Trump Conviction in Senate Trial Could Come Down to McConnell's Decision | MSNBC 1

Trump Conviction in Senate Trial Could Come Down to McConnell’s Decision | MSNBC


NBC's Sahil Kapur reports on how the Senate will move forward with the impeachment trial of President Trump and how a conviction could come down to Sen. Mitch McConnell's decision on how to vote.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Conviction in Senate Trial Could Come Down to McConnell's Decision | MSNBC


    1. @Joy Phillips Good Grief! You’re as bad as your god DJT. You keep repeating the same lies over and over and over. Get over it! Your proof is a youtube video? LOL..

    2. @Joy Phillips than stop posting here and go back to work and work hard okay..thanks my fellow American..American work hard and don’t complain don’t make American like me look down on you ..

    1. @Snarky is my middle name yep. 3x as many liberal garbage networks than any other. Libs believe hunter laptop is Russian disinformation. Only Russia collusion is Hillary and dnc and fbi ran with it. They colluded a coup to remove Trump. Lib commies believe biden won election. Media isnt holding anything accountable and attacked the best president ever whom wasn’t a politician 24/7 4+ years.

  1. Moscow Mitch moved heaven and earth to deny Merrick Garland a seat on the supreme court, but he can’t bring himself to convict a president who incites domestic terrorism

  2. I agree with the reporter. There is no need for any kind of investigations. All of DumbDump’s crimes already been out in the open and on TV.

  3. If there is an upside to MMc pushing to convict, he will. But it won’t be in the name of country, unity, or justice.

    1. What do the companies, who donate to McConnell’s campaigns, think about him supporting riots, on our Nation’s Capitol ?

    1. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment specificlly includes members of Congress and the President, they can be charged with Sedition.

    1. @cat magic Your happy to steal an election in America And Biden is making you happy Even though he didn’t say anything Because Trump hurt your feelings
      Enjoy — life will be changing.

    2. On 20 January 2021,12 PM, America will witness the most hilarious show in all his history, the inauguration of a dumb, stupid, demented & senile president. Hahaha. Loooooool.

    3. @cat magic : Well, since I’m in a rural area of the midwest with a 100 acre farm that relies on gasoline and diesel fuel, a Missouri Synod Lutheran, and a member of the NRA, soon to be a member of the GOA ? why don’t you explain it to me.

    4. @Charles Goh You white supremacists are too stupid to know what’s funny.
      That’s why there are no Republican comedians.

    1. @Joy Phillips Americans are already waiting in food lines, and they have to stay at least 6 feet apart thanks to Trump bungling the response to COVID. Think before you talk, sparky.

  4. That”s gonna be a rough one for Mitch. He would like to stab everyone in the back, but he has to decide which will give him the most pleasure as well as political boost and/or cash.

    1. Well, given that big republican donors are very displeased with the insurrection, surprisingly, it would stand to reason it wouldn’t be money holding Mitch back if he didn’t. .

  5. I don’t care that the conviction won’t “unify/heal”, he needs to be held accountable. Also, that old senile psychopath has no business running again in 2024

    1. @Doctor James You’ve got so much TDS you sound like an actual 21st Century National Socialist (which you claim Trump is and claim to hate) calling everyone domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, cheering troops in the street and some of your ilk even want reeducation camps for their political opposition and Trump jailed. It is full on TDS, less of an insult and more of a sad fact at this point I suppose.

    1. I actually wonder if it is even about Trump anymore. It’s just a cover now for them to parade around with their weaponry. The National Guard has the go ahead to use their guns in self defense

  6. I don’t expect Moscow Mitch to do his now after all the years he has bragged about not doing it. Plus he is also responsible for much of tRump’s growing crimes!

    1. If anything, at least he’s DOWNGRADED to Minority because of the Ossoff/Warnock victory. You’re welcome, America!

  7. How can anyone vote republican? Are they missing an essential part of their brain? It’s absolutely mind boggling.

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