounding Trump and his family and taking their surrender.

    1. Mobster lesson 1. Stay out of the news papers, stay off TV, and don’t keep any records.

  4. In America, a man caught stealing a pack of gum will get more jail time than a CFO who stole millions. That’s the American way.

    1. And if you should try to pass a counterfeit 20 dollar bill, you’ll get choked to death by the police live on national TV.

  5. Why doesn’t USA bury these criminals regardless of white collar crime or not. It’s essentially moral actions vs immoral actions. And anyone that questions that should question their own morals.

  6. So does any think a 74 year old msn or woman would want to spend a day in jail for any reason. Morr or less for Donald J Trump?

  7. People in the mob are not afraid of handcuffs. Just their red badge of courage. We know mob boss tRuMp doesn’t take any of this seriously.

  8. Sounds like he’ll be getting 10 days in home jail. Stealing millions and getting less jail than a shoplifter. What a joke.

  9. If this was a mob film then the mob boss “Don” would be ordering his minions to “Get rid of the accountant”

  10. Remember when trump had his magas chanting LOCK HER UP about Hilary? We knew he was the one who needed to be locked up.

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