1. Europe is most certainly not completely united, but it is also true it hasn’t been as united for many, many years. The Hungary issue is not an issue at all, but rather a sign of that unity. Just one country opposing the sixth package of sanctions that will be painful economically is not an issue, it’s actually pretty good. The same with NATO. There’s only one country opposing Finnish/Swedish membership. Only one. That’s nothing and will be overcome in the very near future. Fascist Russia, on the other hand, has only a handful of dictatorships on its side, and even most of those are trying not to talk too loud about it not to look bad. In the West, Russia has only got pathetic populist extremists like Trumps MAGA, LePen and a handful of other loosers supporting them. On the other hand, US is, indeed quite troubling. The support for clearly anti-western GOP (edit: I’m talking of the trumpist/maga/qanon side of the party, of course) is too large for comfort and sober minded Americans must do all it takes not to let them overtake the country again.

    1. I am not so sure that it truly is “only one”. I believe that Hungary is taking the flak for the opposition as they are uniquely able to resist the pressure from the EU to conform, seeing as how Orban was just overwhelmingly reelected in April. If Hungarian opposition were to disappear I wouldn’t be surprised if some other countries stepped in with objections.

    2. @Python Dre You want to keep your right to your “Blanks Only”-bench in the park? Like in tye good ole days?

    3. @Python Dre those population moves are not due to politics but economic, people move for work or retirement to lower cost locations. Thousands each year move to Mexico or Souther Spain to live out retirement. But young people are flocking to CA, WA and NYC for careers in tech, finance and media.

  2. Always interesting perspective from Fareed. I think there is more unity but I’m concerned about counties like Hungary and Turkey.

    1. @Nico Eggink Turkey did flirt with joining the EU and it’s a shame both for it and the EU that remained a road not taken. The Bosporus is often regarded as a border between Europe and Asia, in which case Turkey (like Russia) has a foot in both continents.

  3. I am so glad the EU finally has its ‘mojo’ back. I’m a renewable-energy student, and the EU has just announced a €300billion ($322b) energy-independence package, just to get rid of Russian fossil fuels.
    It will make Europe the renewable energy centre of the world and encourage America and Asia to do the same.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis “Fast” as in using fission spectrum neutrons not thermalised neutrons. Nuclear reactors can and have been designed and built using sodium as a coolant.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Yes, liquid sodium is highly volatile however in a properly designed, built and maintained nuclear-reactor this shouldn’t be an issue.

  4. Putin may have started the process of the Vatican, the UN, and Switzerland joining NATO, too.

  5. France Italy, the UK, The Netherlands does not have a strong dependency on Russian gaz and can easily find alternative. For Germany, Belgium, Poland and most of eastern country however, it won’t be that simple.
    But it needs to be done.

    1. @L Ash (re: People watch this crap and believe it)

      No. People watch it; and many of them engage their brain and think before engaging their mouth. Not all, obviously. But enough.

    2. @Pat Murray Money countries are lining up to buy Russian oil and gas . one countries loss is an other countties opertunity

  6. Europe might be acting with more unity, but it is meaningless because they can’t do sh@! unless there is unanimous approval. Hungary is the one country that is holding up an Oil ban.

    Requriing Unanimous agreement is a stupid policy, one insignificant country can hold back the will of hundreds of millions of people’s will.

    1. Yes, it is difficult to get unanimous agreement of more than 27 independent countries, so this law should changed to majority vote, so that one country can not block an important decision to ban oil imports from Russia, which would shorten Putin’s war in Ukrain!

  7. I’ve been saying this for years: Because the governments of the G20 printed money and spent money(lots of it), the average debt per capita rose to very high levels. These same governments, will later introduce new laws because of the ”debt crisis”. Laws that would do things like: Allowing the banks to reposes our homes and/or cars for those who still owe mortgage or loans. The deal will be that the bank(governments) will now own your possessions but allow you keep using them. You just won’t be allowed to inherit or transfer your possessions to your family. This is only an example of what will probably happen in a near future. Remember this: ”Debt crisis” and ”emergency debt relief law”. Don’t forget that we are the 99%. If we decide we don’t agree, things like that don’t happen. If we do nothing, things like that will definitely happen.

    Freedom, Courage and Honor

  8. Dude first says these are unique, unprecedented times where we are all experimenting. He then says he hope that we, like modern Europe’s architects, are steeped in history. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. @Heron there is this thing called logic. Check it out. Helps think better. If the past is not a good predictor, which is the significance of calling the times unprecedented, then one of the main recommendations will not be to look at precedents. History is helpful, not gospel. No one said history isn’t helpful— learn to read! There is an obvious contradiction in the reason used. Reason. Logic. Cool stuff.

  9. 3:35 that last sentence WOW!! He’s actually saying it out loud. This is the west war against Russia.

  10. Not all of Europe is United. Alas we remain a continent adrift…. The uncertainty over hard borders and uncontrolled immigration is a lingering problem, and losing our most powerful member state the UK has not been a positive outcome, economically or militarily. This has raised the northern Irish question again in my homeland We subsume countries like Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary who have questionable moral, economic and social abilities to the cause. With also very dubious requests from the likes of Morocco and Turkey still pending. It is not merely a Union, but rather should have been a form of brotherhood and Unity. What we have seen is a centralized German/Belgian/French control system and a series of seriously worrying discussions over military, territorial and economic sovereignty being compromised. Subtle nuance and more measured discussion is needed for the EU to be united I feel…..

  11. Good! Davos! Beautiful place. Yup that’s great. Thank you. 💜✝️☪️☸️☮️

  12. It’s easier to maintain a unity on what you hate…
    Rather than what you envision…
    Hate in set in stone, imagination is dynamic & mercurial.
    Unfortunately, hate makes bad decisions.
    And way before the first shot is fired…Hatred starts wars.

  13. If Russia’s aggression, threats of atomic warfare and withholding natural gas have made one issue clear, it is this one: Putin’s Russia is an autocratic petro-state that does not respect international treaties and other agreements that have kept the peace in Europe for 75 years. Russia’s aggression threatens more than just an economic status quo. Putin’s behavior threatens to undo generations of peace and prosperity by undermining the international cooperation (and international law) that made the post-WW II rebuilding of Europe possible in the first place. The allied powers of today must recognize that Russia can no longer be trusted or respected. There must be consequences for this aggression. If Russia’s fossil fuel economic tent-pole keeps Putin’s machinery running, then we must adopt a long-term strategy to stop it. The allies must come to the realization that we must work together to curtail our reliance on fossil fuels. If Russia disrupts the world’s fossil fuel marketplace, then no clearer signal could be sent to the allies. We must redouble out efforts to reduce fossil fuel consumption (perhaps a greater emphasis on European “Passive House” designs for greater energy efficiency is a good place to start; also hiking passenger car fuel consumption requirements to 70 mpg as well) in the near-term (next 15 years) but also to phase out antiquated fossil fuel technologies for the long term (next 35 years) as well. For the later, see Issac Arthur’s science and futurism YouTube channel for outstanding meditations on “Power Satellites” [ https://youtu.be/eBCbdThIJNE ], followed by further discussions of “Colonizing Cislunar Space” [ https://youtu.be/gOr-Gd58zu8 ] as well as other videos about how to reduce space launch costs to make these endeavors practical, such as the use of “Skyhooks” [ https://youtu.be/TlpFzn_Y-F0 ] and “Space Elevators” [ https://youtu.be/dc8_AuzeYKE ].

  14. Tha U.N and European countries are realizing the UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 is hardly what it once was in past years, we are almost at war with each other because of political division. The dumbing down of America is real and means we are not understanding history or current events. China and Russia on the move as well other smaller countries. Unity is needed in the important ways. Hands are being forced and lines drawn

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