Far-right Extremists Are Now ‘Recalibrating & Planning’ On An App Favored by ISIS | MSNBC 1

Far-right Extremists Are Now ‘Recalibrating & Planning’ On An App Favored by ISIS | MSNBC


As DC officials are tightening security ahead of Wednesday's inauguration, NBC’s Anna Schecter reports that extremists are “recalibrating and planning for January 20th” even though their preferred app to plan, Parler, was shut down. She tells Ali Velshi that these extremists have found a workaround: “Telegram was the app favored by ISIS and now it’s really the place for far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Far-right Extremists Are Now ‘Recalibrating & Planning’ On An App Favored by ISIS | MSNBC


    1. @Dave Koz at this stage if someone supports orangebastard they’re a lost cause

      I’ve only argued with them briefly to point out the flaws in their logic to bystanders

    2. They will be meet with a vast array of weapons, deadly weapons like the world never knew. D.trump before the Nationalist takeover attempt

    1. @Carlos AlbqNM
      Put down the chronic Carlos, you are quoting a black man to spread your propaganda. What would your Klan buddies say to that.

      Yea the election was rigged… there was no way 72 million people voted for this Shitst*in. I’m saying the need o audit the Red state. That’s why your Orange Jesus is pssd, they rigged the vote for him and he still lost

    2. @Herr tRumpenfuhrer Well, if Antifa didn’t display fascist behavior ( that they claim to be against), I would have no problem with them. It’s crazy that they call themselves ‘anti fascist’, because they are anything but.

    1. @Steve Jakubowski Democrats found that the KKK and you still can’t get over it. Keep voting for a white supremacist Joe Biden, who spoke at Robert’s Bird’s eulogy, they had plans men who recruited people into the KKK. Stay ignorant you’re good at it

    2. @Vyacheslav Molotov like after covid russia is so done bro its not even funny you know one of the first to call biden was merkel she can’t wait to go after putin for poisoning folks.. her the brits can’t wait for the biden admin.. those sanctions that will come will be ungodly Sergey.. stock up on vodka and toilet paper my friend

    3. @Thomas Leedy Hippocratic is the oath doctors take named after Hippocrates. I think you mean they are hypocrites and fools! Whatever happened to educational standards in the USA?

    1. Hey Trumpster Divers, don’t deny who you’re siding with – go ahead and fly the confederate flag in your front yard, and wear your ‘Camp Aushwitz’ shirts!

    2. WTF its CCP PLA you should worry about that AUSTRIAN IS A 80 YEAR OLD JOKE ! LUCKY HE WAS SO F UP on pervatine he dit not see his “real woonder weapons ! “

    3. @Rhet 101 I have to admit I liked Trump and at first wished he won…But that being said Trump is a poor looser in fact he became a tyrant!!!!! He lost all my respect!!! In fact after last week he should be charged with treason!!!! Democracy is a joke to him!!! If he was a real man he would have left with dignity with his head up high like past presidents and came back in 2024 but no he will hopefully never will!!!

  1. This entire BS started with denying that Obama was a legitimate American president. This is where the crazyness started, people. And who was the spear head of it? yes, DJT.

    1. @Carolyn Talbot That sounds about right.Whats more ,It seems the Kochs may have funded the people behind the Jan 6th debacle .

    1. @Joe Harris Do you know that if they get off lightly it will set a precedence on how others could be charged in the future. So if the courts go light on these guys for ransacking the Capital of all places, the next time will be worse.

    2. @TheSynthZone RICO and IRS will bring a lot down….and interstate death threats on comms for the trolls…..I am sure USPS will get some, too. Lots of work to go around….

  2. If you read the drivel that Hawley has sent out, you’ll see another connection to ISIL. He wants to convert the US a fundamentalist “Christian” country where only his brand of religion is allowed. Y’all kida and American taliban is alive and well in the white house and Congress

    1. The United States of Gilead. Margaret Atwood was just like George Orwell, a visionary that saw what was going to happen In the future.

    2. @R Stedler Did I say how to do it? But are you able and willing to see the profit? And does it make ‘perfect sense’ too, to have a domestic war about hatred? And do you realize there will be no winner?

    3. @Ash Roskell Leonie is a girl, dude. I don’t want to move to Russia, I want to prevent this country to become a part of it.

  3. Remember a couple years ago when Barack Obama was leaving office and every single thing Trump and Republicans are doing now they tried to say Barack Obama would do in order not to leave office wow talk about projection

    1. @Frank Grimes,
      Melania probably picked them out, so our tax dollars could foot the bill. Since she picked them out…she figures they own them.
      trump staying in OUT White House until the last minute makes me suspicious anyway.
      How many bugging devices and cameras have been installed??

    2. @Margaret Nicol, Now I have to google that. This is the first I’m hearing of it.
      trump doesn’t ‘own’ anything. Everything he has, is obtained criminally.

    3. @Beth-El Rawlings,
      ‘Bounces off of me and sticks to you’. This has come to mind…. every ….single….time trump calls someone names.

    1. @Gabrielle Cunningham I think everything about the USA is an International joke right now. As an American, I am ashamed.

    2. Trump has cost them 3 terms i predict.. joe and kamala will get 2 no doubt or Joe one and hand it off to kamala.. but after that i think dems get another term… 4k people gone everyday from corona its almost like the trump admin allowed it.. then the capital.. that’s unforgivable never in history impeached again behind it.. there’s nothing the gop can say for the next 12 years seriously its over…

    3. Well, for one, antagonizing and labeling them all as if they were monolithic isn’t exactly helpful, and will only serve to drive more people to their cause. I think bridging the gap will actually require the help of Republicans who are reasonable, who are capable of showing that they are able and willing to work together with the others side. Picking better leaders and role model is another. The clowns you have in office right now (on both sides) are all about showmanship and getting the upper hand on the opposition. Maybe it’s time for another party that doesn’t carry the stigma of partisanship.

    1. @Cole Cole oh yes there is. Trump’s people….THE WORST AMERICA HAS TO OFFER. The GOP (most of them too) it’s pretty obvious that one caters to white supremacists. THAT is the worst.

    1. @Shea Vague BLM = Black Lives Matter

      It’s a slogan for a movement, not an organized group of people with a leadership structure that can be easily mobilize its followers.

      But again, it’s not the responsibilities of individual citizens to protect the government from physical attack.

      Also, be aware that people simply didn’t expect a mob to attack Congress.

      Finally, since the attack the National Guard has been called in and is all of DC, including inside the Capitol building itself.

    2. @hi i just think they were neglecting their duty. I was part of antifacist groups in the 80s and i did my duty. I would have defended the building and defended those police from blue lives matter.

    3. @Welverin but i donated money to blm the organization.
      I’m disappointed with both groups. They let the facists win and police die.

  4. Imagine if the internet was around during Jim Jones’s heyday for Charles Manson

    1. The far right and the far left meet in the middle – that of destroying democracy. The reasons differ but the end result is the same.

    2. They use the same social media platform because the communist who shut down the right will not and has not shut down ISIS.

    1. Thats what they did in Germany prior to WW2 !! Your words have revealed what is in your Heart !!! Spoken like a True Nazi !! Its Obvious you never served in the Military !!! Choose your words wisely !!!

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