Families of Sandy Hook victims react to $1B Alex Jones verdict

Victims’ families speak with CNN’s Anderson Cooper following the jury’s verdict that far-right talk show host Alex Jones pay $1 billion to Sandy Hook families over the lies he spread about the 2012 elementary school massacre. #CNN #News


    1. @XVI He grossed 70 million dollars in sales in his best years, he surely didn’t do that starting on day 1. That is also gross not net so minus all expenses including buying the products he sold, paying the crew, studio, utilities, etc.. Just like many companies he probably only nets a small %, then pays taxes on those earnings. He’s still or should I say he was rich but not close to being a billionaire.

  1. Everything Alex Jones has and everything he’s going to have belongs to the families of those poor helpless children who died for no reason at all. He’ll appeal having to pay anything all the way to his grave if he can because the man has no guilty councious or remorse of any kind.

  2. Plz do NOT forget the political party that has allowed and also promoted this hideous man who caused all this pain! I know not everyone of them or their followers believe anything from that horrible man, but we have to demand better. He should never have been on the stage with a president or any political leader without them answering to these amazing survivors. God bless u all and the survivors. Hopefully you can all feel some relief and have some hope for a better furtive. You all haven’t just paid the ultimate price, u continued fighting so that we hopefully don’t have too as well.

    1. As a Newtown resident, often seeing the pain will never leave faces of our friends and neighbors ,It changed everyone. I can’t describe smiling and weeping at the same time for these beautiful families. Thank you thank you thank you awesome court system and honest, empathetic jury.

    2. @robin hunny My son came to me twice the month before his death and told me he was being terrorized. I didn’t know what to do. I’ve been terrorized for the 14 years since. I do understand.

    3. @Eli Harp Eli, I am so very sorry for your loss as well. Its bullying and slander to the 10th degree. There is no place on earth that this is OK …ever. We see it more n more. But, to innocent people and tiny children, those doing it must have heart’s of dust. I worked at that school, and several in the area throughout my life. It DID exist. Now, 10 yrs later, these beautiful angels can have their stories back. I pray they and you too can remember the joy with the loved one lost. Peace.

  3. Well done interview. I really appreciate how Anderson connects to the people he interviews. Gotta say, it’s the listening and paying close attention part that Don misses. Don has that ear piece going 99 miles per hour and it shows.

    1. @SassySam that’s the point, you stick with what the media follows, you’re a sheep. The media changes everyday, you just proved my point in front of everyone lmao

    2. @Theo Games
      Pathetic gaslighting.Y’all learn a insult to call somebody “sheep”. Then you’ll run around repeating it like…………. well…………….. sheep. 🤷 I’m pleased to see that irony (unlike Alex Jones’s bank account) is not dead yet.

  4. To the parents I can’t imagine your pain. Nothing can ever bring your children back ever but I hope you feel like there is some justice and accountability for your children and the world.

    1. @Heidi Nordvik Now why on earth would you call me sick and in capital letters and two exclamation points?

  5. I have no idea how the American system works but I hope these wonderful people get the amounts awarded. People like A.J. are the lowest of the lowest in society; your children, wife, mother are heroes and I pray that you will all be able to find some inner peace and that the memories you have of them bring you comfort and solace. God bless you all!!

  6. These poor parents have gone through enough. They have sued Alex Jones into oblivion. I’m pretty sure not one of those parents could care less about a dime of that charlatans money. Good speed to the families. 🙏🏼

  7. They did the best damage they could do to Jones, since money is all he cares about. Bravo, jury!!~ Let’s just hope that similar people trying to exact such evil think twice about it now, and are held accountable in the same way otherwise.

  8. i think so many of us have (rightfully) been blind with rage over this for so long now, that the message conveyed in this video resonates so much louder now. personally, my gut reaction was elation over the news because I’ve been fixated on the wrong thing. “he” is unworthy of our attention and emotions. to the families, I’m sorry my energy wasn’t more focused on you and advocating for the truth. you have prevailed and we will not forget you and your families that never, ever deserved this

    1. @James Scarbrough Why is your focus on someone else’s life?
      Can’t you stand yourself? Is that why your judging a stranger?

  9. Are hearts hurt to here this sickening evil that wouldn’t even be imaginable by a a human being for his own sick agenda to to hurting even more people who are ignorant 😍💕😥🙏

  10. 🙏🏽✨♥️💫 GOD Bless all the families of Sandy Hook Elementary who lost their children and family members. I respect you and I am sorry for all the pain you have endured. May your loved ones Rest In Peace. 🙏🏽✨♥️💫🕊 What strong and beautiful people you are and what an incredible example of courage and determination for all of us to see. May you continue to do great things. Thank you for your fight to help each other and others.♥️

    1. @Theo Games Nor will I answer your coat-trailing question. Not relevant to the topic under discussion. Free-speech.

  11. Congratulations to the survivors of Sandy Hook. I am heartened to see your stories told and that a jury recognized what was just. I hope this marks a turning point where you can enjoy the fruits of your remarkable healing process.

  12. What awesome people. Their inspiring words from the take away from this was teardrop heartfelt

  13. I’m was born and raised at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, Connecticut. This greedy confidence man got what he deserved. Still have the nerve to be arrogant after the fact. 😠😡 Got the damn nerve to still be arrogant after the verdict

    I’m so happy these long suffering families got some kind of solace, not with the amount of money they were awarded, but hopefully finally some peace of mind.

  14. I cannot imagine what drives a person to further the torture of losing a child or other family member? That lack of empathy seems sociopathic and he should lose his mouth piece, lose his money, & have to listen to the voices of the injured until he atones, if that is possible.

  15. I’m happy that they were able to stay focused on this because some of those uncaring people, need to feel the pain they feel you can’t dismiss the lives of anyone especially the young may God bless these family for being strong for their babies

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