Family and attorneys of Andrew Brown Jr. hold news conference (LIVE) | USA TODAY 1

Family and attorneys of Andrew Brown Jr. hold news conference (LIVE) | USA TODAY


Lawyers and a family member for Andrew Brown Jr. repeatedly referred to his death in North Carolina as an “execution’’ Monday while complaining they were only allowed to watch 20 seconds of body-camera video of his fatal encounter with law enforcement.

The mayor of Elizabeth City, the site of protests following the latest high-profile killing of a Black man by police, declared a state of emergency that will extend at least into Tuesday. The emergency status will continue “until deemed no longer necessary to protect our citizens,” the declaration stated.

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  1. How come (D) Mayor Bettie J Parker Or Democrat Governor Roy Cooper, or the Democrat attorney general of NC aren’t being asked to resign?

    1. @GROID-19 That’s not what Browns attorneys are saying, they’re saying it’s a cover up. (Pssst… they RUN the show).

    2. Well, my first thought would be that they are not the elected officials responsible for this cluster. I suspect that the elected officials that are responsible for this abject failure have already been asked to resign.

      I want to know when the yellow bellied back shooter is going to be charged with murder.

    1. Some of you people are just stupid or have an experience death in your family just wait it’s coming you will cry so many tears at night back in the day time all you have is a headache because you can’t cry anymore

    2. Are you making this same comment on every single video about him & his family?!! I’m sure they’ve already cried & will probably cry again & again, however, this isn’t the first press conference, & are tired of crying!!

  2. Luke 16:19-26 rich man=hell=torment. and Lazarus = poor man = To 3rd Heaven with Jesus Christ The Creator. Luke 23:43 Jesus said to the one on the cross beside Him that today he will be with Him

    1. Romans 13:1–2 Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

  3. Bible scriptures = Mark 13:28-33 2 Timothy 4:3-4. Proverbs 4:23 = spiritual heart love one another. Mathew 16:26 = what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul to burn for eternity! Proverbs 12:22

  4. This guy didn’t get killed for driving while black, shopping while black, having a cell phone while black, or going to church while black. He was a crack dealer, and got shot evading a drug raid.

    1. That’s right. I’m tired of them using the excuse “while black” it’s all BS. It should be while “evading the police”

  5. Even tho I remain skeptical about this man’s innocence, props to Khalil for denoting violence in his community. Loved that.

  6. His Killing is in Retaliation for Derrick Chauvin. They are sending a message, y’all are got one of ours, we are going to take more of y’all… Pray UP people!!

  7. All Have sin, be careful how you judge Mr Brown,we have Laws to follow, if he broke the law he would have had to prove it under the law , not by police officers playing judge and jury, that is worse than what a person is accused of blacks have to Run until Justice Matters clean up the Laws for blacks

  8. Gonna have to be Brick by brick .nobodys listing..they all want the instant main stream 2 minute narrative..that is the main issue.. live is not a pac of instant mix..if one wount watch this whole vid…they are the problem

  9. Good point!! When the victim is at fault, them Police Chiefs get in their Brass and stand next to a Higher ranking Blk Police Officers and talk that talk. When it’s unclear/shakey video lol, ummm well we need to further investigation, we need another angle, we (is) unclear at the moment, we think, we believe.

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