How Black Lives Matter went from a hashtag to the largest movement in US history | Just the FAQs 1

How Black Lives Matter went from a hashtag to the largest movement in US history | Just the FAQs


From Trayvon Martin to George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to highlight Black lives lost to police and racial injustice.

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    1. Umm no black lives matter because if your a white person your life already mattered but as a black persons my life doesn’t matter

    2. @Kenzie Torres brown lives matter. We just don’t have to paint it all over Washington DC San Francisco like you do

    1. @GAMING KILLER Ok. Thanks for the clarification. The 1st ammendment allows us the right to speech and assembly. Im glad we are sharing the same amnendment.

      IF ther are more interracial couples than ever before is racism on the rise?
      If police arrest 1 million people without causing bodily harm or death and 100 resulting in death or bodily harm is police brutality on the rise?
      Is blm PROPAGANDA?

    3. @Whiskey Jack Yeah, I remember making your point in the 1990s. Its a shame that we allow todays propaghanda to reverse our mission to unite all colors of the world. Every country needs to radify human rights in their constitutions as well.

    1. Police reform is necessarly not only because of black victims, but because of brown, tan, olive, yellow, white, peach, red, mocha, caramel, khaki, or any other color skin that american citizens are born with.

      You need to read your rights because you share those rights with everyone on this earth and thise rights are protected in this country with a constitution.

    2. Right….. so the killing of innocent children by a BLM black supremacy hate group is totally okay??? Disgusting .

  1. I was a member of the republican party. But, some event’s took place in our country and the world that left me thinking about how the Government utilizes funds. Law enforcement use to be good. Now, it is shamefully untrue. You have to see how ppl who have broken the law atleast one time. You are automatic suspect, now matter what. But, African Americans are treated harsher. I thought, something has got to change. And the Government did fail us. They could have acted sooner with the virus outbreak. I know this story you know this story. We never thought it would happen like this. Folk’s we are going to have to work together, one way or the other. So my thought is that Im more Democratic. Im not asking for peace? Im asking to rebuild this Nation to a better America. I think we can do this?

  2. You know how many black women are hurt and abandoned by black men along with children?
    I’m sick of you all

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